done and done.

this weekend:
i did not cook.
i let my family graze like cattle...
...they ate what they wanted,
when they wanted.
Moses stuck to cheese, yogurt,
frosted mini-wheats, milk and applesauce.
It was NICE.

We stayed home.
We LOVE to stay home.
Especially now that it is frigid outside.
I miss spring.

I recovered my lampshade.
Took about twenty minutes and hot glue.
We played Wii.
We (I, with Doug on childcare) repainted
the dining room.
The color makes me feel like spring IS here.
I cut Doug's hair.
I built TWO photo shelves...for about $15 total!
(as opposed to paying around $40 for ONE)
(want a tutorial?)
We vacuumed under the couch.
And after finding a grape sized ball in Aaron's mouth...
we removed every tiny item from the downstairs
and banished them to Moses' room or put them away.
Aaron got a fever...and slept in my lap on Sunday afternoon.
We had our first "There is something up my nose!" moment with Moses.
Above is the washer that he must have had to work hard to shove up his nose.
Luckily, it came out easily with tweezers.

He also had a few tantrums.
He is getting quite good at them.
When will three be over?

I'm a little jealous that Doug get's to go to work.
But also not.

And get to wake up to the call of Moses..
"Moooooommmm....I'm all doneeee".




Love the photo shelves!! Bring on the tutorial!! I love the paint color too, so bright & cheery

Judy said...

Oh, I just KNEW that was up his nose!
I snorted a fake ruby out of a toy ring up MY nose when I was three.
I can still remember my dad saying "What were you thinking?"
Thinking? No one had ever told me NOT to snort a fake ruby out of a toy ring up my nose. How was I to know?

Nancy said...

Oh my.. I was actually kind of kidding about the item up the nose. But, I was right!?! That is awesome. Beware of Legos... my brother used to shove those up there too and in his ear. Why, I don't know!

Donna said...

Yes, please to the tutorial! OMG. I love that paint color! I would love to paint our kitchen that color.

Aurora said...

I would love a shelf making tutorial...and one on covering the lamp shade too {I've tried and it did not turn out pretty!}

Beth said...

tutorial, please!

kaylin rose and mara anne said...

love the photo shelves, so please post a tutorial on them.

And I feel the same way about my husband going to work!

Jana said...

oh the nose shoving moments, I have a picture of the orange peel that went up Isaiahs nose once too....what is that about! I need the shelf tutorial pronto, and I too love your new paint color very soothing. Wow so much in one post, you really did get lots done!

Simply Sara said...

A HUGE yes to a tutorial- Please!

Sounds like a lovely weekend spent at home... minus the tantrums, washer up the nose, and fever of course.

venus said...

Kids put the darndest things up their noses. Once, my cousin shoved cotton balls up his nose and when his mom told him to blow it out, panicking, he would suck it in! Yah, thank god for tweezers!

BTW, I LOVE the wall color!

Big Yellow Dog said...

Those ledges are great. I've been begging the husband to make to some just like that he and keeps putting it off. That wall color is great!!

Wendy said...

Sounds like a WONDERFUL weekend to me! I too love the shelves ~ tutorial would be great!

Darlene said...

Your blue walls are yummy. I'm getting in the painting mood. We have tan walls with brown furniture. I'm lovin' blue lately. Looks great!

Sorry about the nose thing. My girls never did that - but they stuffed plenty of stuff in their mouths.

Amy said...

The washer up the nose really made me laugh. Now I know what I have to look forward to! Like the name of the new wall color. (wink)

Crafting by Candlelight

Paputsi said...

I love the wall color. My living room/ kitchen/ den are beige.... boring beige. I just can't figure out the color to paint them. Wanna come to my house and pick paint colors????
What? That doesn't sound like fun to you?????

Kristi said...

Love all the decorationg accomplishements! I just wanted to say too, that recently I am starting to see the results of my constant and every-so-tiring attempts to teach my kids right from wrong. At one point I would complain that I would always correct them and they never seemed to listen, it never seemed to sink in. But I am seeing it no, finally, how may years later? It was worth it. I'm seeing how it works. They have to do wrong stuff (like having tantrums or do what they do for the reason they have the tantrum) to learn that it's wrong. Then they have to do wrong stuff again to practice how they should react properly. For instance my daughter was being mean to my son this morning. When I called her on it, she cried and then, she, on her very own, very sincerly, apologized to my son and he very graciously accepted. I guess my point here is. Parenting young kids. It is tiring. It sometimes feels pointless. It often feels like you want to give up. But please keep it up, keep on them, be consistent. They WILL come around. And I'm guessing we'll be glad of that as time goes on!!

As for putting stuff in mouths and noses, well hopefully it doesn't take too many tries before they learn. I put a vitamin up my nose when I was a kid. That was the last thing.

Take care friend. Be encouraged.

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Looks great! Did I mention I love the color of your walls?

Shelly said...

Just on here catching up, looks like you've had some busy fun! I love the new paint, it reminds me of my FAVORITE Tiffany Blue...and look at you, building stuff! My handy hubby built us some shelves like that, and you're right, it sure does beat paying that whopping price!

Happy Anniversary!

Tiffany said...

Nice job on the photo ledges. Impressive. Nice job on the recovered lampshade too.

Sounds like you had a wonderful and productive weekend!

I also love your new wall color. Will you please come paint mine? It is in desperate need of a new color! I would be forever grateful! : )

Glad you were able to get the washer out of the nose with tweezers. Otherwise, you might have had to leave the house.

I try not to leave in the winter. I'm not a fan. I miss spring terribly...

Feather said...

i just adore weekends in which my family is forced to graze. we call it "fend for yourself". so much creativity is stifled by feeding children, no? most often, i choose to feed my kids. but those weekends when i choose creativity...ahhh. like nourishing the soul.

Stephanie said...

Yes, tutorial please!! They looks great.

Love that wall color. One of my favorites.

I found a rubber hair band in my 2-year-old's nose a few days ago. Ugh.

Amber said...

You've been busy! I'd love to learn how you made your shelves and the wall color is just beautiful. The cold weather is a great excuse to stay cozy (busy) at home.

I was wondering what the black circle could be...I figured it had something to do with a creative project of yours. I guess it was Moses' creative project :)

pk @ Room Remix said...

I love your new wall color too! Great job on th shelves and lampshade.

MsAnnieBelle said...

oo great paint color! love your little desk area in general. great job, giving me some awesome inspiration for my own work space at home.

looking forward to following your blog!

annie @ livingwithannie

Whimsical Creations said...

Love the new color and the shelves. I would LOVE a tutorial!! love little things.

Meredith said...

What a great weekend (minus the washer up the nose episode of course). I would LOVE a tutorial! Thanks!

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