more on that 3 year old.

In case you were wondering...
In Moses news...we have seen improvements.
Ever since THAT night things have been getting better.

Here is what we did...just in case...and don't say "my child would never" cause before this crazy three stage...Moses was a poster perfect child...a bump here or there but nothing memorable.
Truly. Never say never.

We took everything out of his room but his bed, a chair and his dresser (facing the wall).

I think that got his attention.
We now put a gate up at his door at night and naps.
He is too smart for door knob covers.

We have severely limited TV.
One 30 minute show IF he stays in his bed at night.

We tell him what behavior we expect.
What the consequence will be for disobeying.
And act IMMEDIATELY if he disobeys.
We also do our best to show NO emotion when he does tantrum.

It took a very short time for him to realize we mean business.
He does not like to lose toys.

These are all things we have always done...but now we have tightened the belt.
I think boys just NEED this type of strong structure.

Last Friday when he went to bed he told us
"I want to be a good boy for you".

I think he really understands that and means it.
You can tell he gets bummed out when his actions have been naughty ones.
Last night he asked if he could clean the kitchen floor.
And did it.
He has been more helpful and loving towards us.

So we are hanging fast to hope.

I hope I didn't just jinx myself.


Nancy said...

Right on! Consistency and follow through. Use that when they start talking back and rolling their eyes... oh wait, I have to do that right now! Parenting is no walk in the park. I feel like just when I have conquered an issue, a new one arises. Keeps me on my toes and looking so old, I mean, young! :) That was a joke.

AikoArt said...

WTG! Team work, patience, structure & loving discipline have won again! Hope he continues to behave & be that wonderful person you know he can be.

Shelly said...

Good for you! Here's one mom to another telling you that you're doing a great job!!! I think we as moms don't hear that nearly enough...We've had to crack down hard on my three year old, too. It hard but definitely worth it.

sassypackrat said...

Children need firm structure or they will run all over you! I think you are doing an awesome job!

Sarah B. said...

I just caught up with your blog...and I don't think it is necessarily a boy thing. I had the same problem with my daughter (my son didnt give us many problems, although I am waiting for high when she was 3. Whoever came up with terrible twos is totally wrong...the 3's are harder. We did most of the same stuff that you did. But we actually put a lock on her door...although we didn't have to use it after about a week when she thought we would just lock it but we didn't. So if emergency arised she could get out. I think it is a stage....and he will grow out of it.

Trish said...

:) glad it is working for you! I found that the consistency thing helps a lot... It's way harder for the parents I think. Don't get discouraged on bad days, cause he will have them, but that doesn't mean he has forgotten everything you are teaching him!

Now that Addie is 4 she says she is sassy! oh my!!!

SarahRachel said...

YAY! Sounds like definite progress. It's nice to read someone else's three year old (and the child of someone who I consider to be an excellent parent) is going through some of the same stuff as my three year. I smugly told people that Jackson never really experienced the terrible twos. And NOW he's hit the thunderous threes. We're doing a lot of the same stuff as ya'll are. Here's hoping our sweet boys can once again be sweet boys! =)

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Amber said...

Sounds like you're doing good. That is too sweet that he said he wants to be a good boy for you. Hang in there. I'm just worried what's in store for us with our soon to be 3-year old...he already has his moments. I'm taking notes from you :)

Sara said...

Every now and then I stumble across your blog and love looking at all your ideas and thoughts. Today, you helped me. My youngest son was out of bed last night, between 1am and 5 am. Completely out of character for him, but he has slowly started doing this more and more. He takes the door knob covers off. There is pretty much nothing to keep him in. Except a baby gate. What a good idea! Sometimes I am in the middle of cooking dinner when he is throwing a fit. Or, like last night, when he kept getting out of bed. And, getting out of bed. And, getting out of bed. I have watched super nanny, and seen that the thing to do is not talk to them at all when dealing with this. So, I don't. It's not like he's scared, he just wants to play. At 3 am. So, a baby gate might just work. Thanks

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