don't hate me.

This is my freezer at the moment. It's pretty typical. There is no party anytime in the next day or so to make this ok or normal. But it reminds me of one of my favorite Doug stories.

For as long as I can remember Doug and I have taken FULL advantage of the buy one get one free sales for ice cream...we rotate our stock based on whatever is one sale. A big bowl of ice cream at the end of the day (covered in caramel) is like our reward for surviving another day of parenthood.

Anywho...Doug and I are at Food Lion one day...standing at the freezer section deciding on our ice cream indulgence options...we are each standing there with two tubs of ice cream in our hands...four tubs total. Apparently Doug was feeling a little embarrassed by our gluttony so he says, loud enough for all in the aisle to hear him
"This should be enough ice cream for the party".
Only funny because there was no party...unless you count the two of us sitting on the couch at the end of the day.
To this day I can't stand at the freezer without thinking of that story and giggling to myself.
So this weekend...very little was accomplished. Very little. Moses caught a cold and Aaron got two teeth. That is about the extent of it. So this morning my mission is get the ball rolling in the right direction and get my act together. Until then...Enjoy some photos of my sweet little men.
Doesnt' every child have a photo like this?
That puppy in the foreground is Doug's pound puppy from back in the day. :)
Is there anything sweeter than a thumb sucking baby?
I think not.
Baby Aaron says "Go Giants!"

Now I am OFF to get going in the right direction...I have orders to fill, party preparations to get on top of...and cleaning to do to get ready for Moses party...loads of Doug's family are coming down for the should be good times...if I can get my act together. :)


now you can know. :) MOPS

We had our first MOPS meeting was a crazy whirlwind of fun...the first day is semi chaotic...jut because there is a lot of info to go over...people to catch up with, chit chat, getting kids where they need to go, etc. For those who don't know...MOPS stands for Mothers Of Preschoolers. It's the best kind of support group a mom can ask for...there is something awesome about being in a room where you can relate to EVERYONE. Where you don't have to apologize for smelling like spit up and drool...or you know that you just might not win the contest for least amount of sleep last night.
I love it...and it is really on my heart this year to do what I can to make it awesome for the ladies involved in our MOPS.
Somehow, over the last couple of weeks, I morphed from being just a table leader to being a table leader/craft help/craft guru on the steering committee. :)
No complaints though...I got to pick out some awesome fabric and do my best to make the room a special pretty place for the ladies to enjoy each morning that we get together.

That photo at the top? Table "runners" of sort...each table was assigned their own pretty pretty fabric. From the fabric I made each table a runner...flags, centerpiece and each lady at the table a messy flower. :)
Sixty. Messy. Flowers.
The theme this year is "Planet Mom". Mmmm. We weren't exactly thrilled with we tweaked it to make it more fun...our new theme is "Messy and Beautiful. Planet Mom". Hence the messy flowers, table runner, centerpieces, etc. All very messy. All very beautiful.
Here's another look at the runner/table cloth. I LOVE them and debate about carrying them in the shop...if I made them thicker they could be perfect.
I left the edges nice and messy...still very pretty I think.
Here you can kind of see it all together...
Another table...
Our wonderful Coordinator Lauren, sporting her messy flower.
Hi Lauren! Don't kill me for posting this photo! :)
One of the best parts of MOPS...the breakfast!!
There's my dear sassy friend Joy! Hi can't kill me either! :)
It made me so happy to see it all come together.
Even if little Aaron stayed in the childcare for all of forty minutes.
Moses cried when we left sweet...but didn't bat an eye when I left him in his classroom.

Go HERE to see if there is a MOPS near you. You need it. Believe me.

This weekend...I hope to get the quilty post up, finish up the robot shirts that some of you are waiting for, get ready for Moses' party and some other things too. :)

Hope your Friday is awesome!!


not available in stores.

So yes, I owe you the final post about the quilt-along.
It just didn't happen today...and tomorrow doesn't look all that great either.
I have, however, been working my fingers to the bone...
I that last post will come very soon. :)

For are a few things that I make for friends I see in the flesh...or for Moses, that I don't carry in the shop but would love to make for you, if you so desire. :)
This is Moses' new "play tar" shirt. Or guitar shirt if you will. :)
My first go at reverse applique and I couldn't love it more.
Very ska, don't you think?
Sweet little "e" one piece. I just love these.
First birthday onesie. :) Available in boy colors as well. :)
And a sweet little nursing cover...this one has adjustable snap positions and is lined with flannel to make it a handy burp rag too!

So if you see something you love...just let me know (send me an email) and let's make it happen!

Be back so soon!


a peek.

this is what is keeping me away from my dear blog. :)
but I can't show it all just yet...too many MOPS readers.

but soon.


two reasons that i have the best husband.

There are lots of reasons why I think I was blessed enough to get the very best and most awesome husband in the world. Here are two of them.

Last week Doug went and bought me a new (to me) car. We finally traded in the car that I had had since my college days. It was the only car that Doug ever knew me to own. It had a good life but barely made it to the dealership to trade in. Before he took it we cleaned it all out and off he went. Doug got home a few hours later with a nice newer CRV for me. :) I love it.
But anywho...
Doug comes in the house and says "I got you a present".

To which I say "Yeah, thanks for the car...I should be good for presents for a while". :)

He says "No, I rescued something for you from your Mazda".
And hands me the button in the photo. It used to say I (heart) JC (as in Jesus Christ).

"Thanks honey". I say.
I guessed it was kind of nice to have...was hanging out on my dashboard for as long as I could didn't really have any sentimental meaning to me...probably would have ended up in a drawer somewhere lost forever.


Then he says "That button was how I knew that you were the girl I wanted to marry. I saw it on our second date and you loving Jesus was a requirement for me to continue in our relationship. I figured that since you loved Him enough to advertise it that you meant it."

He had never told me that until then. :) I will now keep that button forever.
Isn't it great how being who you are can tell your story without you even knowing it?

Second reason (among many) that he is awesome.

I hate sports. He (beyond) loves sports.
Yankees. Hokies. Giants. Other.
Moses identifies many team logos as "Sports Center" (a show on ESPN).
Sports is Doug and Doug is sports.
It's a package deal that I wouldn't want to change.
But we had to work something out so that we could both be happy.
So. Our super awesome deal?
I will let him watch any and every sports game broadcast that makes his little heart happy.
And I will (try) to do it with a smile on my face and not give him a hard time.

In return...each time he watches a game. I get a foot rub. Lotion and all. :)
Makes us both happy.

I have the BEST husband even if he does put butter on his pop tarts.. :)


knee deep.

I have been spending every spare moment I have getting ready for MOPS.
Making funky flower pins for each lady (sixty!), runners for the tables, flags and more.
And loving every minute.
There is something great about just doing for the benefit of others.
It just fills you up.
I want this year to be an amazing one for the ladies in our MOPS.
Moses has been asking about it for weeks now. :)
So while I have nothing earth shattering to share...
I am sure there are some who will enjoy some photos of my favorite boys.
I NEVER wake my babies if they are sleeping...unless it's for the doctor or when Aaron had to be woken up I took the opportunity to take a photo of this sweet sleeping baby. :)
AND there are a new pair of pillows in the shop. :)
AND I found three boys t-shirts to do robot shirts
...many of you asked for one
...these are size xs(5).
Email me if you want to claim one.

AND I better get back to work!


a slight change of plans. :)

So I have promised my husband to make my new found quilting obsession a profitable hobby.
Fair enough.
At first I thought that making quilt after quilt and stocking the store with them would be the way to I have reconsidered.
Making one quilt takes lots of time...and I am too craft A.D.D. for that.
So I thought of something satisfy both me and my husband.
1) Whenever I make a BIG quilt, I will use the extra blocks to make a little one for the shop.
2) I will practice my quilt block making skills by making pairs of pillows for the shop.
I have LOADS of quilt square patterns that I want to try...way more than I will have time to make quilts from.
This way...I can try out all the fun patterns, use my favorites to make quilts from
and still make new things for the shop. :)
And we are all happy.

This first pair is already in the shop.

Hopefully the first of many.


getting there...quilt week five. :) how are you all doing? Hopefully you are gaining steam as you go. :)
Now that all of your strips are cut up into's time to lay them out and decide how you would like to sew them together. :)
Since I had so many squares and since they are so large...I will be making two quilts out of my will be six squares by six squares...the other will be three by three (and be going in the shop!)
Just lay them out and play around until you get them how you like them...there is no right or wrong...just however you like. :)
Cute, huh? Are you excited?
Once you have decided on your pattern...stack the squares up and keep the rows separated so you know where each row begins and ends.
Now take your first two squares...put them right sides together...and using a 1/4in are going to do your best to sew your seams down know how earlier you ironed them down flat? Now you are going to attempt to sew them down the same way you ironed them. You want to keep the quilt top as flat as possible so that when it is quilted it will do so nice and flat with no bumps. HOWEVER, I will admit that with Moses' quilt, I didn't do the best job ever...some seams going every which way...but the quilt still turned out nicely. :)
See how the seams are all pointing the same direction? Sewing this way will help keep it flat. Now sew sew sure to rotate the direction of the squares.
Do your first two rows...then sew your two rows your next row then add it to your two rows, fourth row, add to the three rows, keep going like this adding your new row to your main quilt piece.
This way you can ensure that each row is how it should be direction wise and you won't have to make friends with your seam ripper...not that I would know anything about that. :)
And here is my finished quilt top!
And my mini one. :)

After you have finished the can measure for how much backing fabric you will need.
If you are sending it will need about an extra eight inches all around.

My big quilt is 75in by 75in. figure out how many yards of fabric to get...

I multiplied 75 by 75 to get 5625 which is how many square inches my big quilt is.

The fabric I am using to back the quilt is 45in wide by 36in long (per yard).

I multiplied 45 by 36 to get 1620, which is how many square inches in a yard.

I divided 5625 by 1620 to get ~3.47.
SO about 3 1/2 yards should do it.

Does that make sense?

Next week we will get our backing ready to ship off!
If you are sending your quilt away you will need to purchase
an additional yard of fabric, in a different pattern, for the binding.

I am trying to decide if I will send off the baby quilt or attempt to do it the quilt along may or may not end next week...we will see. :)

Leave any questions in the comments...I would also LOVE to see your progress!


etsy love.

First of favorite new pillow of all time is in the shop right now! :) just may want to become a fan of Little Bit Funky on Facebook...over there on the just never know what surprises await you!

Thirdly, take a look at some of these great Etsy finds...some are trades some are purchases...but I would never tell you which were which. All of them make me so happy!
We got this from HERE for Aaron's room. Very sweet!
We also got this one...hangs above the mantle. Good reminder don't you think?
Then there is this one from HERE. Red and Aqua...LOVE...also a good message, right?
And mommy calling cards from Sara...go HERE to see all her awesome stuff.
She does the BEST work!
And my new camera bag from HERE.
This photo does absolutely NO justice for how awesome it is!
You will not be disappointed. :)

Happy Shopping!

practice makes perfect?

This weekend we did a practice run of Moses' robot party cupcakes. :)
I have never worked with fondant...or done any kind of REAL cake I wanted to make sure they weren't going to turn out hideous. :)
AND I wanted to make sure the fondant didn't taste like rubber. Important.
Inspired by a link I found via google...I think these build a robot cupcakes will be perfect for his party...their little legs and bodies are interchangeable. :) I think they turned out cute...for my first time...
This guy is my favorite...I LOVE his little hands!
Here they are all mixed up...we let Moses have a taste test by giving him one of the cupcakes that didn't really look like a robot...he seemed to LOVE the I think they are a go!
I think they will be a hit. :)

The things we learn and do for our kids, right?

Happy Sunday!
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