happy eye candy.

So...some time ago I found this sweet little necklace on Etsy at Happy Find.
When I got it in the mail I could not believe how unbelievably SWEET this necklace was.
The photo above does not do it justice...not that the photo isn't great but the workmanship is just phenomenal...the kind of work that you hope goes into every purchase you make.
But if you think this necklace is darling...
Would you just look at this stinking sweet pin cushion?
Crazy cute. Right?
I mean just look at these...don't you just want one or all of them?
Or want to GIVE it to your favorite crafter?
And believe me...the price is right, Bob.
But wait.
I gets better...
Can you say "eye candy"?
Even if you don't sew...doesn't it make you want to start?
Or at least buy a pack of pins so you have a good reason to buy one...
And guess what else?
The ones in the photo above are just $8. EIGHT dollars!
Go get them...all of them...hoard them or share them with friends.
I can't get enough.
Sometimes I like to go to her shop and just look.
I actually just sent her a couple of items to make into pin cushions for me...
...you better believe that I will show them off when I get them back.

She also makes a variety of other cute things as well.
So...if you need a cute gift...GO HERE.
You will be 100% thrilled with whatever you get.

Want to see what else she is up to?
Go visit her blog Happy Find.

P.S. I was not asked or paid to write this...I just LOVE her shop and all her sweet creations and hate when I find such an awesome shop that is not getting the traffic it deserves...the workmanship is awesome, shipping prices are right on and the shop owner is SUPER sweet. Win. Win. Win.


Anne said...

Just checked out Happy Find and ordered 2 adorable pin cushions - one for me and one for my sister !
Cute Stuff ! Thanks for the Tip!

Megan said...

I ran to her blog screaming, "GIVE ME MORE!"

Love it.

Hey, are you going to BlissDom?


Cute stuff!! Thanks for the info.
Lovin the sock monkey scarf

Janna said...

Cute stuff! And that pin cushion is ADORABLE! It's nice to know about the quality, etc. I'm reluctant to buy online if I haven't heard before hand that it looks as good or better in real life! I'll check it out.

venus said...

Awwww!!! Words cannot express my gratitude. Thank you-thank you-thank you!!! I'm dancing like no one is watching right now... :)


BIG hug,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the spot of cheerfulness(after reading all the yucky news)!They are all really cute!


Leah31 said...


I blame you for my Etsy addiction Crystal!! You are an ENABLER!! :p

Jaimie said...

I blame you for the pincushion I was going to buy getting bought!!! Ahhh lol, I'm just kidding, but seriously, her stuff is super cute!

Heather K. said...

Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to check it out!!!

Jana said...

I melted, and then I feel over, I need them all. What fun and sweetness! thanks for sharing!

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