how to make a photo ledge.

Ok, you guys.
Are you ready for my ghetto fabulous "how to make a photo ledge"?
I am far from a carpenter...but I love how they turned out.
And it sure beats paying $40 for ONE of these bad boys.
Ready? Go.
Here is the lumber.
1- 1in by 4in by 8ft.
2- 1in by 2in by 8ft.
3- 8ft piece of crown molding that I liked the look of.
You can get simple or ornate...stick to around 3-4in in width.
4- piece of molding the is 1/4in by 1in by 8ft.
This piece will go on the edge of photo ledge to keep the photos from sliding you can get other variations if you see something you like.

You CAN get it cut at Lowe's...I think the first cut is even free.
I bought all of them the same length for less cutting and less work.

I took each 8ft piece and cut it down to 4ft pieces...because I wanted two 4ft shelves.
You could buy 10ft pieces too...or cut them down to whatever size you would like to have.

You will also need:
wood screws 1 1/2in long
brads (tiny nails)

I started by pre-drilling my holes...
make an L out of the 4in and 2in piece of above.
I drilled holes on each corner...then every foot or so.
Screw together.
Then...I nailed on the crown molding...nailing near the edges.
You could also add in some wood glue if you wanted.

Then I nailed on the 1/4in piece.
Then painted.
Attach heavy duty photo hangers on the back.
I would do one on each end and on in the middle.
And hang.
I bought all my supplies at Lowe's.

The whole process took very little time.
I plan on making more. :)
Enjoy free range photo arranging...without all the holes in your wall.
Have a question?
Please start a discussion over at the blog frog community on the right. :)


Beth said...

can't wait to get started on some!

Megan said...


I can barely use the bathroom wtithout small ones in tow.... so, this project may need to go on the "wait" list.

Thanks for sharing.

Courtney said...

THANK YOU! i'm going to need this soon! awesome!!

Kristi said...

I have not dived into the world of lumber yet, so I am impressed. We got our shelves really cheap at Home Depot unfinished and just finished them ourselves. Aaron is getting so BIG and cuter all the time.

Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

Thanks! Awesome can't wait to try to make these. Me with a drill could be scary...

sara luke said...

You're awesome.

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

THANK YOU!!! I am so going to do this in my bedroom. YAY!

JeffW said...

Nice result. I will be building a 12' one this weekend to span the full width of my back living room wall. Instead of using hangers, I plan to screw through the 1x2 into studs. Once it is mounted, I will then add the crown molding to cover the screw holes. Can't wait to get it done.

june@craftyniche said...

Thanks for the tutorial! This is on my to do list. :)

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for this.

I found your blog after an exhaustive search for shelves online and calling to area stores. I now refuse to actually go to a store unless I'm committed to buying an item.

Anyhow, I love the idea and went to Lowes myself as Home Depot charges $1 per cut, in some places. I had the help of a guy at the store and went with a nice quality of wood, instead of the more structural quality (more knots, not as smooth) that I initially found and chose. It was a little more costly ($2 vs $8 per 8') but it looks AMAZING.

I followed your steps exactly, which were easy even with my 2 year old son playing with various loose pieces of wood.

I am not totally finished yet as I plan to stain/polyurethane them to match our furniture, and I'm attaching the crown molding last after I've wall mounted them as I'm securing them to the wall studs through the 2" base board for added security (we have A LOT of pictures). But I'm VERY happy with the ease and quickness of this project. I'm hoping the staining goes as easily.

All told, the wood, stain, brushes, wood glue all cost $75. Not cheap, but I will have 2 x 4' shelves and one 5' shelf and one 3' shelf once complete. MUCH cheaper than trying to find and buy similar sized shelves online or in stores. Plus I get to make them the length I want and color I want.

Thank you, thank you, I wish I could attach a photo of what I have so far - if you want to I'll send you one. Thanks again!

Unknown said...

Project done and looks GREAT! All the photos are finally up and I'm so happy. Thanks for the great project and simple idea!

Anonymous said...

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