where in the world?

Dear Virginia,
I officially break up with you.
We used to have a nice, smooth, moderate and comfortable relationship.
Now, I feel like I don't even know you.
A month ago when we had that incident...I thought it was a crazy fluke.
I mean we all have bad days.

Then we made up...you showed me your good side again.
50 and 60 degrees in January? Yes, that is the Virginia I know.

And now this.
I can't believe you. I thought you changed.
But another foot of snow a couple of days ago?
And another few inches last night?

And NOW you are threatening me with up to FOUR feet this weekend?
You disgust me.
I am done with you.
Pack your things and leave.

What we had is gone and can never be replaced.
Unless immediately after this storm you promise to not dip below 50 again until next winter.

But honestly, your promises mean nothing right now.
So it is best if you leave.

Once yours,


venus said...

What a naughty girl, Virginia is!!! I should introduce you to Cali... she's pretty nice. ;)

Dawn said...

You are so funny, Crystal! I love this post! I was seriously hoping that the groundhog would not see his shadow yesterday, but unfortunately that is not what Mother Nature had up her sleeve!


I am with you on that on girl !

Anonymous said...

You CRACK me up!!!!!! I agree 100 percent. Totally D O N E with winter. The only thing that keeps me from wishing it away is the thought that I'm turning 40(ugh) this summer and my last baby will start pre-school in the fall. I'm not looking forward to either one. Slow down time, slow down.

Shelly said...

Normally only 50 or 60 in January? Ahhh, sounds heavenly...Ohio doesn't claim such romance!

katie said...

haha! that's how i feel! [only we live in maryland, but we'll be driving to massanutten resort this friday...] :( boo for snow!


Lindi said...

I love this!! I feel for you...I'm not a huge fan of the white stuff either...hope you melt and thaw soon!! :)

Feather said...

hey, so you might try idaho. been unusually kind and sweet this winter. but i dunno. virginia on a bad day might be waaay better than idaho on, oh...any day.

Mesha said...

Oh my.
I hadn't laughed this hard in a while haha.
Love your wit !
It's not as cold in Mexico, I guess I should be thankful.
It's been raining nonstop for over 12 hours though.
Now I'm not that happy :P

Teresa said...

I feel your pain. NC isn't quite so delinquent, but we've had MUCH MORE snow than usual. What's up with these unruly southern states?

Kristi said...

I've always had a bad attitude towards snow and cold and I live in the CHICAGO area (and have all of my life outside of college), where both are abundant. But I have learned in the last two years to embrace it. At least try not to hate it because of this verse:

Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
1Thess. 5:18

...and seeing it in action in the book "The Hiding Place" by Corrie ten Boom when her sister Betsie insists they thank God for lice and fleas in their barracks at Ravensbruck. (Turns out it was these critters that kept the guards away allowing them to hold bible studies and services in the middle of a concentration camp.)

I even bought a snowflake necklace, to try to focus on the beauty. Even if it gets old... it's God's plan and with it He has a purpose.

Sandra said...

I guess I shouldn't rub it in that it's summer here in Australia... And that our Winter is NEVER EVER that cold.
But that would be mean.
May you find sunshine in your day.

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