fatman cookies.

Doug's mom came and spent a couple of too short days with us.
She lives a good 6+ hours away...but came all the way here to teach me how to make fattigman cookies...which are Doug's all time favorite cookie.
They are a Norwegian cookie...basically dough fried in hot crisco.
Easy enough to make...just a little time consuming.
Moses however, proved to be a dutiful baker.
He stayed to help almost the whole time we were baking, almost 2 hours.
We gave him his own bit of dough and he would mimic
all the steps that his grandma was doing.
As a result we have a few interestingly shaped
cookies but hopefully he made some sweet memories with his grandma.
You can tell he was serious by the tongue hanging out.
We had a great time...and were all so sad to see her go...
and Bop bop (grandpa) you were missed too!
Every time we would say that Grandma was coming he would say "and Bop bop?!"
And now Doug has a wife who knows how to make his favorite cookie. :)

A couple of "business things"...
FYI: I notified the winner of Novembers cupcake...it was Sarah who commented:

"Those are gorgeous, Crystal. You are so talented I want to throw up. =) Is there anything you aren't good at??" on THIS POST.

She made me laugh out loud. :)

The winner of the Lassie Girl bucks is YOU!!
Contact Ashley to claim your prize! :)


And this Monday through Thursday for blog readers only...
50% off of ALL items in the shop marked "RTS" but you MUST put
"blog reader" in the notes to seller when you check out...my last shipping day before Christmas will be Friday the 18th. And all orders over $50 will get an upgrade to priority mail at no additional charge (you pay the usual shipping fees)


And thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your kind words and emails.
I really am speechless...and to ALL those who emailed me...I am amazed at how many of the copycats you knew I was talking about without me EVER saying it to you...THAT alone tells me that I have nothing to worry about because they, their actions and their work speak for themselves. :)

I hope to write a more clear post about all that I was talking about soon...we have all been sick and my computer time has been super limited.

Thanks for YOU!

deep thoughts.

(my new Starbucks inspired wreath)
I feel like a terrible blogger lately.
But really that is low on my list of things I feel terrible at right now.
Don't get me wrong...my life is BeaUtiful! I am so blessed.
But I am working through some ugly stuff.
*Like liking myself.
*Being irritated by those who choose to copy others work...whether it is a craft, or project or shop header....or using a charitable event as a a free for all copy time.
*How DO you deal with those people?
*Dealing with feeling left out and not good enough A LOT. Lot.
See...not pretty stuff...not Merry things.
But that is life, right?
I am trying so hard to focus on the present...to enjoy the season.
Because it is flyyyyyyyying by SO fast.
Remember when you were little...and Christmas being two weeks away was for. ev. er!
And now I feel it is practically over.
So I am purposing to slow down...more, more, more.
What things are YOU doing to enjoy the season?
Since I feel like it has been forever since I have added anything NEW to the shop...
As I was making some scarves for gifts (totally inspired by Julie)
I whipped up a couple of tot sized scarves...being sure not to leave out the boys...
...the boys always seem left out on Etsy.
They will be in the shop momentarily...
Ready to go in the stocking. :)

And to help me clear out some stuff...and make room for new ideas in 2010...

All items marked "RTS" are BUY ONE GET ONE 50% off!
Please check out as normal but wait for a revised invoice!

(RTS=Ready To Ship)

Will be shipping all RTS items regularly til Christmas...


If you spend more than $50 (post invoice edit) I will upgrade your shipping to priority at no additional cost (you just pay the normal shipping fee)


homemade sugar scrub-makes a great gift!

This is so easy that I didn't bother taking photos of the process.
And the end product is delightful...I tried some myself.
All you need:
1 cup sugar
1 cup veggie oil
a few drops of essential oil/fragrance
(found in the soap making section of the craft store)
vitamin E capsule contents (if desired)
16oz jars
Mix everything together and place in jar.
I decorated the tops with pretty papers.
You can also package it with a tiny spoon if you can find them.

Perfect gift for teachers, coworkers....anyone really. :)


winter wonder

Know why this boy is beaming?
Cause this is what it looked like outside. :)
And his mama promised him that when daddy got home he could go play in it.
He had a list of what he wanted to do:
build three "no" penguins
build a mama "no" man
build a daddy "no" man
build a baby Aaron "no" man
build a Moses "no" man
make "no" balls
They did some of that...then pulled each other around on the snow shovel...
these photos were taken through the screen window. :)
Then he slid down the hill on his stomach...
Then yesterday had a fever. Hmmm.
No fever today so far but still a bit under the weather.

Come back tomorrow for another great handmade gift idea.


well i could eat him...

just look at that sweet little face.


Christmas 2009 house tour. :)

First of all...
sorry for 8 million photos.
this really should be 3 posts...but because a certain
nine month old hates my computer...
it will be one long one.
Second, once again I am a slacker.
The winner of Jeanne Winters giveaway is:
Contact Jeanne to claim your prize. :)
I also owe you the winner of November's cupcake! :)
I will let you know soon...I have to dig around to find the comment that won.
Click on the cupcake on the right to figure out what I am talking about. :)
Now on with the tour.
I am in love with my mantle this year.
We have to repaint the living room and dining room...
so we plan to do it in January...and add some crown molding too.
This is why I went all out...
Made those cute houses out of cardboard...
maybe once I have a saw I will make some longer lasting ones...
Our cute tree and santa sack. :)
I made this one...
we have another that has our last name on it but I wanted a second sack
...one for each boy.
Don't you love my mini-marshmallow snow?
My countdown sign from Julie...and Aaron's advent.
Fun snowflakes and pom-poms...
We also made krumkage a Norwegian cookie...our first of the season.
Last year we had a problem with abducted baby Jesus...
(from our non-child proof nativity)
...so we got Moses this one.
Both boys love it and play with it off and on all day.
Can you spot the two animals that seem out of place?
Here's the whole room...
And this serving piece is in the center of the table...
on the top are Christmas treats....
middle is Christmas cards...past and present...
bottom is Christmas books.
We get each boy a new Christmas book each year...
with them out like this we remember to read a few each day.
More pretty snowflakes...
The tree lit up...
A family portrait...
I love to find cute personalized ornaments for the boys.
TV top...blocks from Target...snowman from HERE...
My red bird trees...
Vintage cuteness...
Look how sweet he is...he would never try to eat Baby Jesus.
Nope...he is just too cute and sweet for that...
Except...what's that in his mouth?
Why it's the poor baby Jesus...
Baby Godzilla makes a bee line for it every chance he gets.

If you give a holiday tour of your home...be sure to leave me a comment so I can some see...I LOVE to see how other folks decorate.

Happy Christmas time!

easy monogrammed candles.

Here is an easy, fast but cute gift.
You will need:
pillar candle
letter(s) of choice printed
I used 300 font on a six inch candle
Take your regular ol' candle.
Center your letter and tape it onto the candle...
Trace around the letter with your dull pencil...
hard enough to etch into the candle.
If you enlarge this photo you might be able to see the outline...I doubt it.
I suggest working in bright light.
Fill in the outline with paint...
You could even spell out words...
or give in a basket with a candle holder and matches.

One less gift you have to buy. :)


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