a peek. a visit. a baby.

here's a peek at something new for the shop...
...it was super fun to make...I plan on doing more...look for it in the shop soon!
Doug's mom, dad, grandma and grandpa came to visit us this weekend. I have the best in-laws. We all had the best time...one of the best moments was when Doug's mom asked Moses if he was going to grow up to be a foot doctor...he said "No, I be Dr.Phil".
And thanks for all your church info...believe me...if dropping the fussy baby off in the nursery was an option...I would do it. Our church is still very small and we aren't really set up to have nursery workers. It's basically self-care nursery...thus part of my issue. I know this is a phase that will pass...but it helps to know that it is not unique to me. We have started to listen to sermons from our old church in Radford...this helps. :) I also am sure to keep up with devotionals and such. Maybe eventually we could take turns going but for me...being there as a family is part of what is so fulfilling and Aaron is exclusively breastfed...sigh...it's a work in progress.

Can anyone recommend any good Sunday school type sites that would have Moses age lessons?

Hope your start to the week is good!

i have a secret.

We haven't been to church since Aaron was born. Actually since before Aaron was born. And I feel tremendous guilt about it. Like a lot. Not because I really think that I am doing something "wrong" but that others do. I feel guilty because I want my boys to grow up going to church...I didn't and feel like I have had to do a lot of "make-up work" in my spiritual journey. And it's not like we don't LOVE our church because we do. And even though we haven't been going we have been working on relationships with other believers...which I feel are just as important.

Our reasons are generally schedule related...or lack of a schedule. While Aaron's night schedule is pretty predictable...his daytime nap schedule is still working itself out. And he doesn't nap well "on the go"...meaning crying cranky baby. We take each Sunday as it comes...reevaluating the situation one week at a time. At this moment I still feel like it's not a good idea...but yet an opportunity for disaster. I just don't feel ready. I miss it...but don't feel up for the stress of it with a baby who will be miserable. Miserable baby = miserable parents.

So my question to all you Jesus loving mom's of two or more...Is this normal? This is just a phase of life right? And my boys aren't going to suffer spiritual damage because of it...right?

Or not?
I could really use your input...and encouragement.


i am so thankful.

moses has an ear infection.
and it reminds me to be thankful.
weird? maybe.
or not so much.
we had to take him into the doctors yesterday. it was only the third time he has ever had to go for a non-well baby visit.
only the third time.
i am thankful for that. so thankful.
how many children have to go three times a week?
or to multiple doctors a day?
my boys have always been healthy and huge.
i don't think Moses has ever dipped below the 80th percentiles for height and weight.
at Aaron's 2 month check up this week he was 98th for height and 90th for weight.
i am SO thankful for that.
i am thankful for my healthy babies.
Moses having an ear infection reminds me that there are mommies who deal with so much more and if they can handle that...we can handle an ear infection and all it brings.
i love how God uses our "rough patch" to bring me to a place of thankfulness.
All for the Glory of God.
makes sense to me today.

happy friday to you!


Someone found his hands recently...
I love the way that they are a completely new surprise and treat when he finds them again and again...
...and the way he seems to be like "Ah ha!...Gotcha!" when he finally gets them to his mouth! It's the little victories we should be thankful for. :)
A new item in the shop...
Plastic bag holders. Nothing "new" like I made it up or anything...but after a friend requested one I searched Etsy for them...and found some. But. They were....hmmmm...how do I say this nicely...Let's say they lack the funk to make them a little bit funky.
So I fixed that. :) Done and done.
I also made another dress...or at least turned a cute shirt into a cute dress. I am positive that someone has to have done this somewhere before but I haven't seen it. The closest I have come is Julie's tu-tu shirts. I wish I was half as cool as she is. :)
It was easy and simple...I made it up as I went. I love how it turned out. :)

My other dress is available in the shop as well...made to order with some fun fabric choices to choose from. :)

Happy almost Friday!

dear april.

Dear April,
(the month, not the fab lady. :))
We thought it would be nice to introduce you to a couple of things. Since you are April and infamously known here in Virginia to be cold, windy, dreary and sometimes snowy we thought that there may be a few things that you have no knowledge of since you have gone through a huge transformation and alteration of character.
For starters, meet the sun. Yep...no dreary cold April here. No gray clouds or yuck weather. Mr. Sun is out in all his glory. You two will like each other. You should be sure to get together again next time you are around...only earlier.
Also, here is my nearly naked toddler in all his nearly naked glory. It was hot enough to let him be this naked without guilt or worry of what other mothers would think of me. Don't look directly at all of his paste-y whiteness.
Here he is introducing you to a Popsicle. We eat these when the weather gets over the 90's or so. They're great for cooling down. I can not remember needing to cool down in April before now.
Take a moment now, April, and say hello Mr.Pool. I am sure that I have no recollection of needing Mr.Pool in April. Ever. It is awesome. Much better then having to stare at ugly gray skies. You have met flip-flops before...as you know I wear them nearly year round.
Now that you are aware of all the fun and fabulous things we get to use and enjoy because you have decided to play nice, we hope you keep it up. And do an encore next year. Only earlier.

Love, Virgina


the best use of 4 ingredients.

otherwise known as...
Dump Cake
you need:
1 can crushed pineapple
1 can cherry pie filling
1 box of cake mix
1 1/2sticks of butter
dump in the pineapple and cherry.
sprinkle on the cake mix evenly.
cover with pats of butter.
bake at 350 for 40-45m

yummy yummy. a little bit of heaven for your kitchen. or for my Bible study girls.

I used to make this all the time but completely forgot about this little goody...thanks for the reminder Michelle.

my first dress...

Happy Monday to you! Here's a beautiful face to start your day off right! :)
This weekend I completed my very first dress!! :) Back when I started sewing I just knew that I could never make clothes...at least nothing beyond a simple skirt but I did it!! :) And I LOVE it!
I started out with a pattern I got on Etsy...only to be very disappointed in it...so I took off and made it my own...I made it reversible and added a sweet initial! :)
I love the simple sweetness of it...
I just may offer them in my shop...I love them that much. :)

Hope your week is starting off right...I am trying really hard to make sure mine does. :) We have a busy week ahead...Bible study, MOPS and my lovely in-laws are coming in for the weekend! :)

Thanks for all your input on the leggings...I still love them...and you, if you sided with my husband! :O)


a debate.

There is a small debate in my house. It's small to me because either way I will do what I want. :)
My husband thinks these cute little baby leggings are just for girls.
I say that baby boys can wear them too.
And look darn cute in them.
Doug thinks it makes him look ready for Jazzercize.
I love to see his little sausage legs in them.
Especially this part right here.
So what do you think? Please chime in on our domestic squabble. Are these cute leggings made just for girls? Or can Aaron wear them proudly? I'll still love you if you disagree with me. And I will still do what I want.

2 months!

Really? Didn't I just make a one month post?
Honestly I am glad to see two months here. :) It means that we are just about past all the newborn stuff...and while I ADORE my baby boy...I can admit that the newborn stage is not my favorite. :)
Look at that chunky tummy! That is a 3-6months onesie that needs to be retired...he is already wearing several 9-12m clothes! Crazy! Can't wait to see what he weighs at his check-up this week! :)

Happy weekend! Hope your weather is just as warm where you are...90's here!

the perfect job.

Friday marks the beginning of the weekend...at least it used to for me. When you are a stay at home mom the days really seem to lose the meaning they once had. I don't dread Mondays or wait for payday. My weekend is when my husband has off. I rarely know what date it is. Instead of having numerous clients I have two very demanding ones...one of which speaks very little English and the other other none at all. Both change their demands often and without telling me...but I am supposed to know anyway. As soon as I learn their list of favorites they change those too. Their wardrobe is ever changing...one of them now demands a choice in the matter of what outfit to wear. I don't work 9am-5pm. I work 9am to 9am. No days off. :) These clients can't be avoided until I am in the mood to deal with them.
(not that I EVER did that with real clients). ;)
I can however wear whatever I want...and drink coffee all day. I can use the rain as an excuse to not leave the house. I have job security. I can't be fired. They have to eat my cooking. We can walk to the park because we want to...have lunch when we are good and ready...and read books all day if we feel like it. We can meet friends for coffee or to spend the morning playing.
I have never loved two clients more. Or been more confused by two either. I have never been as pushed to my limits...good and bad. I have never longed for silence more or loved laughter as much. I have never felt such extremes of success(like when Moses counted from 1-10 for the first time) or failure(when Moses seems to spend more time in time out than playing some days). I have never wanted to succeed so much. I have never wanted to be the best at somethings as much as I do now. I have never had so much to lose.
I have never been more thankful for tiny socks or baby snoring. Or Moses' lisp. Or the way he calls bee's "bum bum bee's". I have never, before now, wondered how much it will cost to feed two teenage boys. These are the details of my new "job". The one that, on paper, you would be crazy to take but the one I know I would be crazy to miss. :)


During the time formerly known as "nap time" in our house, Moses was apparently hard at work. We went in to find him at the conclusion of "nap time" completely nude from the waist down...the bed was luckily still dry. He had gotten out of the sleep sack, his pants and his diaper. When Doug went in to get him he was putting sleep pants on...with both legs in one leg of the pants. So at least his "smarts" stop somewhere for now, right? "
And here is the still innocent and cute one(Moses is still cute but not nearly as innocent)...proving that you can still be adorable in a poorly focused photo. :)

Happy day to you!

my favorite shade...

grass green...
...it's everywhere around me...
...coffee mugs...
...I dress my table in it...
...and myself...
...my dining room is painted in it...
...my favorite gifts tend to include it...
...I dress my kids in it...
...both of them...my husband too. :)

what's yours?

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