when art doesn't imitate life. or a confession.

I've had a couple of "splurges" lately. Here is one. Lovely, bright, patterned, colorful, attention grabbing fabric. No fabric is too colorful...no pattern too wild. I love it all. So many combos and pretty colors and lovely inspiration. This is Crystal part one.
Here is splurge number two.
A fresh new set of essentials.
Solid color cotton shirts (scoop or v-neck), cardigan, tank tops.
To wear with my curvy jeans from the Gap.

Curvy jeans, tank, vneck or scoop top and a cardi/hoodie jacket.
I rarely sway from this combo.
(Julie I laughed out loud when I read this EXACT list on your blog!)

I rarely wear patterns...unless they are on a tank top or socks.
I have issues with wearing a shirt with words across the chest.
The sewing machine shirt has been the exception.
I ALWAYS wear a tank.

I shop at Gap, Old Navy and Target.

A & Fitch overwhelms me with smell, sound and nearly nude models.
Aeropostle...I refuse to be a XL when I am a M everywhere else.
Anthropologie...Um...I can buy a WHOLE wardrobe at Old Navy for the cost of ONE outfit from here. But I DO love their clearance home goods section.

If I am feeling a bit sassy I will wear a chunky necklace or bracelet.
If I want to branch out...I wear argyle.

I don't like to draw attention to myself.
I don't like buying clothes that will be out of style in a matter of months.

What do you think? Is it weird that there is such a contrast?
Anyone out there relate?



Megan said...

I can sooo relate. I wear solids (very similar to you) ... and jeans!

Sarah Nicole said...

I am this EXACT same way! I wear Gap, Old Navy, or Target, but only Gap or Old Navy jeans. Patterns on socks only and my shirts never have anything on them. I also rarely wear a shirt that is a fabric other than cotton. My closet is a rainbow (almost, no yellow or orange) of cotton t shirts from Gap or Old Navy. And I ALWAYS wear a tank underneath. If I'm cold, I wear a hoodie. I am so happy that I am not the only one like that! And just like you, I love patterns when I sew. I just won't wear them! Oh man, this post of yours made me so happy! Thanks! ; ) Keep on rockin' those tanks, tees and jeans! I know I will! I do run into problems with church clothes and special occasions though... currently the skirt I have that fits best is an Old Navy maternity jeans to skirt refashion (would you call that a refashion? I've been making jeans-to-skirts since I learned to sew eons ago and before I learned the word "refashion"). So it's easy to just throw a tee on top, but not very fancy. Oh wow, this comment is like it's own blog post! I'm sorry! I'm pretty lonely! :( Ha ha, well, anyway, thanks for being like me!

Kristi said...

I wear mostly solids because I can't figure out style very well. I do buy patterns (though less and less these days) and I seem to get tired of them or start to feel uncomfortable in them over a short time. My house is pretty conservatively "dressed" too. But I love working with bright fabrics too. Guess it is my outlet.

Lindsay Thomas said...

100% the same. My closet is filled with solid colors and I cannot get enough solid colored tanks. Target makes me so happy ... and broke.

Feather said...

i'm with you here, although i do like a few patterned pieces. i always wear a tank. always. and it's always tucked into my jeans. i've seen too many butt cracks on cute girls to risk mine showing up unknowingly! on top of the tank, i wear some sort of tshirt and then a sweater/cardi on top of that. jeans, always, although here is where i splurge. mine come from the buckle. i get my tops from old navy, target, or the goodwill (yes!) so i figure i can afford a saucy pair of hot mom jeans from the buckle.
and i do not wear clothes that advertise teh name brand on the front. and i refuse to wear tommy hilfiger of any kind. i have issues with him...

Mary Elizabeth said...

TOTALLY WITH YOU!!!!! And I need to come shop in your closet .. can't find a thing to wear today to school .. except black! :( That isn't even making me feel good today and a plain black top unlessly does .. ha!!! Need an online spree at gap and old navy!!! :)

LOVED TUTORIAL yesterday!!!!!

Megan said...

I am with all of you gals, nothing better than Target, Old Navy, and Gap! I just went shopping for myself last week (for the first time in forever) I always tell myself get something has a cute pattern , but I always end up with the same 3 solid shirts in different colors! As far as jeans go I LOVE the flirt jeans at Old Navy! By the way I bought the same carnigan, LOVE it!

venus said...

YAY! I'm not alone!!!
I wear mostly grey/neutral colors with GAP jeans ALL. THE. TIME. My mom pokes fun at me... she can't figure out why my work is so bright and busy and my appearance is the opposite. Funny.

erica said...

I hear ya. Lately I'm really into sweater sets. Solid, sleeveless underneath, matching cardigan on top. They are always the first thing I choose to go with my jeans.

Shelly said...

Same here! Always a tank, rainbow of solid T's (except yellow-makes me look like i"m nauseous), cardi on top if it's cold (and I'm always FREEZING in the winter!) I do wear large, attention-getting jewelry, though...and mascara...I just can't help myself

Mama Thompson said...

I am so there with you...and your stores...once in awhile I buy a print and then I am worried the whole day that people are staring...I know they aren't and could care less what I'm wearing...but well, whatever...give me some solids...

mommyholly said...

I am the same way! As a mom though, easy is best!! I rarely wear colors actually- I am always in black, grey or white plus jeans! :) And on a typical day, you can find me in my "uniform" of $4.50 black leggings from Forever21 and my men's small Hanes V-neck tshirt to work out in haha!! I think I wear that wayyy too often! :) xoxox Holly

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Huh. Seems you crawled into my brain and typed out my thoughts on clothing!

Except switch out those curvy jeans for Old Navy Diva jeans :)

Jill said...

nope! I am the same way! i do add a little dash of "busy" with a few special pieces- like a REALLY cute skirt this sweet girl made for me! :)

Jeremy said...

Hi Crystal,

Saw you said hi on my blog. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you saw all the stuff on there as it goes back a few months. I didn't really go anywhere I just needed a different blog for the new set of images I've been making.

Your stuff looks awesome as usual.

Hope you guys are well. Still looking for a chance to get up there and do some pics for you guys.

Take care.

Jars of Giggles said...

I am quite possibly the most borig dresser on the planet. I always want to be trendy but I am style impaired :) your choices are classic!

Katherine said...

Yes ma'am I can completely relate. Except for occasionally I wear prints...*gasp* :) I love GAP, Old Navy, Target for my clothes, and the kids too :) Cute stuff you got there lady, fabric and clothes wise!

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