Cupcake in a Jar...(repost)

Yes, this is a re-post...but it's one of my most popular...and I thought it would be perfect for the holiday season...for teachers, mailmen, bus drivers...all those folks who you never quite know what to could mix it up with seasonal goodness like peppermint. :)

First you bake cupcakes as some little jars...these are half pints I believe (I found them at Target but you can also get them at most grocery stores). Take the cupcake out of the paper and divide in in jar. Make sure there is a gap between the two sides...these makes a nice place for the goodies to settle. :)

For these I added Oreos broken can add anything you like...peanut butter cups, jelly beans, snickers, chocolate chips, marshmallows...on and on...whatever yummy things you like.

Then add a huge dollop of any kind of frosting the floats your boat. Don't seal off the jar with want the sprinkles you will add next to be able to fall into the jar. Add sprinkles before or/and after this step.

Take another cupcake, de-paper it and smash it into the top. Mush on the lid. Seal tightly.
Goodness in a jar.

You can also dress it up all fancy...make it pretty.


homemade sugar scrub-makes a great gift!

This is so easy that I didn't bother taking photos of the process.
And the end product is delightful...I tried some myself.
All you need:
1 cup sugar
1 cup veggie oil
a few drops of essential oil/fragrance
(found in the soap making section of the craft store)
vitamin E capsule contents (if desired)
16oz jars
Mix everything together and place in jar.
I decorated the tops with pretty papers.
You can also package it with a tiny spoon if you can find them.

Perfect gift for teachers, coworkers....anyone really. :)


easy monogrammed candles.

Here is an easy, fast but cute gift.
You will need:
pillar candle
letter(s) of choice printed
I used 300 font on a six inch candle
Take your regular ol' candle.
Center your letter and tape it onto the candle...
Trace around the letter with your dull pencil...
hard enough to etch into the candle.
If you enlarge this photo you might be able to see the outline...I doubt it.
I suggest working in bright light.
Fill in the outline with paint...
You could even spell out words...
or give in a basket with a candle holder and matches.

One less gift you have to buy. :)


THE cutest advent...made from cute baby things.

So there is THIS sock advent...made by Martha.
It's cute and all...but my baby's socks are not that cute on their own.
They are cute mind you...but not "looks like they were just made to be an advent" cute.
You know?
So I one upped Martha.
Here is what you need:
24 baby socks
24 tiny clothes pins
about 3/4 yard of various fabrics
(I bought 2 fat quarters then used scraps I had)
tulle (if and whatever color you desire)
ribbon long enough to go where you will be hanging this. :)
safety pins
numbers 1-24...printed on card stock
(search on etsy for "number tags")
Cut your fabric and tulle into strips that are 1-2in by 8-10in.
You really can't go can even rip them if you like that look.
I also had a couple of favorite outfits that were my boys...and color appropriate. :)
So I cut those up too...same size strips...some with snaps...just cause.
Then hang up your is easier to work with if it is hanging.
Don't worry...your husband LOVES it when you put holes in the mantle.
Then...just start tying the strips on...use a simple knot.
Keep going and going, until it makes your heart happy.
I was going for obnoxiously full...but you might like a little full.
There is no wrong.
Then...add your little tiny socks...evenly spaced...using the tiny clothes pins.
Add your number tags...using your safety pins.
After I took this photo I added some snowflake ornaments too...
I'll take a photo of that when we see the sun again.
And you are done!
A super cute keepsake advent...
made from sweet little socks and clothes I couldn't part with.
I made one for each of the boys and plan on
filling the socks with little treats to
count down the days until Christmas!

Take that Martha!


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