why things take me forever(now).

this kid is one of the top five reasons why it takes me forever to get things done.
why i have yet to write my Christmas thank you's.
why laundry piles up.
why emails don't get answered.
i blame him.
and that ridiculously adorable thumb!!!!
do you SEE this cuteness?
that green shiny thing is his lovey.
if you touch his face with it...he HAS to suck his thumb.
he can't help it.
it doesn't matter what he is doing.
he HAS to stop and suck his thumb if lovely comes near.
if he is sitting...he will bend over like this and bury his face in it.
now THAT is love.
I don't know about you...but having a baby who sucks his thumb is like a bonus.
like an extra helping of cute.
there is nothing cuter.
so when he does it, i HAVE to pick him up and cuddle.
have to.
everything else can wait.
this is him keeping me from laundry.
he was literally rolling around on the floor, petting his lovey and sucking his thumb.

extra helping of cuteness i tell you.


Amy said...

That photo of him with his face in his lovey is adorable beyond words!

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i love plum said...

my is he cute!!!! i don't blame you a bit!

Heather K. said...

Too cute! I would follow him around all day with a camera and really never get anything done. Cute cute cute!

mommy2luke2008 said...

Too cute!!!!! My son doesn't suck his thumb but my niece did and it was just the cutest!!!

Petra said...

He is adorable!! My daughter never sucked her thumb or took a pacifier... and I think because of that, she never slows down.

Enjoy it!!

Megan said...

Sadie LOVES her thumb too.

She started preschool (3 x a week) ... now I can use the.
bathroom (minus her & the thumb).

Have an awesome day!

Happy Find said...

((sigh)) I miss those moments...
Forget the laundry! Forget the emails! Just cuddle him while you still can.

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

I don't blame you a bit... I never had thumb suckers, but my 3rd sucked his pointer and middle finger on his left hand, and make the cutest squeak sound we always knew when his "fingies" were in his mouth... Super Sweet!

Heather | Cookie Mondays said...

Love thumbsuckers! My daughter has the same addiction... can't help but suck when her baby is in the other hand.

wholarmor said...

That's so cute! I had a thumb sucker and a middle-two-finger sucker, and my youngest doesn't suck his thumb, but he does carry around his blanket(nigh-nigh) EVERYWHERE. I also blame the three of them for not getting anything done, lol.

Shelly said...

I totally have a weakness for thumb sucking and silky blankies!!! Totally adorable, I'd skip the laundry, too!

Gram said...

Enjoy the cuteness while you can - laundry will be there tomorrow. My 30 year old sucked his thumb and was such a cuddly baby. Loved every minute of it.

Kandi said...

So adorable!

Elise said...

He is gorgeous!! I had a thumb sucker{girl} and Fisher sucks his middle two fingers. So cute!!

Life With the Crazies said...

Sooooo worth letting those things pile up... he will only be little for a short while... enjoy it!

SarahRachel said...

OOoooh my, he's presh. Seriously, seriously precious. =)
Is it weird that I've tried to encourage mine to suck their thumbs!? They weren't interested.

Feather said...

absolutely true. you had me at the title and the first picture. if your post had said nothing more, i still would have totally gotten it. babies and lovies. sigh... such preciousness.

maribeth said...

i totally agree with you- a thumbsucker is a bonus. i never knew what i was missing until youngest came along. how can something so tiny contribute to something so cute~

Amber said...

I agree with the cuteness. He looks so content. Enjoy your cute little boy! Sometimes rolling around in the laundry is more fun :)

almost five said...

My little Maddie is a thumb sucker too... even in her ultrasound photos. How that little girl is good for snuggles and kisses too!

The combo of that and his lovey... well, no wonder laundry piles up. Let it overflow! :)

Elma said...

He is sooooo adorable!!! I love babies who suck their thumb:)

katie said...

your blog is tooo cute! and i'm totally in love with babies who suck their thumbs and have special blankets! [our 2 year old girl has both those special qualities!]

and who cares if laundry overflows?! spending time with babies is the best thing you can do! they grow up too fast!


Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Hee hee, he IS cute :) My Lil Chick sucks her middle and ring finger - it's too hilarious...AND adorable :)

Angel Hawks said...

I am officially a huge fan!! I have read through your entire blog and look forward to following from now on. Your boys are too cute for words! I have my own 2 boys. One is gonna be 13 in January and the other just turned 1 a week ago. Seeing your photos of little hoho make me think of how fast my little Ryker is growing up!

You inspire me to make more cute things! I work a fulltime job as a team manager of web application developers. So, I am a big geek and love the things you have done that speak to my geek side. I also have started to quilt at home when I find time.

I'm so excited to have found your blog.

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