moses vs photobooth.

One of our favorite things is the photobooth feature on our Macs.
Moses loves it too. The other day I showed him how to operate it and let him go to town.
He proceeded to pose and change faces for each photo.
I love the sleeping one...
He REALLY loved it when he realized he could document his shirt...then proceeded to photograph it over and over.

The best part?
He was quiet for about 20 minutes. :)


Sherryl said...

He is too cute, Crystal!

Nancy said... got some swell pictures and you had 20 minutes of quiet. That is a win. win. situation! Whatever it takes, right? :)

Janel said...

So, so adorable! My sister has 5 boys, is single, and the youngest is almost 8. He is the "busiest" of the bunch. I remember at Moses age, to wind Angelo down, she would give him Mountain Dew. She read somewhere once that it had a counter effect on hyper kids. It worked! I witnessed it myself. She would buy the tiny soda cans, and allow him one after dinner. He'd crash at 7, and not rise til the sun came up. He is still an early riser though. :) Note, it doesn't work when they are older. She stopped around 5 or when it would just make them more insane. And he was a horrible nap taker, though always needs one!

Megan said...

Ready for another great time sucker? Huh?....wait for it.... TOWEL FOLDING!

My 4 year old loves it...and she's busy for atleast 10 minutes.

HAve a great day!

Jana said...

I do ever so love the sleeping one, and he has an awesome shirt to boot!

The Mangerchine's said...

How fun!!!! I wish I had a Mac! Where did you get that hamburger shirt, or how did you make it?


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