how to make a reverse applique. :)

Want to make some cute inexpensive gifts?
This is super easy...and you will love how it looks.
You need a stencil for the shape that you want on the shirt, enough fabric to cover the stencil and a blank favorites come from Old Navy and Target.
Trace your stencil onto your fabric backwards...
obviously it doesn't matter for "M" but for "B" or something it will...
Now cut out around the shape you just traced...leave at least a half inch or so around the sides...DON'T cut out on the lines. :)
Turn your shirt inside out...and pin
(yes I actually pinned something)
the shape in the right place...on the backside of the front of the shirt.
Make sure it's straight.
Now sew all around on the line that you traced.
Use a small stitch.
You can click on the photo to make it larger...trim the fabric if there is loads.
Turn your shirt right side out...then carefully cut into JUST the t-shirt...
Cut out the center of your stenciled piece...
staying about 1/8in away from the line you sewed...
Personalized cuteness.
You can do any shape or letter or number. :)
Chances are good that I will be making bunches of these for Christmas gifts.

You can too...or you can send me a pile of shirts and I will gladly do them for you. :)

Have fun!

THE robot party!

We had so much fun planning and throwing Moses' robot party...
the morning of the party we filled the half bathroom with balloons to surprise him.
We made lots of paper "space orbs".
Our robot centerpiece.
The party room. :)
Favors waiting to be adopted. :)
Cupcakes that were even better the second time. :)
Cute. Cute. Cute. Fun. Fun. Fun.
If you are going to work with fondant...I highly suggest a practice cake. :)
This is Moses telling me that he is three (wearing his robot shirt!).
Could not get a good photo of them for the life of me...this is the best I could do.
His reaction to the singing of "Happy Birthday".
This was the first year that we could sing it to him and him not cry. :)
Every time he started to open a gift he would say "What is it?!"
Look at that concentration!
Then...on his actual birthday I put a candle in his cereal and sang happy birthday to him...then we went and got pumpkins. :)

I still can't believe that he is three!

It was a fun party...a fun to do for Aaron's first...


fun numbers.

But first. Can I just say how ridiculously cute this baby is? Do you SEE those big brown eyes? It hurts me how cute he is...let's not even talk about how he just seven months and wearing a size 18 month one piece...and it fitting pretty well. Let's just focus on the cuteness...not that fact that he is growing so fast.

Back to the numbers.

I just recently passed 3000 sales on Etsy!!!
Amazingly this doesn't include the many orders I have done on the side for friends, family or MOPS gals.
I am stunned. You would think this would make me confident. It doesn't. I expect to be found out with each and every sale.
I am amazed at all of the sweet repeat buyers that I have...many who have become friends.
Really? You love my stuff so much that you will buy it again? And again?
You crazy, silly, wonderful people. I am thankful for you.
Another amazing number: 177,892.
That is the number of blog hits that I have had since installing the counter.
That is a crazy number. Really? That many folks who want to visit.
Awesome. And thank you. :)
A couple more:
Three years ago I had never thought of opening my own store.
Two years ago I had almost never sewn.
One year ago my store was still mainly cards.
Six months ago I had never quilted.
Two days ago my stuff was only available through me...
now it's in a local shop.

Now I am wondering...what surprises does God have in store for me next?

now you can know. :) MOPS

We had our first MOPS meeting was a crazy whirlwind of fun...the first day is semi chaotic...jut because there is a lot of info to go over...people to catch up with, chit chat, getting kids where they need to go, etc. For those who don't know...MOPS stands for Mothers Of Preschoolers. It's the best kind of support group a mom can ask for...there is something awesome about being in a room where you can relate to EVERYONE. Where you don't have to apologize for smelling like spit up and drool...or you know that you just might not win the contest for least amount of sleep last night.
I love it...and it is really on my heart this year to do what I can to make it awesome for the ladies involved in our MOPS.
Somehow, over the last couple of weeks, I morphed from being just a table leader to being a table leader/craft help/craft guru on the steering committee. :)
No complaints though...I got to pick out some awesome fabric and do my best to make the room a special pretty place for the ladies to enjoy each morning that we get together.

That photo at the top? Table "runners" of sort...each table was assigned their own pretty pretty fabric. From the fabric I made each table a runner...flags, centerpiece and each lady at the table a messy flower. :)
Sixty. Messy. Flowers.
The theme this year is "Planet Mom". Mmmm. We weren't exactly thrilled with we tweaked it to make it more fun...our new theme is "Messy and Beautiful. Planet Mom". Hence the messy flowers, table runner, centerpieces, etc. All very messy. All very beautiful.
Here's another look at the runner/table cloth. I LOVE them and debate about carrying them in the shop...if I made them thicker they could be perfect.
I left the edges nice and messy...still very pretty I think.
Here you can kind of see it all together...
Another table...
Our wonderful Coordinator Lauren, sporting her messy flower.
Hi Lauren! Don't kill me for posting this photo! :)
One of the best parts of MOPS...the breakfast!!
There's my dear sassy friend Joy! Hi can't kill me either! :)
It made me so happy to see it all come together.
Even if little Aaron stayed in the childcare for all of forty minutes.
Moses cried when we left sweet...but didn't bat an eye when I left him in his classroom.

Go HERE to see if there is a MOPS near you. You need it. Believe me.

This weekend...I hope to get the quilty post up, finish up the robot shirts that some of you are waiting for, get ready for Moses' party and some other things too. :)

Hope your Friday is awesome!!

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