to future moses.

Dear future Moses,

Mom here, hoping that I am just good enough of a future mom to print you out a copy of this letter just as your oldest child is going through the age of three.

Let me tell you about raising a three year old.
The tiniest thing can cause you so much grief that you have no choice but to break into spontaneous fits of crying and screaming. Above you are having a fit because you were not allowed to change your pj's for the third time in five minutes. I am sure you have no choice...otherwise why would you do it so doesn't look fun. Some of your biggest "triggers" include...commercials, it not being Christmas tomorrow, being too small to do something, the sun going down, it being time for bed or your feet being too big for the shoes you insist on wearing.

Notice a trend here...yup...not a thing I can control. Awesome, right?

You also make little to no sense at times. Sometimes it is because we simply can't understand your state of English speaking or you are just being goofy. This can go one of two ways...either you think it's you are making a joke OR it causes you so much grief that you have no choice but to break into spontaneous fits of crying and screaming.

An example of your nonsensical speak...

The other day you walked into the room with a bucket on your head and stated
"I'm California".

Um, ok. I mean, what am I supposed to say to that?

Sometimes you act nonsensical as well.
For example...
the other day I walked into my bedroom, where you were supposed to be watching TV, and I caught you licking the foot board of the bed. Yep. You gave me this look like
" you didn't want to?"
Let's talk about meal times shall we?
Yep...we have totally resorted to tying you to your chair with a scarf at meals.
But we refer to it as a "safety belt" cause tying your kid to a chair sounds crazy.
But you know what? It works. You actually sit and "eat" instead of bouncing around like you have something crawling around in your pants.
So don't judge me.
And I use the word "eat" loosely.
Breakfast and lunch are pretty easy.
Dinner is easy because we make it.
You see, back before I had kids...I swore I would never serve my child something for dinner other than what their parents were having.
And then something happened.
I had a three year old.
And you know is more important to me to have a happy family meal than for me to sit there with you for hours forcing you to eat something you don't want.

If we let you, you would live off of cheese and yogurt...with often refills of milk.
With encouragement you WILL eat pizza, chili, pb and j, chicken tenders, cheese sandwiches, cucumbers, any kind of fruit, mini-wheats, triscuits and crackers.
I have faith that eventually you will come around.
How about nap time?
Um...well...we have all but given up.
We put you in your room every day.
Because you need a nap and we need a break.
The awesome thing is that you won't fall asleep...unless you are sick.

So we compromised with you to make everyone happy.
You still have nap time...but we now call it "rest" time and allow you to play or read quietly alone in your room.
Bedtime at night is touch and go.
Usually you are ridiculous gnarly because you didn't nap so it takes very little to cause you so much grief that you have no choice but to break into spontaneous fits of crying and screaming.

You also like to wake up around 6am to do things in the toilet that seem impossible for someone as small as you to do. I'm just saying. And you prefer to turn on every light in the house on the way to your bathroom so the whole household gets to share in your crack of dawn party.

Living with you must be what it is like to live with a full fledged crazy person.
You are erratic, unpredictable and always changing the rules of how you operate.
You run and jump all're loud and down right insane sometimes.

You are also very awesome and funny. We love you so much and you keep our days exciting. You are crazy and fun and silly and sweet. And loved. You love your little brother...even if sometimes that love knocks him over.
You are precious and wonderful and I AM blessed to be your mom.

And just won't be three forever.


Dawn said...

Wow! What a powerful letter, Crystal! Raising a 3-year old can be quite challenging at times. There have been so many times that I have had to walk away from my daughter or sit her in her room because she has 'broken into a spontaneous fit of crying and screaming'! Oh, and 'rest' time is a great idea. During the summer months when my older boys are home, they have 'rest' time, while my daughter naps. Sometimes they even end up taking a nap, which to me is a huge bonus!

Lauren said...

So...will you put those "safety belts" in your shop please !!! :) I'm seriously trying that tonight with my soon-to-be 3 year old!

Sending prayers your way -- and moses' way too!


Genesa said...

Sooo funny, but soooo true!! We have tied up a few of our kids with the scarve at meal time! You have to do what works!!! =)

April said...

so fun to read !!! Perhaps I should scare you to death with a letter to my 5 year old......HA!!

Nancy said...

I remember the transition out of naptime. I was pregnant and my #1 was done at 2 1/2. Yikes.. Rest time. We did that and that was a happy compromise. I still got the break and the Kid got some stimulation-free time. I still have that with them on break time. They are 8 and 4. We all need a break! :) Keep it up.....

i love plum said...

i hear ya!!! been through the threes now going on my third time!!! sometimes though i'm wondering if three is easier than nine...ugggggggg! xo

Jamie said...

Great post! I love the idea of giving this to him when he is grown. I too am living life with a wild, crazy, and loveable three year old. In fact we have had a number of meltdowns here because Christmas isn't tomorrow too!

anna said...

Just read your blog w/ ke looking at the pics. KE: Why is Moses sad?, Mama: Maybe he misses you. KE: Moses is sad cause Moses loves me....true. Love what comes out of the mouths of babes.

Miss you! You are doing great as a mom.I know because you care enough now to care about the future moses.

Stephanie said...

Pretty much my life right now :) Except I have it times 2, since I had to go and have them close together. And mine won't nap at. all. Not even quiet time here. They do that crazy spontaneous fit thing when I try that. Great letter!

Jaimie said...

Thanks for the glimpse. My little one has just started throwing mini tantrums and it already wears me out!

sassypackrat said...

What a wonderful letter! You totally captured in essence of a toddler. I'm sure he will enjoy reading it one day.

Jana said...

I laughed, I have a four year old like that, THE EATING...thats what made me comment, I have the same eater...he is really hard to feed, eats the same things as your boy too. I started making him fruit and yogurt smoothies, and I hide a handful of spinach in sounds gross but disappears and you cant taste it....muah hahahaha! thanks for sharing, great little bloggy!!!

forever folding laundry said...

Love this! :) Very true. Before you have kids no one tells you that a 3 year old is much harder than a "terrible two". Don't you know he'll love this letter 20 years from now??


Vanessa Washburn said...

Haha, perfect description of a 4 year old. Crazy how you still can't help but love them.

Tierra said...

That was AWESOME! Exactly the things I want to tell my 4 year old daughter. I may just have to adjust this and print it out for her.
You made me laugh only because it's all true. At least for me.

Carrie said...

Love it! It rings true for us to.

Courtney said...

loved this!!! i don't know where "the terrible 2's" came from...but all my kids have been harder at 3 than 2. but 4 is great! i LOVE 4 year olds! so hang in there! and it looks like you are doing an amazing job!!!

Simply Sara said...

Ok, I could have written this post!

And, now I am so tying my almost 3 yr old to the chair with a scarf at meal times.
Seriously- explaining that "it's a safety belt" will totally work!


Karen said...

I absolutely LOVED your post today. I myself have a 2.5 year old and experience some of what you expressed. We have to hang onto these days because before we know it they grow and grow won't "need" us like they do now. That keeps me going somedays. Much Love.

almost five said...

I am laughing so hard I'm crying and crying so hard I'm laughing.

This is my soon to be three year old in every way. Some days I look at her with all those spontaneous fits of crying and screaming and think, "What am I doing wrong here? Is this sweet baby of mine emotionally unstable?"

And then I remember.

This is the honor of having a bright and creative little one, who at age three could almost totally conquer the world.

Thank you future mom... I needed this post just about right NOW! :)

BC said...

If I didn't already love your writing and your humor enough, you had to go and write this beautiful, HILARIOUS letter!!! I read this post around 4am on my iPod while nursing and tried to keep my loud chuckles from waking up both my kids! Loved it. Loved getting more of a glimpse into Moses' fun little heart & mind. He will thank you someday for writing that.

My favorite is "I'm California!".... LOL!

Sandra said...

That's fantastic!
It could have been about my second son, anytime before starting school. You are so right, he won't be 3 forever. Which is a little sad too...
He's a lovely sounding fellow and you sound like a great mum.

The Mangerchine's said...

Ha, this had me laughing out loud! I'm not a mom yet, but a little scared now after reading this!

SarahRachel said...

I loved reading this because I regard you as a good mother. The fact that my son (also 3) has these same characteristics sometimes has me concerned. But reading this reminds me....this too shall pass. =)

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