Busy busy.
As usual.
My to do list is getting knocked out...just not as fast as it is filling up.
But that is OK.
Actually, I think that is preferred.
Some things that have gotten done?
Those little houses up there...tooth fairy huts...a shop favorite...
with a little pocket on the back...will be hitting the shop soon...
Took Moses to a birthday party at a park with the worlds steepest slide.
Guess whose child face planted in cement without batting an eye, as soon as we got there...then couldn't stay away from death slide?
And his outfit? That kid has more cool that I have ever my whole life.
Just saying.
I finally finished his big birthday's a little fort that fits over a card table.
It's supposed to be simple and no frills.
It was a time I know how to make it better...and easier on myself. :)
You may remember me mentioning this carrier before...then it was a big WANT.
Now I think it may be a need...Aaron refuses to sit in a shopping cart, stroller, etc.
And though he is only seven months...he is not the size of a seven monther...he hangs out in the high nineties for height and eighties for weight.
This makes the Bjorn nearly impossible and the prospect of carrying nearly numbing.
Do you have this carrier? Do you love it?
It's a little spendy...BUT I feel like it would be worth save a back and free up
Go buy a tooth hut....or a pillow...or whatev.
Please. and thanks. :)


And the winner of the "It's a Good Day" Giveaway is....


Please contact Teresa to claim your prize!


making an effort.

Sometimes the things you are supposed to do are hard.
Sometimes they are easy.
Doing the right thing-sometimes hard.
Sewing I have worked and worked at.
Chased, as a matter of fact.
Photography...has followed and followed me.
I have done it for years...weddings, babies, friends.
Never asked for just happens.
Always been easy.
Lately I have been wondering...
what would happened if I chased it?
I LOVE it.
Almost as much as sewing.
I have what I need to start...
Including the support of my husband.
So why not?
Not giving up my day job(s)...but
if you live in the Charlottesville area...
I could make myself available. :)
We could capture some sweet moments email is over on the right.
Let's set something will be fun...I promise.

A special thanks to Aunt Jen for the super cute outfits...
I think the boys will get lots of wear of them. :)


somethin' new.

Just thought I would share my new item...inspired by a customer...
...personalized with your childs profile of course. :)
The availability will be limited due to supply of the
paper mache ornaments that I use as a base. :)

Come back tomorrow for a giveaway!


how to make a reverse applique. :)

Want to make some cute inexpensive gifts?
This is super easy...and you will love how it looks.
You need a stencil for the shape that you want on the shirt, enough fabric to cover the stencil and a blank favorites come from Old Navy and Target.
Trace your stencil onto your fabric backwards...
obviously it doesn't matter for "M" but for "B" or something it will...
Now cut out around the shape you just traced...leave at least a half inch or so around the sides...DON'T cut out on the lines. :)
Turn your shirt inside out...and pin
(yes I actually pinned something)
the shape in the right place...on the backside of the front of the shirt.
Make sure it's straight.
Now sew all around on the line that you traced.
Use a small stitch.
You can click on the photo to make it larger...trim the fabric if there is loads.
Turn your shirt right side out...then carefully cut into JUST the t-shirt...
Cut out the center of your stenciled piece...
staying about 1/8in away from the line you sewed...
Personalized cuteness.
You can do any shape or letter or number. :)
Chances are good that I will be making bunches of these for Christmas gifts.

You can too...or you can send me a pile of shirts and I will gladly do them for you. :)

Have fun!

THE robot party!

We had so much fun planning and throwing Moses' robot party...
the morning of the party we filled the half bathroom with balloons to surprise him.
We made lots of paper "space orbs".
Our robot centerpiece.
The party room. :)
Favors waiting to be adopted. :)
Cupcakes that were even better the second time. :)
Cute. Cute. Cute. Fun. Fun. Fun.
If you are going to work with fondant...I highly suggest a practice cake. :)
This is Moses telling me that he is three (wearing his robot shirt!).
Could not get a good photo of them for the life of me...this is the best I could do.
His reaction to the singing of "Happy Birthday".
This was the first year that we could sing it to him and him not cry. :)
Every time he started to open a gift he would say "What is it?!"
Look at that concentration!
Then...on his actual birthday I put a candle in his cereal and sang happy birthday to him...then we went and got pumpkins. :)

I still can't believe that he is three!

It was a fun party...a fun to do for Aaron's first...


to my first baby.

Moses at birth.
At One.
At Two.
At Three.

Dear Moses,

Happy Third Birthday!
I can't believe you are three already. It seems like we JUST brought you home from the hospital...but here we are three (way TOO short) years later.

Some things you should know.

You are the best. Your dad and I love you so very much that some days it hurts. We can't imagine our lives without you and will always be here to love you, protect you and support you.
You are funny and are silly and kind. You seem to be a lot like your dad was when he he was little...there are times when we even call you "Little Doug".

You make us want to be the best parents ever. You make us want to protect your childhood from anything that would make you grow up too fast. We just want to keep you innocent as long as we can...and it is just not that easy in today's world. We have made and will keep making mistakes...but you should know that we are trying our best and always trying to do better. We will always tell you we are wrong when we know that we are because we want you to be a man who can admit his errors and learn from them.

We can tell that you already have a friend in talk to him daily and I have overheard you playing with Him like an imaginary friend...I am sure this makes Him even more happy than it makes me. To hear you talk about and to Jesus makes us feel like we are doing something right...I hope we can keep doing it.

You have grown so much in the last couple of became potty trained, stopped sucking your fingers (all on your own) and stopped carrying Doggy around with you everywhere. You adjusted well to having a little brother and we can tell that you love him so much. You are going to be a great brother.

You are very busy. And loud. It's true...and though sometimes it is hard to take...we wouldn't change you one bit...because we take that busyness and loudness to mean happy and healthy.

Right now you love trains, blocks, books, cars and anything Daddy is doing.

And we love you. So much.
We are blessed to have you in our lives and are SO very thankful that God chose us to be your mom and dad. What an honor to be your mom. You are a great kid and I cannot wait to see what you will do with yourself in the years to come.

Happy Birthday, Moses!
You are loved and don't you ever forget it.

love, mom and dad.

why my husband is awesome #23432479234

When I got home from MOPS this snazzy bag was waiting for me.

I have the best husband, don't you think?

fun numbers.

But first. Can I just say how ridiculously cute this baby is? Do you SEE those big brown eyes? It hurts me how cute he is...let's not even talk about how he just seven months and wearing a size 18 month one piece...and it fitting pretty well. Let's just focus on the cuteness...not that fact that he is growing so fast.

Back to the numbers.

I just recently passed 3000 sales on Etsy!!!
Amazingly this doesn't include the many orders I have done on the side for friends, family or MOPS gals.
I am stunned. You would think this would make me confident. It doesn't. I expect to be found out with each and every sale.
I am amazed at all of the sweet repeat buyers that I have...many who have become friends.
Really? You love my stuff so much that you will buy it again? And again?
You crazy, silly, wonderful people. I am thankful for you.
Another amazing number: 177,892.
That is the number of blog hits that I have had since installing the counter.
That is a crazy number. Really? That many folks who want to visit.
Awesome. And thank you. :)
A couple more:
Three years ago I had never thought of opening my own store.
Two years ago I had almost never sewn.
One year ago my store was still mainly cards.
Six months ago I had never quilted.
Two days ago my stuff was only available through me...
now it's in a local shop.

Now I am wondering...what surprises does God have in store for me next?

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