THE cutest advent...made from cute baby things.

So there is THIS sock advent...made by Martha.
It's cute and all...but my baby's socks are not that cute on their own.
They are cute mind you...but not "looks like they were just made to be an advent" cute.
You know?
So I one upped Martha.
Here is what you need:
24 baby socks
24 tiny clothes pins
about 3/4 yard of various fabrics
(I bought 2 fat quarters then used scraps I had)
tulle (if and whatever color you desire)
ribbon long enough to go where you will be hanging this. :)
safety pins
numbers 1-24...printed on card stock
(search on etsy for "number tags")
Cut your fabric and tulle into strips that are 1-2in by 8-10in.
You really can't go can even rip them if you like that look.
I also had a couple of favorite outfits that were my boys...and color appropriate. :)
So I cut those up too...same size strips...some with snaps...just cause.
Then hang up your is easier to work with if it is hanging.
Don't worry...your husband LOVES it when you put holes in the mantle.
Then...just start tying the strips on...use a simple knot.
Keep going and going, until it makes your heart happy.
I was going for obnoxiously full...but you might like a little full.
There is no wrong.
Then...add your little tiny socks...evenly spaced...using the tiny clothes pins.
Add your number tags...using your safety pins.
After I took this photo I added some snowflake ornaments too...
I'll take a photo of that when we see the sun again.
And you are done!
A super cute keepsake advent...
made from sweet little socks and clothes I couldn't part with.
I made one for each of the boys and plan on
filling the socks with little treats to
count down the days until Christmas!

Take that Martha!


taking the crazy out of Christmas...

We are a determined family.
We are all refusing to be stressed out this Christmas.
After lots of praying and years of trying to figure out how...we are taking the
crazy out of Christmas. At least the bad crazy.
We will still be crazy happy, crazy joyful, crazy jolly and crazy grateful.
By making small changes here and there...we are doing it.
So far, so good really. I know it is early yet but I am extremely hopeful.
It feels good and warm.
One way we are doing it this year...
We are limiting the gifts for the boys and each other.
To three gifts each. Plus stockings.
For two got three gifts and
two...there are four of gift from each person.
Already it has changed our Christmas dynamic.
We have already been very thoughtful about what we buy.
And already so less stressed. The feeling that we need to "get it all" is gone.
Gone! (yay for prayer!)
We are focusing on things like being together and having fun.
Not mounding toys under the tree that will be
played with for moments and then tossed aside.
I will admit, when I first heard of this idea years ago...I felt sorry for the family!
Isn't that terrible? I didn't get it. At all.
Then I had kids. I have seen Moses overwhelmed by too much.
And some how, probably by God's doing...
I feel like we are giving so much more this year.
Time, thoughtfulness, consideration...memories. Happy ones.

Having a great Christmas has so little to do with money spent.
I am giddy for Christmas.
To dwell on the real reason for it all...and share that with my family.
This last photo is a peek at what we will be making here next week...
Until are YOU taking the crazy out of Christmas?

I would LOVE to hear and share ideas!

The winner of the Red Letter Giveaway is YOU!

Head on over to Red Letter Words and let her know to collect your prize!
Come back Friday for another great giveaway!


how to make a key three easy ways!

In an effort to keep up with my LIST...and to encourage you in some of the same...
here is a super duper easy how to for a sweet little gift that is PERFECT
for teachers, friends, family, bus drivers...basically anyone with keys.
And there are three simple ways to make of which requires NO sewing!
First...choose the method that makes you happy.
Then gather your materials...
1o inches of cotton webbing
10 inches of ribbon or a 10 by 2 1/4in fabric scrap
10 inches of your choice of iron on strips
the same width (or a bit smaller) as your ribbon

Everything Ribbons is a great place on Etsy to get a good deal on supplies...
In fact they have generously offered Little Bit Funky readers 10% off of their have to be sure to mention the Little Bit Funky Blog in the "notes to seller" section when you check out.
Here is how you make the iron on one...
(and try not to be be super jealous of my awesome ironing board cover...okay?)
Lay the iron on strip in the center of your webbing...
paper side up...iron on as per directions on package.
Remove ribbon directly on top of iron on strip...
Iron ribbon onto the strip...
You CAN stop here and mosey on down to the hardware part...
Add some cute stitching to the sides.
If you want to skip the iron on can just go right to the stitch on step.
THAT is as easy as lining the ribbon up on the center of the webbing...
and stitching to your hearts content.
Once the ribbon is attached...
fold in half...
lining up the two ends...
insert ends into the open end of the hardware.
Clamp it down with the pliers...nice and tight.
You can put a scrap of fabric between the pliers
and the metal to avoid scratching the metal.
All done.
Almost instant.
Now...if you want to do a fabric one...
fold the 10in by 2 1/4in fabric strip in half....
inside out...
stitch up one side...using 1/4in seam.
Iron flat...
Stitch it on there the way you did the ribbon one.
Cute and could punch a hole in a gift card
and add to the ring for an all in one gift. :)

AND to get you started...

Everything Ribbons is offering up TWO free kits!!!

TWO readers will each get the following:
3 - key fob hardware (key fob and split rings)
3 - 10” cotton webbing (your choice out of 23 colors)
3 - 10” ribbon heat sealed to prevent from fraying
3 - 10” fusible web adhesive


To enter:
Just leave a comment...telling me how you made it here.

I'm always curious.
I'll choose two winners on Friday!

And for other handmade gift on "how to" over in the label cloud on the right. Or here:

Soon I'll have the how to make a wreath tutorial
How to make the cutest advent ever from your baby's socks and clothes!

Stay tuned!


sherry and co.

This last shoot was worth every moment for this photo.
I just LOVE it.
My new friend Sherry allowed me the joy of taking photos of her sweet family this afternoon...
...a perfect 75 degree day here in Virginia.
As I was sitting to edit these...I kept thinking...Did I really take these?
Does that sound conceited?
Super fun and easy family to photograph...
I love this one too.
And this one...grass stains and all.
Seriously cute kids...with dark brown know they are my favorite.
This sweet girl was the most challenging...but we got some good ones.
I mean would it even be possible to take a bad photo of them?
My cute tank is full.

Sherry I hope you love them so much!
Thanks again!

at long last...

I FINALLY have a quilt to show for all the work we did back during the quilt along...
I haven't decided yet if I can recommend the new quilter I used...I'll let you know.
She wasn't bad...just quirky.
I did the binding myself. It was SO easy!!
I will work on my skill level a bit before I show you how. :)
Moses tried to claim it...uhh back off buddy...yours is upstairs remember?
Aaron loved it too...his is in the works...
See? Not always a stinkface...
He was actually laughing and giggling...
And having a great time...
Until...uh time over!


If you made a quilt/are making a quilt with us, won't you leave a link so we can come say hi to you?


making a list...

I am making a different kind of list this holiday season...
You can click it to make it bigger.
Trying to put the focus in the right place from the beginning.
Are you making a list?
I'd love to see it.


recycled pumpkins. :)

First a little confession.
I never got out my Fall decorations.
Not even one.
The only things that let us know that Fall was here in this house...were these pumpkins.
They sat centered on my dining room table.
That was it.
I'm ok with that.
And add to the insult...I made them into this.
I wanted to show you before you threw out your pumpkins.
Even if you don't have white ones...I bet you could hit some orange ones with spray paint?
It took less than ten minutes.
And I did it with this guy right here the whole time.
I used wooded skewers to hold them onto each other.
And decided that two was enough...three was too unstable.
Added a scarf and a pail hat...some button eyes
(glued on and held in place with a toothpick), some greenery and done.
I am thinking the cold weather will preserve her for a least longer than if I just ended her with being a pumpkin right?

Just a heads up...sometime soon I will teach you how to make your very own wreath from fresh keep your eyes open for some you can grab...holly, boxwood, pine and magnolia will all work just fine and you will have to buy very few supplies.
And thanks so much for ALL of the encouragement about my people. :)
These people here are part of a Christmas gift for my niece.

Others are now happily in the shop...but I will have to limit the number of orders I can take and promise for order sooner than later...that goes for every custom order in the shop...I will most likely stop taking custom orders early in December.

Happy Monday!
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