cry. laugh. cry. laugh.

Let me begin this with a fact.
Doug and I are not Valentines Day people.
It mostly comes and goes with little fanfare and that
is OK with the both of us. When I DO do something,
it is usually food related. Cutesy food. Red or pink. Hearts.
You know.
Above is the cake I was planning to make. How cute right?
HERE is the tutorial...the photo is from there too.
My first mistake was using cake mix. Bad. Bad idea.
This cake needs from-scratch cake.
If for nothing else but the sturdiness it provides.
A red flag popped up when I took the cakes out of the pans.
They stuck. Uh-oh. But I pushed through.
Determined to get my cute red heart cake.
I got both parts carved and filled. I was doing good and full of hope.
Then I had to "flip" the top onto the bottom.
UH-OH. The. entire. thing. crumbled.
I think...surely I have enough frosting to fix this.
I want my cute cake dang it.
I ran out of white frosting.
And I would be darned if I would spend another dime on this stupid cute cake.
So I tried and tried and cried some more.
Added some chocolate frosting that I had on hand.
And ended up with the worlds ugliest cake.
I cried. laughed. cried. laughed.
Meet the worlds ugliest, dumbest, most ridiculous cake.
Ever. I don't know if I have ever sucked so bad at something.

I am so bad that I even adopted my own doppelganger.
Meet her.
Her name is Dot.
Just look at that face...doesn't it just scream professional!
That look in her eye is determination and skill.
I was dumb enough to hope that maybe,
just maybe, there would still be a cute
little heart on the inside.
But also...I was a little scared that the smoke monster would escape when I cut into it.
Surprise! There was not a heart in there.
Just some dilapidated sad. Bummer.
At least there was no smoke monster.
stupid cake.

Just so you don't leave here thinking I have NO skill.
I can still sew. i think sew. i know so.


jac said...

Did it taste good, though ??? :)


Oh my sounds like something I would do. Did it taste good thou ?
Love the pillow

MeghalinaBee said...

I have been there so many times in the kitchen - this post made me laugh!! way to stick with it!! :)

Amanda said...

OH girl... I FEEL your pain. I never posted pictures of the first one I made...

But I think the inside is BEAUTIFUL!! It DOES look like a heart.. and I bet it tastes really good!! For the record, just the fact that your tried gives you a big old gold star in my book. Its a daunting cake!

And apparently, you are my sewing hero, as I cannot sew at all and have always wanted too and I really want to hang out with you so you can teach me. K? :)

Be blessed-

xoxo, Kate said...

hey, at least you tried right???!!!

Feather said...

hilarious. i posted about the same cake flop yesterday! although, i think you posted your flop with much more flair than i. perhaps your flop is better than mine? either way, i learned, cake is cake. it may look like a disaster but it still tastes good. you can't really ruin sugar...

the thrifty ba said...

you are awesome to try this! the most i do is food coloring in the pancakes...

Kristi said...

oh, I hate when that happens. But the pillow more than makes up for it! It made me smile. I didn't do anything for V-day besides give the kiddos little heart boxes of chocolate. And had a few decorations up. Then again we just got back from a week in (COLD) Orlando, FL. SO a week of Disney was dreamy enough for all of us.

Mainly a midwife said...'s the thought that counts, right? I think it's sweet that you even tried to make that cake.

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

how frustrating... All that time... ugh... BUT, I do see a red heart in there, and I BIG HEART the sew pillow!

Sarah said...

Sorry about the cake, but the pillow is SEW cute! :)

alyssa said...

Ohh my, this post was hilarious!! I am so sorry! I have back luck with cakes most of the time :( I especially liked the smoke monster reference! Haha!

Katie said...

i love that u could laff about that!

Jars of Giggles said...

Ahh well I say cake is cake :) eat it with your eyes closed. The story was worth the flop! Thanks for the laugh!

Kelly @ Make It Sparkly Mama said...

I totally see a heart in there! At least you tried! That is what really counts, and yes you totally ROCK with the sewing.

erica said...

The pillow is beautiful, and the cake is really not that bad. I've made things that look much worse and wound up serving them because I was out of time. I absolutely love the music you have at the bottom of your blog. I open it and listen to your playlist every chance I get. It soothes my mommy soul : )

Becka said...

You inspire me so much!

Mary Elizabeth said...

Don't worry about the cake .. taste is what counts .. so how did it taste?

I WANT THAT PILLOW!!!! SEW CUTE!!! Shold add it to the shop!!!

sandandstarfish said...

yes, you definitely can sew!
and i seriously think that the cake looks better on the inside than i thought it would just from looking at the outside!
bravo to you though for tackling such a hard looking cake!

Anonymous said...

Hey that's not so bad! It DID look like a heart in that second photo! Just started following your blog a few weeks back, love it! You are up there with soulemama, bluebird baby and are so happy...I check your blog every day for mama inspiration! Keep up the great work. Mama from Canada (Jamie)

Gordostyle said...

So sorry about the cake... turned out better than mine would have (if that helps!)... LOVE the pillow! LOVE!

And one more thing: What do you eat your buffalo chicken dip with? Tortilla chips? I'm baking it as we speak and assumed it was chips but now I'm starting to wonder! Please let me know!

Thanks! Smiles, Jen

Anonymous said...

This post is so hilarious! Seriously, I read it this morning and did not have time to comment until this evening and I have been laughing about it all day. I think it's so refreshing to see the honesty and the sense of humor about the whole situation. You are obviously talented at many things and should feel confident in knowing that sharing/poking fun at your few misadventures makes your blog enjoyable!

Sandra said...

I think the inside of that cake rocks. AND what says love more than all the effort you put into that cake.
Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

I laughed so hard I cried! Thanks for some much needed comic relief. Your post was toooo funny!

Kat said...

BIG LOL on "I love you as much as this cake is ugly." Poor thing. Hope it was yummy anyway. Certainly sweet of you to try.

colleen banman said...

hee hee! well it made for sone great photos and a fun post! thanks for the laugh. i've made some doosies myself, one in particular my family still refers to as the "disaster cake" 10 years later...

that pillow on the other hand- FAB!

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