in no particular order...

Some of my favorite Etsy purchases.
Sweet little chicks. From HERE.
We like to say Hooray! From HERE.
Say hello to me. Get yours HERE.
Obviously this one is not mine. But I have one with the whole family's initials.
I wear it every day. You can get one HERE.
Love this. Get one HERE.
Love this one. Want this one. Buy them HERE.
Buy potholders HERE. I use my to death. They are super thick and wash well.
Print found HERE. She has secret sales on Facebook.
Get it HERE. Order a size larger than you normally are.
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Shelly said...

Yikes, I might have to so some shopping today!!! That necklace is stupendous! Or...maybe I'll plop some huge mother's day gift hints in my husband's email box! :-)

Beth said...

love it all! i ordered a few things from 'polished' several weeks ago. she was great to work with, i love my stuff, and her prices are unbeatable. get yourself that necklace! you won't be sorry. and, i think i might have to get some of those potholders. mine need to be retired!


Love the etsy finds!

Amanda said...

Thanks for pointing me to some great new Etsy shops!

Amanda said...

Well that didn't take long! Already made my Etsy purchase of the day! The bracelets at Polished are gorgeous! Happy Thursday to me!

venus said...

Aaaaack! I am sooooo loving Homespun Raven right now! Your sarcasm sign CRACKS ME UP! And the "I am a sewing machine t-shirt is uber cool.

GREAT list-GOOD taste!

Elma said...

Oh Very nice:) Thanks for sharing!

{postscripted} designs said...

Great finds! Love the chalkboard especially. I recently opened a shop & am loving the Etsy community! A true store house of brilliant minds and beautiful finds.

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