no babies were harmed.

I am brave enough to say that we did it. Or we are, at the very least, nearly there.
We are just this close to having two GREAT sleepers in this household.
And no babies were harmed in the making of this great sleeper.
You want to know how we did it?
I'll tell you, but if you don't like to hear about babies crying...then you might want to move on.

Here is the before:
Aaron to bed at 5ish...waking up 2-3 times through the night. 30 minute naps through the day...only able to happily be awake for about an hour at a time. Never going to sleep quietly. Kinda grumpy. Waking up crying. Always awake for the morning by 5:30-6ish. He was on the right road pre-vacation but since then his sleeping was a disaster.

How we fixed it:

Up for the day between 6 and 7am.
Keep up for about 1 hour 45minutes...watching for signs of tiredness.
Put him down after NO MORE than two hours awake.
When we put him down, go through the same routine every time.
Put him down wide awake and happy.
Walk away. Even if he cries.
Usually he would fall asleep after a few minutes of fussing/crying but then wake up after a 30 minute nap.
Our pediatrician confirmed that this is not enough for any baby.
So, after he awoke from the 3o minute nap...I left him alone for up to an hour.
A whole hour.
And you know what.
Sometimes he cried for the WHOLE hour.
But 95% of the time he fell back to sleep...for another 45minutes to TWO HOURS!

We repeat this process for EVERY nap time...which, now, is only three naps a day...the age appropriate amount.

At night, we put him down for the night...and only go to him a general predetermined time.
I won't go to him before midnight.
He will cry for a few minutes but then settles back down.

And I won't go get him in the AM before 6am. He tried sometimes to wake up before then...but after a few minutes of crying...usually went back to sleep for an hour or more.


He goes to bed for the night around 6pm...give or take 30 minutes.

He only gets up once...usually around 2 or 3am.

He wakes for the day around 6:30...and I still won't go to him before matter what. If you don't do this...babies will tend to want to get up earlier and earlier. Aaron did this pre-reform! :)

He NOW goes down for naps without a peep for the most part. I put him down happy and he puts himself to sleep. No rocking, or paci, or anything.
He wakes up talking and cooing...not crying like before.
He will sleep for 1 1/2hours to 2 hours OR MORE per nap!
He is more content, happy and can "play" on his own more.

I know some are very anti cry it out.
But it works. I has worked for us twice.
It was harder this time with Aaron than it was with Moses...Moses got it in about 24 hours...where Aaron has taken days.

Some people say that I am missing out on the special time that you have when you rock your baby to sleep...well, what is special to me is that my babies can put themselves to sleep. I have plenty of special moments with my boys throughout the day.

Some say that letting a baby cry is mean and cruel.
It is more cruel to me to NOT teach my child good sleeping skills...that will serve him for YEARS. I know he needs that sleep to learn and grow. And I will do what it takes to teach him.

FYI-this plan was fully supported and encouraged by our pediatrician and is based on the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child.

In other's a new skirt colorway in the shop.
And lots of pillows that got finished this weekend...
Along with a new door we made for our little shed...the last project for the backyard. :)
It was a nice...looong, relaxing weekend. :)

Hope yours was just as lovely!


reality check.

Just so you don't think my house is always clean...though we do take care of this before we go to bed. :) Let's play I spy...shall we?
Can you find?
A wii remote?
a TV remote?
three Rubik's cubes?
two wooden spoons?
a spatula handle?
two pineapples?
a toy wrench?
How about here?
an ipod?
a nemo?
packing tape?
green polka dots?
red polka dots?
the number two?
a firefighter?

Doug says that overall his interview went very we have to wait and see when his next set of them will be...could be anywhere from 1-6 months. So we wait...

Thanks for the prayers!

Happy Friday to you! :)


hot fun!

Wanna keep your toddler/preschool/self busy for at least an hour?
Then I have the activiity for you! :) I first saw this in one of my parent magazines...then April at Janesays did it last year with her daughter...I knew Moses would love it!
Basically, you round up some little water-proof toys...
Fill a shallow bowl with water...the one I used was about three inches deep...if you have older or younger kids you could adjust the depth to increase/decrease the challenge level...
Then arrange the toys in the water filled bowl...
And freeze overnight.
I gave Moses a squirt bottle and a small screwdriver...he LOVES any reason to use a screwdriver!
He went to town...
I helped him when he needed it...
Making it a fun activity for the both of us...
And he loved the power of having his OWN squirt bottle...
Nothing like FREE, cold fun on a hot summer day!
And like I kept him busy for at least an hour. :)

If you think about it...say a prayer for my husband...he goes tomorrow for the interview of his life! :) Pray for confidence and wisdom! :)



This was the extent of our fireworks this year. With two little ones that have to be in bed before dark it makes it a little hard to go see fireworks...we're guessing it will be another three years before we get there again. :)
So instead we both worked. Above is the pile I finished this weekend...five skirts, six pillows, two pillow covers, six wash cloths, a headband and six towels. And I still haven't caught up yet...not that I am complaining mind you. :)
I made these as part of an order for my sister in side...
And the other. :) Two sided pillow case covers are so fun...she chose the fabrics and I took it from there...would be happy to do some for you too! :)
A new design in the shop.
And I just posted the last of the colorful towels in the shop...once they are gone, they are gone for good. :)

Sleep training with Aaron is mentally and physically exhausting has been much harder with Aaron than it ever was with Moses...making me feel like a failure as a mom...not to mention the guilt that some folks dish out to me for daring to try a cry it out method.
Then there have been those who have been constantly one upping me...reminding me how much better their kids are than mine...and how long theirs have been doing x, y and z...ugh.
And I am really homesick for Radford. I would love if Doug's promotion moved us closer to there.

So that is that...I am not the happiest person to be living with right now.
But I am trying so hard. :) I promise.


10 things and design your own.

The 10 Things I am thankful for today:
1. Our future as a family!
2. A hardworking husband.
3. That I get to stay home with my kids.
4. Lots of orders this week!
5. A rainy day today.
6. Improving sleep for Aaron.
7. A God who is always there for me.
9. Peanut butter and coffee ice cream...with caramel sauce!
10. Productivity!

Let's see your 10 things! :)
The skirts have been way more successful than I ever imagined they would be.
Thanks to all you lovelies!
I have decided to keep them as a regular in the shop...carrying regular colorways and with a design your own option.
I can also now make them in small, medium and large.
Want to design your own?

Then send me a link to the fabric combo you would like (from the 1/2 yard sets) and let me know what size.
Below are a few of my favorites...
Pink and grays...
Red and blues...
Blues and grays...
Pinks, browns and oranges, too.
And lots more to choose from there.

The price will still be $25 per skirt.
If you already have an order with me...I already have your skirt planned out.
The "Design your own" option can only apply to new orders from here on out.

Happy Sunday!

why i am ALWAYS proud to be an American.

I love my country. Always, always.
I love everything it stands for...freedom, liberty, choice, drive, achievement, dreams, success, hard work...everything.
My love is not a fair weather love.
It does not depend on who the president is.
Or that the things that he has already done in office make my heart ache...for my children...and my children's children. That he seems more interested in being my friend than my president.
Or that he seems to want to punish the successful.
Do you know what a trillion dollars looks like? Go here. Prepare to cry a little.
Even love of this country is no more based on my love of the president than my love for my children depends on their good behavior.
I may not agree with him...but I WILL pray for him.
I am PROUD to be an American.
I love that in this country I can choose. Anything. Religion, schooling, where I live, what I eat, how many children I can have...on and on. I have been to countries where this is not the case...and that makes me even more thankful to be an American.
I love this country.
The national anthem makes me teary.
In fact, almost any song about the greatness of this country does.
The fact there are SO MANY American men and women who are willing to VOLUNTEER to protect and serve our country that there has not been a draft to staff the war...makes me proud.
I am SO thankful for them.
How scary would it be if something like 9/11 went unchecked?
Thank you men and women!
I would never live anywhere else...and I have that choice. :)
Happy 232nd (ish) birthday to the best country ever! :)
We are celebrating with our own version of a flag cake of course!
You will need:
two boxes of 12 ice cream sandwiches
two tubs of cool whip
candy of choice(I used peanut butter cups but you could do any candy bar...or cookie...or Oreo) crushed/chopped
blueberries or blackberries
Line the bottom of a 9 by 13in pan with ice cream sandwiches...
Cover with a layer of cool whip...then your candy of choice...
Add another layer of ice cream sandwiches and another layer of cool whip .
You can stop here...or top with more of your candy...but since it is the fourth...
Cover like so with berries...and freeze until solid again. :)
If you have one of those egg slicers they work great to slice the strawberries. :)

Happy 4th of July!

in our world...

It's crazy around here at the moment...
Aaron is well underway for a sleep overhaul...look for a post soon about why we heart the "cry it out" method.
In the mean time...some of my favorite scraps came in the mail...I couldn't resist this photo...would be sweet with a baby girl too...
I got this sweet photo too...bummed that the stairs are in it...if any of you are photo shop savvy and can remove those for me...I would love you for some time.
This (throwing his feet up) and blowing raspberries are his two favorite things at the moment.
He is happy and sweet...
And got his first taste of "real" food just this AM...bye bye stink-less poo! :(
Moses adores Aaron...we have yet to see any negative behaviors from Moses in reference to Aaron...of course now that I say that...
And my funny, silly, honey is starting a series of interviews for his next promotion this coming Thursday! These will eventually lead to us moving...12-18 months from now...give or take. :)

So that is my crazy busy recap...I have written many a post in my is hoping I can get them out soon!

Happy loooooong weekend to you!

s'mores. :)

Is there anything more summer than s'mores ?
We introduced Moses to them a couple of nights ago...
I think we have a new summer evening tradition. :)
Crazy busy here...not that I am complaining. :) LOTS of pillows and skirts to be done. :)
Here is a new design for the shop...
AND if you would like a skirt...but you are a small or a large...I have an offer for you. :)
The first person in each size (small and large) that sends me the measurements from a small and large skirt that fits them just right...will get $10 off of one of the scrappy skirts. :)

I need a waist measurement and hips...and length too.
The waists are elastic so a "close enough" measurement will do. :)

I now have a large and a small. Thanks ladies!

Happy day to you...back to pillow world.
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