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(photo by moses)
where did I get my fabulous huge clock?

Target...on clearance(75% off I think)years ago...I think they still carry a similar one.

where did you grow up?
I lived in Maryland until I was ten and Virginia ever since. home will always be Radford, VA.
who taught you to be good at all things domestic?
ummm...me...though I wouldn't say I am good at all things domestic...but everything I know...I know from google...or books...or I call my mother in law.
When you put an applique on something, what do you use as a backing to your applique?
I don't always use a backing...but when I do I use wonder under.
And no, I don't usually put a backing on the inside of a shirt applique.
I would love to know where you find the time to get your creative projects done?
I am crazy organized. Really. Like just this side of the nut house organized.
I do the boring things like cleaning and vacuuming when my kids are awake so that when they are asleep, that time is mine. Lucky for me, Moses loves to clean and we have a good time together. (Don't worry...we do lots of for real fun things too). I plan in my head all day what I am going to work on so that when my free time comes...I know exactly how to make the most of it. Also...my husband is 100% supportive and knows that creative time for me benefits him just as much. :)
where do you buy your felt for the appliques and letter banners?

Joanns. By the yard. :)

where'd you get the sign on your mantle that says
"do what you have to so you can do what you want to"?

From HERE. It was a custom order.
This is our family motto and has gotten me through more than one "have to" so I could get to a few "want to's".

i love the nose ring and have been considering it myself for a few months...so did it hurt?? really hurt?
Nope. On a scale from 1-10...1 being a good toe stubbing and 10 being child birth (without drugs!!)...getting a nose ring is less than one. By time you realize it hurts...you are done. I would do it again before I volunteered to stub my toe.



Happy Hodge Podge said...

that's the tshirt i've been looking for. can you share where you found it, please.

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

Love it... I have wanted a nose stud for years, just a small little diamond chip if you will, kinda like is that a bit of glitter or a stud?... It would be totally unexpected as I am super conservative... hahaha thank you for all the tid bits!

xoxo, Kate said...

your hair has gotten so long & you look so cute!!!!! Just had to say:) enjoy all the snow we are due for!


Thanks for the q & a, been wanting info on that clock. Love your shirt!

Shelly said...

Yep, I also want to know where that shirt is from! It's fabulous!!!!!

Ashley said...

Did you have your children w/o drugs?

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