beautiful and messy.

January has been a rough month.
But you probably guessed that.
Just a lot going on with life.
Some things are being dealt with...
...others we are trying to figure out.
Just moving along and trying to get through winter.
January has also been busy.
Not with stuff, really.
More with stages.
Both boys are in extremely needy stages at the moment.
So of course all my "want to" things get put to the side.
I have been working on new projects in my head.
And devoting my days more to running my family.
Playing cars and looking up animal clips on YouTube.
But when I can't actually takes a toll on me.
Creating is my therapy.
And yesterday I was overdue for a good long session.
So when Aaron went down for his nap...I went to town.
Just creating. With Moses playing nearby.
And these new towels were the result.
Beautiful and messy...charming and quirky...haphazard and perfect.
Beautiful and messy.
Just like my life.
Hmmm...that seems to be a crafty theme for me.
These towels make me happy...their imperfect quirks.
And the beauty they will show after they are washed as well.
Yum. Like a bonus treat.
This one may be my favorite.
Because I can't throw even the smallest of scraps away.
This one is made from all the leftovers of the others.
Even discarded things can be stunning.
A lesson there too.

They will all be in the shop.




I think we are having the same kind of month girl. It's been an adventure. I love the towels ! So cute!

Nancy said...

Oh my... those ruffles are fabulous. Adorable... I am totally into the ruffles right now.... just sewed some on the Kid's curtains and a pillow with 3 rows of them. These towels are darling.

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Those towels are absolutely darling!

Shelly said...

Look at you go with that ruffling foot! :-) Those towels are adorable. My therapy is creating, too, and I get very grouchy when I can't/don't do it! I'm also exactly the same way with my scraps...someday they'll all get used!!

The Garcias said...

Those towels are flat out adorable. I'm so glad that your therapy is creating. You are so gifted at it!

venus said...


Oh my gosh... I need to create at least one thing a day or I'll go nuts! It's my feel good drug.

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