blizzard #2 part one.

more snow. and not just a little.
at this point...there is a good 2-2 1/2 feet out there.
above is what you would see looking out of my front door.
For THIS blizzard we fought over took turns shoveling snow every few hours to try to stay on top of it. Sometimes, by the time we did the sidewalk and driveway there would be an inch already covering where we started.
It was a good day for hot drinks and Norwegian pancakes.
This is the recipe.
Doug says I can't share it until my mother in law
or father in law says I can.
I think he might be I'll wait until I get the go ahead.
Yes, it does say a stick of butter.
They are good.
They are not crepes.
Doug says I make them just like his grandma.
To me that is like the Emmy's of my world.
The kind of award I want to win.
It's a messy, buttery production but SO worth it.
And it is the only meal that we have to tell Moses to slow down on.
Yes, his shirt is backwards...he dresses himself.
And in case you are wondering...he is a totally different three year old.
Loving, sweet, parent pleasing...still all boy but we can handle that.
At the end of the first 24hours we even got to see some blue sky...
And I got a sweet little guy done for the shop...

AND they are calling for snow on Tuesday.

AND this morning the weather man didn't want to talk about next weekend?!
So who knows what we are in for.

To be cont...


Elma said...

Love the picture of all the snow:) Lokks so pretty:) We are getting a storm tonight alot so I am sure there will be no school tomorrow. Love moses shirt. My Caleb never fails every night his pj top is on backwards:) Have a great day.

Molly said...

We just got over our *blizzard*!! Hope it melts soon and you don't get anymore snow!!
~Molly P

Lindi said...

I'm in PA and we are in the same boat....28 inches, 6-12 for tuesday and unknown for the weekend...snow is pictures!! :) Hope spring comes soon!!

Rachel M said...

Norwegian pancakes are the best!!!

PS Where did you get your cute little mug from?

Nesha said...

oh, If I could just reach through my computer screen and wrap my hands around the delightful mug of joy!! We don't get much of the white stuff here in Texas...

Elizabeth Taylor said...

I got a scarf and bib/burp combo set from you this week! I love them! Thanks so much!
We got hit with the snow too, and more to come tomorrow-wedneday.
Stay warm!

Kristen said...

i have to make the norwegian pancakes once a week for my kids, especially my son. he counts down to make sure that we don't go past seven days without having the norwegian pancakes.

i miss the snow so i am a little jealous of everyone having snowstorms. i know it is getting old for all the people who are dealing with snowstorm after snowstorm. i will just be glad to see the snow on the mountains from my house and enjoy our sunshine.

Tina said...

WE are in VA too. WE had almost 30 inches of snow here and I think I will go insane if the kids don't go back to school soon :) I am hoping to get you to share the recipe for the pancakes. My kids love pancakes and I am always looking for a way to mix things up. Hoping :) Christina
teenytay at gmail dot com

SarahRachel said...

NO. MORE. SNOW. Virginia has had enough, right!?!? I love your blog. I look forward to it and have to catch up on every post when I haven't been on in awhile. It's my favorite one in the whole world. Seriously.

Whitney said...

I have noticed quite a difference between the Norwegian style pancakes and American style. I miss the fluffy American ones most (I live in Norway) so that is what I tend to make when I do make pancakes.

Your recipe for Norwegian pancakes is quite good (tested them this morning) and YES that much butter is necessary. Here everything is cooked in or with butter (although eaten in much smaller quantities than we eat in the U.S.) and no one seems to mind much.

Read more about my food adventures in Norway at Thanks For The Food or on Twitter at Thanks For The Food on Twitter.

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