monarch butterfly cupcakes.

I'm so excited to show you these.
I made them for a friends baby shower.
And you know what?
They were easy.
Time consuming, but easy.
I had the perfect stand for displaying them, too.
You can find the how to in Hello, Cupcake.
Don't be intimidated.
You can do these.
I have never worked with food stuff in this way but was happily surprised at the ease of it all.
My only sure your kids are asleep for the night. Not just in bed.
Just saying. You are working with melted chocolate here.
No time for going up and down the stairs to get your 3 year old back in bed.
You should have a baby...and buy me a plane ticket...and I will come make some for you.
I'm thinking if I make enough...maybe spring will come sooner?
Happy Friday, peeps.
What are you up to?


1 Funky Woman said...

Those are amazing, I bet they taste as good as they look!


Megan said...

We have a small window of warm weather (like above freezing) I washed the car yesterday. Just getting stuff done!

Your butterflies are gorgeous.

My daughter has a spring birthday ...want to fly out for that? :)

Are you going to BlissDom?

Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

These are awesome! You are so talented.

Jana said...

OH.MY.GOSH. these are the best ever, the best, I think im freakin out a little, I cant believe how wonderful they are, honestly the best eye candy this morning, great photos of them! you make them look sooooooo good, I love the holder, I have a glass one but that one looks way more festive. Thanks so much for this!

Shelly said...

Oh my! Those are amazing! And YES, I"m intimidated! I've seen that book you referred to before, I'll have to take a look. My daughter is looking at your post right now and oooh-ing and ahhh-ing over the butterflies...nice job! I'm totally impressed!

Molly said...

Those are beautiful! Almost too pretty to eat! You did a great job! Have a wonderful weekend!
~Molly P

Trish said...

ummmm... I'm gonna have a baby! I'm just sayin' ;)

sara luke said...

Those are incredible. Like "pay a small fortune in a bakery for one" incredible.

sassypackrat said...

So lovely! I'm amazed by them and I bet your friend was too!

nursenicki said...

These. Are. Incredible! And the stand really is perfect for them!

Sara said...


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