how to...make knitting needles.

Need a gift for a knitty friend?

Why not make them some custom knitting needles...with your own two hands.

It's can do it.
You will need...
two dowel rods cut to 13in each
(your choice of width-can be shorter or longer also-depends on the knitter)
at least two big buttons...more if you can't have too many.
super glue
tacky glue
pencil sharpener
sandpaper(nail file works well)
white candle
Start by sharpening one end of each needle with your sharpener.
Sand down the rough and too sharp parts with your sandpaper.
(If you want to paint these you can but do it before you go on to the next step).
Stack your buttons like so...biggest on the bottom...glue them together with super glue.
Put a dab of glue on the non sharp end of your dowel, place buttons on...
big one closest to the dowel.
Then put a dab of glue on the top of the button stack...
Like so.
The glue will melt down into the button holes and hold it all together nicely.
They are cute already huh?
Thread spools make nice holders while your glue dries.
If your dowel is not all that can rub it down with the wax from your candle...this will make it all smooth and nice like. :)
Pair them with some of your favorite yarn and you have yourself a great gift to give!

Want to win the pair we just made...along with this yellow, green and blue cotton?

Leave a comment on this post and I will choose a winner on Friday!


getting there.

more quilt progress was made...but first:
do I love these because they are my boys or
are they just that awesome?
(and does that sound REALLY full of myself or what?)
I have 42 squares...a cut and ironed...just waiting to be assembled.
Here they are...all laid out...I am not sure how big I thought this would be...
but this is much bigger. :)
And here are my first two rows. This is so exciting.

Would you think less of me to know that I will be sending it out to be quilted?
The way I see it...sending it out to be quilted makes me no less a quilter than sending your photos out to be developed makes a photographer any less a photographer.

Are you ready to make one?
I'll help...I am going to make another after this...
you can get ready and make yours along with me. :)

The first step is to pick out 12 fabrics...and get a half yard of each.
You CAN do this.
If you can cut and sew straight lines then I mean you.
Go get your fabric.
THIS is my favorite place to buy fabric.

This will be fun.

on my heart...

Feel free to grab this image and put it where you might need this reminder!


in a few words...

Version 2.0 of the profile pillow.
Much more funky...and much more in love with it.
The start of my fabric collection for my next quilt. :)
Messy baby loves peaches. :)
Step three is complete.
I hope to iron and maybe cut tonight. :)

Happy weekend!

how to make baby sock sushi

Need a simple but sweet baby gift?
How about baby sock sushi?
This is super easy...but lots of bang for the buck(and effort). :)
This is what you need...
baby socks (I used 0-6m)
black felt
orange felt
black hair elastics
take out container
Start with a pair of socks...
Roll from the toe end out...try to keep one side even....
Secure with an elastic...
Cut a piece of black felt...approx 2in by 6in...
Wrap your sock roll in the black felt...
secure with two elastics...
one at the top and one at the bottom...
Repeat with all of your sock pairs..."garnish" with squares of orange felt...
Present them in a cute take out container...with chop sticks. :)
Cute and easy!
My quilt is coming along....
I think I am a little more than halfway through what I am calling step three. :)

Tomorrow is giveaway day!!

feeling under appreciated.

Moses loves Yo Gabba Gabba.
We found this show because one day I was flipping through the channels and happened upon it during a beat boxing segment with Biz Markie...I knew Moses would love it...he LOVES to beat box. :) Since then we have seen every episode.

My favorite part of the show is that all the songs they sing are actually life applicable...from "Don't Bite Your Friends" to "Lots of things can be dangerous"...we actually catch Moses singing Yo Gabba songs at appropriate times.
DJ Lance Rock is the host...I guess you would call him that.
I thought Moses would love a DJ Lance shirt...but we aren't much into buying character I came up with this alternative (since then I have seen others do it).
It's just felt fabric and simple stitching...I LOVE it...I don't think it could have come out cuter.
I was SO excited to show Moses...I just KNEW he would LOVE it!
In my head he would jump up and down, maybe squeal and tell me what a great mom I was...he would want to wear it every day...because that is how much he would love it.

In reality...he looked at it and said "How about a face?" Meaning "Give him a face".
He wouldn't even wear it...he said we could give it away.


I'm still hoping he will come around.
Because I still think it's pretty cool...with my broken heart and all.

because i can.

I really don't need one more thing to do.
I don't.
My plate is full and overflowing.
I only seem cool and collected online.
There are those who read this blog (hi there!) who can tell you that I am neither cool, nor collected. I'm pretty nerdy. They have met me. Been to my house...and have seen. :)
I am a big mess...who doesn't function very well unless I have a lot to do.
I am much better with 50 things to do than with 2.
But I have been inspired by one of my favorite online people to pursue a dream that I never thought I would really do...only pay someone to do.
Make a quilt.
In fact I already have plans for three.
And now I am in it. I bought the fabrics and cut them into strips...I have even started some of the sewing. I even have an accountability case I try to bail. :)
I am so excited to finish it...but I make myself earn time to work on it...I do a "must do" then do a little on the quilt...
(You know my motto: Do what you have to, so you can do what you want to).
This one will be for Moses. Mine will be aqua and red.
So stay tuned...I'm going to make a quilter out of me yet. :)
Just in case you need something sweet today. :)
Getting his five month photo was a challenge this time...this was all he wanted to do.
Did I mention we are potty training Moses on top of everything else?
I am still hoping there is some sort of camp we can send him know, where they teach him to only use the potty...then send him back to us fully trained.

Plus, Doug is officially in the busiest time of year for Target...back to school...even busier than Christmas.
Crazy, crazy here.
Lots of coffee and chocolate.
Feel free to send your extras to me.



P.S. The Polka dot dishes are from Pier One! :)

my condition worsens. :)

If you have been here a while you will recall that I have a dish issue...
I LOVE dishes...what can I say.
Since admitting to my problem I have gotten better
and actually let go of some of the sets I just didn't LOVE.

But then I added a new set.
And now another new one...
When I found the ones above, I think I stopped breathing...
my favorite plate form!
I bought a set of six.
It took me days to post this...because I can hear a certain friend in L.A. giggling at me.
But I had to have them, right?
They fit right in with the other fun and color in my kitchen.
My kitchen is all white...
And slowly being dipped in color... the form of bowls, and tea kettles, and dishes, and mugs...
...and pots and pans...
Basically any kitchen good I can find in a fun color. :)

In fact, I told Doug, for my birthday...I want all sorts of fun kitchen supplies in bright fun colors...spoons, measuring cups, spatulas, etc.

These dorky things make me happy.

What dorky things make you happy?

You still have time to enter the giveaway...I'll choose a winner later on today.


five months...

I can't believe it!
How is he FIVE MONTHS already!
So crazy!

We are in the midst of a crazy busy weekend...painting bathrooms and potty training far so good.
We are thankful that he is cooperating so well and showing all sorts of good signs of improvement!

Hope your weekend is awesome!

laugh so hard you cry.

be sure to turn off my music below...and don't forget about the challenge below!

i triple dog dare you.

something that strikes me as very sad...
a woman who refuses to be seen without makeup.
to me...someone who thinks that they are so unattractive "as is" that they simply must "fix" themselves before being presentable to the world.
so sad.

the Lord made you perfect, no?

what got me thinking on all of this was THIS post by a blogger I read.
i was so struck by how stunning she was...first thing in the morning...i couldn't help but wonder if she thought the same.
if women everywhere could or would think the same about themselves.

i am not saying you should never wear make-up...i get that it is fun and all that.
i am just yourself without it first.

LOVE God's design for your face.
He made you to look JUST LIKE THAT.
He makes no mistakes.
He made your eyelashes not so full.
He puts His own blush on your cheeks.
He gave you those freckles.
He did not make your eyelids blue.

HE thinks you are beautiful first thing in the morning.
without makeup.
do you know better than the Lord?

even a little more sad...what does that message tell your children?
specifically your daughters?
if you can't love yourself the way God made do you expect them to?
if you are so embarrassed about yourself without do you teach them that it is OK to be just who God made you?
you have to believe it AND live it.
let them see you without it.
let them see you showing yourself without it.
to family.
to friends.

just a thought.

so i have a dare for you.
take your camera.
put it by your bed.
first think in the morning...
take a self-portrait.

no face washing.
no hair brushing.
no de-mussing.
just you.
the way God sees you all the time.
fresh from sleep.
before you are self-conscience.

just take a photo of you, beautiful you.
and post it on your blog.
for all the world to see.
to declare to all:
i am beautiful...just how God made me.
He doesn't make mistakes.
the second part of the dare:
believe it.

come here and link to your post in the comments.
i can't wait to see how stunning you are.


so dangerous.

Lots of things can be dangerous.
Chocolate cake in less than five minutes can be very dangerous.
You can probably do this right now.
In a LARGE coffee mug, mix together:
4 tablespoons flour
4 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons cocoa
To that add:
1 egg (add this first and mix thoroughly)
3 tablespoons milk
3 tablespoons oil
3 tablespoons chocolate chips (optional-as if you would opt out)
A small splash of vanilla extract
Microwave on 1000 watts for 3-4 minutes.
I had to do 4 minutes.
Top with a good size dollop of pre-made chocolate frosting
(one of the ONLY times you will hear me recommend that)

I recommend eating it right out of the mug ...less clean up.
And eat it when it is warm...much better than when it is cold.
Would also be great with ice cream.
Very, VERY tasty when warm. Unexpectedly so.

Thanks to my mother in law who sent me this recipe.
Totally makes nap time all the better, right?

Go make it...and tell me how much you unexpectedly enjoyed it. :)
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