to my first baby.

Moses at birth.
At One.
At Two.
At Three.

Dear Moses,

Happy Third Birthday!
I can't believe you are three already. It seems like we JUST brought you home from the hospital...but here we are three (way TOO short) years later.

Some things you should know.

You are the best. Your dad and I love you so very much that some days it hurts. We can't imagine our lives without you and will always be here to love you, protect you and support you.
You are funny and are silly and kind. You seem to be a lot like your dad was when he he was little...there are times when we even call you "Little Doug".

You make us want to be the best parents ever. You make us want to protect your childhood from anything that would make you grow up too fast. We just want to keep you innocent as long as we can...and it is just not that easy in today's world. We have made and will keep making mistakes...but you should know that we are trying our best and always trying to do better. We will always tell you we are wrong when we know that we are because we want you to be a man who can admit his errors and learn from them.

We can tell that you already have a friend in talk to him daily and I have overheard you playing with Him like an imaginary friend...I am sure this makes Him even more happy than it makes me. To hear you talk about and to Jesus makes us feel like we are doing something right...I hope we can keep doing it.

You have grown so much in the last couple of became potty trained, stopped sucking your fingers (all on your own) and stopped carrying Doggy around with you everywhere. You adjusted well to having a little brother and we can tell that you love him so much. You are going to be a great brother.

You are very busy. And loud. It's true...and though sometimes it is hard to take...we wouldn't change you one bit...because we take that busyness and loudness to mean happy and healthy.

Right now you love trains, blocks, books, cars and anything Daddy is doing.

And we love you. So much.
We are blessed to have you in our lives and are SO very thankful that God chose us to be your mom and dad. What an honor to be your mom. You are a great kid and I cannot wait to see what you will do with yourself in the years to come.

Happy Birthday, Moses!
You are loved and don't you ever forget it.

love, mom and dad.

why my husband is awesome #23432479234

When I got home from MOPS this snazzy bag was waiting for me.

I have the best husband, don't you think?

fun numbers.

But first. Can I just say how ridiculously cute this baby is? Do you SEE those big brown eyes? It hurts me how cute he is...let's not even talk about how he just seven months and wearing a size 18 month one piece...and it fitting pretty well. Let's just focus on the cuteness...not that fact that he is growing so fast.

Back to the numbers.

I just recently passed 3000 sales on Etsy!!!
Amazingly this doesn't include the many orders I have done on the side for friends, family or MOPS gals.
I am stunned. You would think this would make me confident. It doesn't. I expect to be found out with each and every sale.
I am amazed at all of the sweet repeat buyers that I have...many who have become friends.
Really? You love my stuff so much that you will buy it again? And again?
You crazy, silly, wonderful people. I am thankful for you.
Another amazing number: 177,892.
That is the number of blog hits that I have had since installing the counter.
That is a crazy number. Really? That many folks who want to visit.
Awesome. And thank you. :)
A couple more:
Three years ago I had never thought of opening my own store.
Two years ago I had almost never sewn.
One year ago my store was still mainly cards.
Six months ago I had never quilted.
Two days ago my stuff was only available through me...
now it's in a local shop.

Now I am wondering...what surprises does God have in store for me next?

he's funny.

Since it's his birthday week...
A couple of Moses stories that I find funny.
Last night Moses was playing in our backyard by himself. It's a small enclosed yard off of the kitchen...we keep the screen open so we can hear him which often results in witnessing some cute stuff come out of his mouth. For the purpose of this story you need to know in Moses language "to you" means hold..."to you, me" means hold me.
So we hear him chatting away outside. And this is how it goes:

Birds chirping.
Moses: Come here birds.
Birds chirping.
Moses: Come heeere birds.
Birds doing their thing.
Moses: Come heeeereee birds!
Birds ignoring him.
Moses: Birds...I'll "tooooo yoooou"

It makes me crack up that in his preschooler mind he was really sweetening the deal to those birds by offering to hold them.

Last week or so we were in Joanne's a craft store. He was being obnoxious. Really. I had had it. He was not listening to ANYTHING I was saying or even acknowledging my presence.
So I pinched his arm...just hard enough to get his attention (don't judge me).
And what does he do but yell at the top of his lungs "Hey! Don't pinch me!!"

Another time in Joanne's...I was standing by the front of the store which is a long line of windows...I was trying to finish up a call before I shopped. Moses proceeds to follow passers by on the sidewalk from one side of the windows to the other...knocking on the glass until they looked at him...then waving and smiling...then running back to the beginning to wait for the next person. :)

The first funny Moses story ever...he was just born and it was the first time we were left alone with him in the hospital. So naturally we want to undress him to have a look at all of his parts. The second we undo his diaper...a stream of pee shoots across the room...he got at least 6-8 feet in distance. If I had only known what that would mean in our future.
Aaron, for the record has peed on my once. Moses...I have lost count.

One more. We were in Target. Doug kept Aaron while I took Moses to the bathroom. Good thing about a boy is that he can stand to use a public potty...however keeping his hands off of the toilet seat is a challenge. Apparently the next day someone said to Doug "I think your wife was here the other day...I was in the bathroom and I kept hearing someone say "Don't touch the toilet Moses...Don't touch the toilet Moses...Don't touch the toilet Moses..."". :)

6) I lied. One more. He calls envelopes "boo woops". Cute, right?

party of the year.

We are working hard this week...
All the RSVP's are in...
Moses likes to ask who is coming...Uncle B...yes...Katie Elise...yes...etc.
I have a daily to-do list of what must get done...
I just want him to love it.
Cause every time I think of my baby boy turning three...I tear up a little?
How did that happen so fast?

cutie pie.

Just had to throw this in there. :)
Happy Sunday!

nursing my wounds with hot glue.

You can insert a big fat sigh. Right here. Because that is how I feel at the moment.
Beaten and bruised.
Not by one big event...just by a series of small things that one after another have left me in a place that isn't so pretty.
Feeling less than great...not good at much and second guessing myself.
Wondering about some big you stay where you are comfortable...or leap out to grab something new where you can be used the way you feel you are meant to be?
Trying to grab onto some small victories...
no matter how get the ball going in the right direction again.
So last night....despite the enormous to-do list...
I grabbed my hot glue gun...some fabric and tried to self medicate with craft. :)
In some silly way these flowers represent what I want for myself...
When you are making have to twist and turn and pull and pinch...
Sometimes you get burned in the process...there are times in the making that they don't look so great...that they look ugly and misshapen. But you keep working with them...twisting and tucking...then all of a have this beautiful mess of a flower. Each flaw adding to it's charm and story. Each imperfection making it one of a kind and desirable.
I hope this is the process that God is doing with me...twisting and turning...sometimes until it hurts...leading me through the ugly places to make me into something beautiful. Something that, even though it's imperfect...has beauty in the mess.


last quilty post. :) and etc.

Ok..I know this is loooong I appreciate your patience. I feel like my crafty equilibrium is returning to hopefully everything else will too. :)
I hope you can follow along cause this is the only photo I took. :/

Now...we will make the back and get it all ready to ship out.

First you want to iron your completed quilt top...make all the seams nice and flat.
Second, you will want to get it squared up.
I do this by folding it from corner to corner and then trimming with the guide and rotary shown above. You just want your corners to be ninety degrees and the sides to be nice and straight.
Third, you will want to measure your quilt top...then cut a length of your backing fabric that is 12in longer than that. This is because when you ship it out, the quilters want six inches of play on all make sure it is big enough to back the quilt top.
Fourth...cut another the length of the first the two together lengthwise...then making sure the two sewn together pieces are 12in wider than the quilt top you can trim off excess.
Basically you are making a rectangle backing that is bigger than your quilt top by six inches on all sides. Then iron your backing...making the seam flat.
Make sense?

When you send it off...if you are sending it to the Back Porch Quilters, which I HIGHLY recommend, you will need to include a yard of fabric for the binding (edging around the sides)...they will send you back any excess. You can include your batting or just buy it from them.

Once you have that box in the mail...give yourself a pat on the back, eat some chocolate and get started on your next one. Congrats!! :)
Leave any questions in the comments. :)
This baby may seem innocent...
But this has been his attitude for the last week...can't say I blame him though...he has gotten two teeth (can you see them)and a cold that included a fever...all in the last week. In fact we all got it...thankfully we are all on the mend. :)
I also got some guitar shirts for boys in the shop too. :)
Here's to getting back to normal. :)
Even my husband was complaining a little that I wasn't posting regularly. :)


don't hate me.

This is my freezer at the moment. It's pretty typical. There is no party anytime in the next day or so to make this ok or normal. But it reminds me of one of my favorite Doug stories.

For as long as I can remember Doug and I have taken FULL advantage of the buy one get one free sales for ice cream...we rotate our stock based on whatever is one sale. A big bowl of ice cream at the end of the day (covered in caramel) is like our reward for surviving another day of parenthood.

Anywho...Doug and I are at Food Lion one day...standing at the freezer section deciding on our ice cream indulgence options...we are each standing there with two tubs of ice cream in our hands...four tubs total. Apparently Doug was feeling a little embarrassed by our gluttony so he says, loud enough for all in the aisle to hear him
"This should be enough ice cream for the party".
Only funny because there was no party...unless you count the two of us sitting on the couch at the end of the day.
To this day I can't stand at the freezer without thinking of that story and giggling to myself.
So this weekend...very little was accomplished. Very little. Moses caught a cold and Aaron got two teeth. That is about the extent of it. So this morning my mission is get the ball rolling in the right direction and get my act together. Until then...Enjoy some photos of my sweet little men.
Doesnt' every child have a photo like this?
That puppy in the foreground is Doug's pound puppy from back in the day. :)
Is there anything sweeter than a thumb sucking baby?
I think not.
Baby Aaron says "Go Giants!"

Now I am OFF to get going in the right direction...I have orders to fill, party preparations to get on top of...and cleaning to do to get ready for Moses party...loads of Doug's family are coming down for the should be good times...if I can get my act together. :)


now you can know. :) MOPS

We had our first MOPS meeting was a crazy whirlwind of fun...the first day is semi chaotic...jut because there is a lot of info to go over...people to catch up with, chit chat, getting kids where they need to go, etc. For those who don't know...MOPS stands for Mothers Of Preschoolers. It's the best kind of support group a mom can ask for...there is something awesome about being in a room where you can relate to EVERYONE. Where you don't have to apologize for smelling like spit up and drool...or you know that you just might not win the contest for least amount of sleep last night.
I love it...and it is really on my heart this year to do what I can to make it awesome for the ladies involved in our MOPS.
Somehow, over the last couple of weeks, I morphed from being just a table leader to being a table leader/craft help/craft guru on the steering committee. :)
No complaints though...I got to pick out some awesome fabric and do my best to make the room a special pretty place for the ladies to enjoy each morning that we get together.

That photo at the top? Table "runners" of sort...each table was assigned their own pretty pretty fabric. From the fabric I made each table a runner...flags, centerpiece and each lady at the table a messy flower. :)
Sixty. Messy. Flowers.
The theme this year is "Planet Mom". Mmmm. We weren't exactly thrilled with we tweaked it to make it more fun...our new theme is "Messy and Beautiful. Planet Mom". Hence the messy flowers, table runner, centerpieces, etc. All very messy. All very beautiful.
Here's another look at the runner/table cloth. I LOVE them and debate about carrying them in the shop...if I made them thicker they could be perfect.
I left the edges nice and messy...still very pretty I think.
Here you can kind of see it all together...
Another table...
Our wonderful Coordinator Lauren, sporting her messy flower.
Hi Lauren! Don't kill me for posting this photo! :)
One of the best parts of MOPS...the breakfast!!
There's my dear sassy friend Joy! Hi can't kill me either! :)
It made me so happy to see it all come together.
Even if little Aaron stayed in the childcare for all of forty minutes.
Moses cried when we left sweet...but didn't bat an eye when I left him in his classroom.

Go HERE to see if there is a MOPS near you. You need it. Believe me.

This weekend...I hope to get the quilty post up, finish up the robot shirts that some of you are waiting for, get ready for Moses' party and some other things too. :)

Hope your Friday is awesome!!


not available in stores.

So yes, I owe you the final post about the quilt-along.
It just didn't happen today...and tomorrow doesn't look all that great either.
I have, however, been working my fingers to the bone...
I that last post will come very soon. :)

For are a few things that I make for friends I see in the flesh...or for Moses, that I don't carry in the shop but would love to make for you, if you so desire. :)
This is Moses' new "play tar" shirt. Or guitar shirt if you will. :)
My first go at reverse applique and I couldn't love it more.
Very ska, don't you think?
Sweet little "e" one piece. I just love these.
First birthday onesie. :) Available in boy colors as well. :)
And a sweet little nursing cover...this one has adjustable snap positions and is lined with flannel to make it a handy burp rag too!

So if you see something you love...just let me know (send me an email) and let's make it happen!

Be back so soon!

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