THIS is what I mean by ugly.

...calling me praise craving, questioning my faith and
proving that they lack reading comprehension.

I have received SEVERAL comments referring to the fact that they have not seen any comments that are "ugly" as I have called them, only comments that disagree with me....and how awesomely self-centered I must be.

Just so we are clear...I did not publish the UGLY comments (except for the one above) I mentioned previously.
Also as mentioned previously, I am OK if you don't agree with me.

Honestly I am sick of talking about it...this is not what I want for my blog...especially since I was never trying to start a debate in the first place.

But I wanted to be sure that all you LOVELY people out there knew what I meant.

So, with that I am done.

And to the author of the above comment
Phillippians 4:13

We'll start fresh tomorrow.
And I will share with you how we put our kids to bed last night with NO we have over two feet of snow outside, how they are expecting more snow on Tuesday and how they won't even talk about what is going to happen next weekend.


And, yes, this post is snarky. I apologize to those of you who remain lovely.


Elma said...

So sorry for those comments. I think if you can't say something nice then keep your comments to yourself.

Carol said...

I've always maintained the thought that most of the time when people say hurtful things they are probably jealous or angry about something in their life.

I enjoy reading you blog very much! Your youngest son is the same age as my grandson. You amaze me with all the energy you have to do so many things at once.

This is your blog, so keep saying what you feel!

Blessings for the day!

sassypackrat said...

So sorry this is happening to you! Unfortunately there are a lot of mean people out there who have nothing better to do than harass people on their blogs. You don't deserve that.

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Just wanted to say I enjoy your blog.
I have lots of thoughts on the last few posts but I will just sum it up by saying, even though I don't know you personally, you seem like a great mom!

Mary Elizabeth said...

ahhh sweetie! i know that person has made you feel bad and maybe they shuld just find another blog to bug!

yours is awesome! i love it!!! everything about it and the boys are percious!

blogs are personal spaces .. for you to share and if people don't like what you say , share, post , ect ... then move on and find a blog that fits them and what they are about!

i will be back and back day after day! don't change a thing!!!

i am missing the snow -- we got next to non this weekend and it's aready all gone - please send me some of yours! :)

see you tomorrow!!

Courtney said...

you are lovely.
and real.
and that is a great combination!

ScottChrisCoriCassiCali said...

I did read the comment today and I completely agree; it is ugly. And is the exact type of name calling I wouldn't put up with.
Tricia should be ashamed of her inability to comment and debate without reducing her comments to immature and mean spirited name-calling. It gives the rest of the commenter's who can debate with intelligence and class a bad name. Everyone should not have to always agree but they should always be respectful.

xoxo, Kate said...

just let it go!!! be the better person! :) i've heard about the snow for tues.... but what did you hear for the weekend?? I really can't take much more of this!

La TempĂȘte said...

Gosh. If someone thinks those things, they can feel free to click out of your screen and go somewhere else. No need to post negative things to upset you.

I think your blog is great.

Scottie said...

Your socks rocked in the last post. ;)

Megan said...

Sending you a hug (or the most awesome high five you've ever gotten).

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree...someone obviously is angry and/or jealous so they feel the need to be mean. Dont pay any attention to it. Keep doing what you are doing. Those who dont like what you have to say should just move on to something else. Hope you have a fabulous day!!

Leisha said...

I totally agree with you!!! Our children need their moms close to them. My girlfriends and I are doing a bible study called entrusted with a child's heart. I recently quit working full time and went to part time(2 days a week). This study has spoke to my heart that I'm doing the right thing by being with my child more. You continue doing what you know is right!!! Blessings! By the way I love your quilts:)

Sara said...

So sorry you've had some ugly comments. Don't let this steal your joy. Here's a big virtual hug!

Amy Bell said...

geez...not true...has this person read your story? have they been here for a long time?

i agree with you...let's move on. it was not meant to divide. just one person's perspective.

so blessed you are the real deal. so blessed you are my friend. :)


Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

It's crazy that people feel the need to be or say mean things, I was always taught if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all... Anyway it is YOUR blog... You can share WHATEVER feelings you would like... Bummer that certain peeps have to take some joy out of blogging...

Leslie said...

Hi! I don't know you at all, and I couldn't really even tell you how I stumbled across your blog, but I've been reading for awhile now. All I have to say is, when people make ugly (yes, it was ugly) comments like that they usually have bitterness in their heart about whatever it is they are commenting on. Please don't let someone's ignorance or inability to understand we all live the life we are given keep you from doing what you do. I for one LOVE your blog, and would hate to see you brought down by other people's negativity. Keep up the great work!!

b3designs said...

Poor thing. I agree, people like that are usually just jealous. You did not start that blog entry as a debate. If that person didn't like it, then just move on. Why do people need to be so nasty. By the way, that entry was made at 2:45 in the afternoon, shouldn't she be at work? snicker, snicker. Oh, I see, she's reading blogs while at work. Now it all makes sense.

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