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I am totally off my game right now...having only a couple things I HAVE to do, I am wandering the house like I am lost or something...AND to top it off...Firefox deleted ALL of my crafty/creative bookmarks...I don't even know where to begin to get them back...but despite that I have gotten a few fun things a couple of yummy scarves for the fall...
And I finally got Moses' Plex the robot shirt finished...this was his pose of choice...
I think I may love this one more than the DJ Lance one...and Moses wanted to wear this one right away. :)
And this photo pretty much sums up their personalities...Moses is crazy(in a good healthy way) and loud and fun...Aaron is reserved and concerned. :)
This boy is SO stinking cute...I can hardly stand it...
And because I am your friend...I planned dinner for you.
This is way easy and super tasty.

Chicken Crescents

These are delicious and can be frozen if made ahead of time.

2 cups cooked chicken (usually 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts)

1 can Pillsbury crescent rolls

2 Tbsp. margarine (at room temperature)(I used butter)

3 oz. cream cheese with chives and onion (at room temperature)

¼ tsp. salt

1/8 tsp. pepper

2 Tbsp. milk

Pepperidge Farm Blue Label bag of stuffing mix (I used Italian bread crumbs)

2 Tbsp. melted butter

Combine margarine and cream cheese in medium bowl and mix well. Add salt, pepper, and milk and blend thoroughly. Add chicken and stir until chicken is well coated. Divide the crescent rolls into 4 rectangles, pinching the diagonal lines closed. Place ¼ of the mixture in the middle of the square and then spread outward, leaving enough room around the edges to pinch them closed. Fold over and pinch edges. Brush with melted butter and then sprinkle stuffing mix over each one. Bake at 350 for 15-18 minutes. Makes 4 crescents.

Happy Weekend!


random questions.

Some questions I have been asked lately:

My delish fabric is mostly from HERE or HERE. :)
It is also helpful to search under supplies on Etsy for things like "red fabric" or "polka dot fabric" or that sort of thing. :)

Yes, YOU can make this quilt we are making.

Yes, I cut out all the letter that I use for pillows and banners.
I make my own stencils, trace, cut and sew all of the letters. :)

I think the secret to the gravy was using the potato water...I just took the meat out of the pot, added some potato water, stirred it us, scrapping the sides of the pan to get the good bits, added some flour and brought it to a boil. Doug loved it...I hate gravy so I didn't even have any.

Lang bo Norge! means Long Live Norway!
All of Doug's family are from Norway. :)

In regards to potty training---when Moses takes a nap or goes to bed he wears a pull-up. When we go out we make him go potty before we leave...when we were first starting we put a pull-up on him for outings. :)

I have not made Moses any of the t-shirt pants yet...but to get the waist just right...wrap the elastic around their little waist where the band will go...stretch it just a couple of inches making sure it will be comfy for them and secure with a safety pin until you stitch it up. :)

Any more? :)


quilt makin' week three. this post may bore you to tears...but I am a visual person, so hang in there.
Grab your stack of freshly sewn strips...heat up your iron to the cotton setting and get your ironing board ready. :)
The point of this step is to get your strip sets nice and flat so that they will cut nicely and sew together this by ironing all of your seams down in the same direction. This is how I did it...I held the side furthest from me and pulled slightly as I ironed toward that hand...always in the same direction.
You want to make sure your seams are pulled apart and not folded over...See the arrows above...does that make sense?
The good seam above is what you should get...the bad seam is what you get if you just ironed without the slight don't want those folds...
See...before and after...doesn't have to be perfect but you want it to be as flat as you can make it.
Do this with all of your strip week we will cut again!
Now you can start fantasizing about how cute your quilt is going to be...I will be honest and admit that all of my strips are not sewn at this point...but I plan to catch up this week! I really want my quilt...every time I see Moses snuggle in his I am a little jealous! :)

Leave any questions in the comments. :)


six months!

Baby boy is a whole half a year! went by like a blink of the eye.
I thought he needed a cute new onesie to celebrate.
You're only 1/2 once, right?


I'll have a quilt along post up before the end of the day!



Here is a scan of my article in Sugar...a quarterly insert in our local c-ville magazine. :) I think if you click on the photo you should be able to enlarge it enough to read...

They compared me to Vera Bradley...only with more warmth and Southern charm.


big doings.

I'm in love with these felt letters I tell ya...
you know I really love something if I do it more than once...
or 26 times for that matter. :) I just LOVE how this ABC banner turned out!
It's already heading to a new home, thanks Chance! but I have relisted it in the shop as a made to order item until I get another made. :)
I have also gotten a couple of girly banners done...this one is for a friend...
And this one for another you know who?
I just LOVE these letters...every single one is just SO darling!
And since I am doing a little show and tell...I redid my mantle again...part of the chain reaction from the leak last week. I love a good mantle. :)
And my biggest accomplishment lately?
Trying to replicate Doug's grandmas pot roast.
Before this one the only red meat I had EVER cooked was hamburger. Seriously.
I followed directions that Doug's mom gave me to the letter.
And I am proud to say that Doug gave it a 7.5...compared to grandma I would say that is not bad for a first time...he also said that my gravy, which I have also NEVER made, was perfect, along with my mashed potatoes. :)

Sounds like a success in my book.


for AHJ the first.

baby Aaron...otherwise known as AHJ the second, would like to say...
to AHJ the first...
and all the other Norwegians out there...
...Lang bo Norge!


more yummness.

One of my birthday gifts from Doug was a ruffler foot for my sewing machine.
Oh man, is it addicting.
I just love it so much...and this happy pillow was born.
layers of ruffly mess...
and loads...
and loads of buttons! :)

It's a beautiful mess...very much like my life lately.
Let's the last couple of weeks:
two different relatives getting surgery
Potty training Moses, successfully.
Aaron learns to sit up.
Moses stoped sucking his fingers, on his own mind you AND stopped carrying Doggy, his best buddy, around everywhere.
He still must be in the bed when Moses gets there but for Moses not to take him everywhere is a big deal.
We moved Moses to a booster seat instead of a car seat.
We had that dumb leak that required us to pull up the carpet, put down new foam, etc.
Which in turn caused a huge chain reaction through the house of cleaning and de-cluttering.
Out of nowhere, which is usually how I get them, I got two photography jobs.
My shop is going to be featured in Cville...the local magazine...which required a photographer coming out to photograph me working and with some of my stuff. VERY exciting.
Aaron said his first word. Dada. Of course, cause HE is the one that gets up with him at night and nurses him every three hours. :)
Plus orders.
Plus I am a mom.
And a wife.
Life is good. Busy. But good.


how to make baby pants from an old t-shirt!

First, you can probably tell from the photo above that I am a doofus. I made poor Aaron's little pants upside down...the print at least. It wasn't until I was putting this tutorial down in blog form that I realized just how I did learn from my mistake, ok? :)
Regardless, this is a REALLY easy way to make cute pants for your baby...or, like I will be doing, make some cute pj pants for your older kiddos....the best part is that they are practically free...or ARE free if you have some elastic on hand.
And they take no time at all...this bitty pair took maybe 15 minutes tops.
And they are still cute...even if Batman is upside down...but he doesn't even know who Batman is...or pants for that let's just call them cute. period. :)
You will need an old t-shirt and a pair of pants that fit your little one just right.
Fold the t-shirt so that the image is on a seam...see how I folded Batman in half?
Place your childs pants on top of the shirt...making the fold of the t-shirt the side of the pants...trace around...I used a sharpee and made a dotted line to follow...and I went out about an inch or so to make them a little bigger AND to allow for the seam.
Cut out what you just traced.
Then lay the one you just cut out on the other side of the shirt to make the opposite leg.
You following?
Now you have the two pants parts. :)
Now sew the front seam (goes from belly button to diaper)...then the back seam (from back to diaper. :) This is where I goobered it up...I got the front seam and pant seam mixed up somehow and in little guy pants there isn't that much difference in length between the two. :)
Now sew the seam that goes up one pant leg and down the other...from ankle to diaper to ankle again. :) This is all using a 1/4 inch seam.
Next, I used the zig zag stitch to add a cuff to the bottom of each leg...I didn't pin but used the sewing foot as my guide. :)
Then I folded down the waist edge and stiched it down...straight stitch this time.
...then folded it over again to make a waistband/pocket for the elastic. Sew all around again, leaving a small opening for the elastic
Using the pants I used at the beginning I cut a piece of elastic to could use your baby model...mine was napping.
Then using a safety pin I threaded the elastic through the pocket I made.
Once threaded through the pants, I pull the ends way that I can sew the two ends together with the machine...I hate hand sewing. :)
Just make a sandwich with the two ends of elastic and sew over it...pull the elastic back into the pocket and sew up the hole you left. :)
The end!
Let your baby model try them out.
I'll bet he or she will pose nicely for you since you just went through all the trouble of making him or her pants.
Just look at that gratitude! :)
And pretend he isn't wearing a tie-dye onesie with Batman pants, okay? I needed a model. :)
They are super cute on...sorry I couldn't get any shots of him standing in'll just have to trust me. :)

I hope to make a stack for Moses and Aaron with a bunch of Doug's old t-shirts...grab a pack of hanes t's to go with them...and we have some new pajamas for Moses...Aaron could get away with wearing them as regular pants...Moses...not so much.

:) Post a link if you make some and let me know if you have any questions!


I was so excited when the UPS guy came to my house yesterday!
I just KNEW what was in the box!
And it is better than I had hoped for.
A bigger project than I ever thought I would make!
Already washed, dried and crinkle-fied.
I just love it.
Looking at it makes me feel like I have accomplished something big. How nerdy is that?
I hope Moses will love it forever...and maybe even wrap his babies in it one day. :)
So to all of you quilting along...or thinking about is totally worth it.
I am SO glad I have already started my next one!

Banner winner:
You have to click HERE to see if your are the winner!

If that is you contact me via etsy to claim your banner!

If that is not can get $10 off of a banner if you order before Monday the 24th!
Just put "contest non-winner" in the notes to seller and I will send you a refund via paypal!

Happy day!

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