helpful holiday hints...

So...I thought it would be fun to start a post where everyone could share a holiday hint or two that they live by...

Here is one from me:
Once my boys are old enough to be sneaky...I will assign them each a roll of wrapping paper and wrap all of their gifts in that ONE paper...then NOT put labels on .
I will be the only one who knows whose gifts are whose...making it harder to be sneaky peeks. :)

How about you? Leave a hint in the comments.


I am REALLY loving this Christmas. Really. SO simple. SO good. I was blog hopping earlier today and came across this quote from a blog friend B

"Jesus is so much more important than Santa.
Jesus loves us and blesses us with gifts regardless of our behavior."

LOVE it.

Is there anything more true? I am desperate for my kids to get Joy from Christmas for all the right reasons...and NOT for a pile of stuff under the tree.
This Christmas we may have cut back...but we are not missing a thing.



Thirty inches is what we ended up with.
30 crazy, in sane, claustrophobic inches of snow.
Know what else is about 30in?
Baby Aaron.
We took this photo to show him one day...
This is his "Are you serious Clark?" face...
(anyone name that movie?)
At one point I just picked Moses up and chucked him as hard as I could.
But SO much of it!
Another photo just to show how crazy!
Doug's car...
I shoveled snow for almost three only form of escape. :)
Ugh...I am already DONE with all this snow!
We ended the day with Moses first taste of hot chocolate.


crazy snow.

We are currently up to 23 inches of snow!!!!
I haven't seen this much snow in Virginia since....90 something.
23 inches...and it is STILL snowing!
Currently it has been snowing for over 24 hours...
Doug had to go out in it to get to work at 2am...luckily he had no trouble getting there...
Getting back was a bit trickier...behind this red car here is our can see just a tiny bit of it...this is as close as Doug could get to our house. I am thankful for that though...several people in this area had to abandon cars and WALK miles to get home...or stay at hotels. They CLOSED Target!!
Our bird feeder and looking out the front door...
This is as open as we can get the front door.
Out the back is even too deep to really play
I brought the snow in to Moses.
He built a snowman and everything. :)


and still falling...

We're in the middle of this crazy snowstorm!
That says about 16in SO FAR!

This city is in a crazy state...they are closing down TARGET... well as many other businesses I am sure.

Crazy, crazy!

and now...'re all in big, big trouble.
Say hello to my new crafting partner.
An early Christmas gift from my MIL and FIL.
I've already made Doug take me to Lowe's...
all the cutty crafty goodness to come....
Here's a tiny peek. I hope to make more signs and such for the shop.
This one here is one of the last I will EVER cut by hand.
And it just me or does he look waaaaay older than 10 months?
Moses...doing some last minute Christmas shopping.
We are DONE! I have a some things to make and all
things to wrap but NO MORE TO BUY!!
It's supposed to snow a butt load this weekend but I plan
on hunkering down to do some baking anyhow... is a peek at my next tutorial...coming soon!

What kind of fun things are YOU doing?


bread man houses.

Earlier this week we got together with one of Moses' favorite little people
to make "bread man houses" as Moses calls them.
I have always hated those little kits you can buy in stores and decided to
make the houses myself for the kids to decorate...and supply our own candy.
First I tried to just make them with graham crackers...technically it worked...but since two and three year olds are not known for their delicate gingerbread work I thought they needed some reinforcement.
So...I made a base out of cardboard...taped that together then icing glued the grahams onto that.
The result was a pretty sturdy little kid house.
Moses is holding two of the bases here...
And here is his sweet friend KE. Note her adorable dress. ;)
When we finally started Moses was literally trembling with excitement. See how we "glued" the crackers on...and then filled in the cracks with icing and candy.
I tried to let him do it all himself...just put the icing on and let him go to town.
The hardest part was getting them to put the candy on the house and NOT in their mouths.
Here they are...posing with their complete houses.
And with their forced 2-3 year old smiles.
And this isn't the greatest photo but...this captures Moses holding her hand...he actually walked across the table, with his fingers as legs, to her hand to hold it. He has a special place in his little heart for her.
Cute kiddies.
His finished house...
And a celebratory hug. :)
And baby Aaron was kind enough to sleep through the whole thing...
waking just in time to say good bye. :)

Good times. :)

p.s. In case you didn't notice...this site is now just!
woo hoo! please update your bookmarks. :)

Cupcake in a Jar...(repost)

Yes, this is a re-post...but it's one of my most popular...and I thought it would be perfect for the holiday season...for teachers, mailmen, bus drivers...all those folks who you never quite know what to could mix it up with seasonal goodness like peppermint. :)

First you bake cupcakes as some little jars...these are half pints I believe (I found them at Target but you can also get them at most grocery stores). Take the cupcake out of the paper and divide in in jar. Make sure there is a gap between the two sides...these makes a nice place for the goodies to settle. :)

For these I added Oreos broken can add anything you like...peanut butter cups, jelly beans, snickers, chocolate chips, marshmallows...on and on...whatever yummy things you like.

Then add a huge dollop of any kind of frosting the floats your boat. Don't seal off the jar with want the sprinkles you will add next to be able to fall into the jar. Add sprinkles before or/and after this step.

Take another cupcake, de-paper it and smash it into the top. Mush on the lid. Seal tightly.
Goodness in a jar.

You can also dress it up all fancy...make it pretty.


fatman cookies.

Doug's mom came and spent a couple of too short days with us.
She lives a good 6+ hours away...but came all the way here to teach me how to make fattigman cookies...which are Doug's all time favorite cookie.
They are a Norwegian cookie...basically dough fried in hot crisco.
Easy enough to make...just a little time consuming.
Moses however, proved to be a dutiful baker.
He stayed to help almost the whole time we were baking, almost 2 hours.
We gave him his own bit of dough and he would mimic
all the steps that his grandma was doing.
As a result we have a few interestingly shaped
cookies but hopefully he made some sweet memories with his grandma.
You can tell he was serious by the tongue hanging out.
We had a great time...and were all so sad to see her go...
and Bop bop (grandpa) you were missed too!
Every time we would say that Grandma was coming he would say "and Bop bop?!"
And now Doug has a wife who knows how to make his favorite cookie. :)

A couple of "business things"...
FYI: I notified the winner of Novembers was Sarah who commented:

"Those are gorgeous, Crystal. You are so talented I want to throw up. =) Is there anything you aren't good at??" on THIS POST.

She made me laugh out loud. :)

The winner of the Lassie Girl bucks is YOU!!
Contact Ashley to claim your prize! :)


And this Monday through Thursday for blog readers only...
50% off of ALL items in the shop marked "RTS" but you MUST put
"blog reader" in the notes to seller when you check last shipping day before Christmas will be Friday the 18th. And all orders over $50 will get an upgrade to priority mail at no additional charge (you pay the usual shipping fees)


And thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your kind words and emails.
I really am speechless...and to ALL those who emailed me...I am amazed at how many of the copycats you knew I was talking about without me EVER saying it to you...THAT alone tells me that I have nothing to worry about because they, their actions and their work speak for themselves. :)

I hope to write a more clear post about all that I was talking about soon...we have all been sick and my computer time has been super limited.

Thanks for YOU!
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