happy things...

i got 9 hours of sleep last night.
i have three sweet boys to love on.
it's supposed to get over 80 degrees today!
we are getting out of the house!
i don't have to make dinner again until the end of March thanks to MOPS and our church!
i got aaron's announcement done!
spring is coming!
God is good to us!
i have a couple of fun non-baby things to share soon!

hope your day is happy and warm, too!

a thank you...

...to my wonderful mother in law who is leaving us today. :( We are sad to see her go..she was more help than I could have ever asked for...so thanks Lillian for doing all that you did...laundry and cooking and dishes and caring for our family! We know that it is partly due to you that we are doing so well and have been able to acclimate to our new life. :)
I know I am blessed to have great in laws and we are SO thankful that she could be here...we all loved having you around and we miss you already! :)
We love you and miss you and hope you can come back again soon! :)


does it get better?

Seriously...I thought my life was pretty wonderful before but right now, in this moment, I feel guilty for how much I am blessed and how amazing my life is...Aaron is wonderful...he eats well, sleeps well, snuggles well...I have already forgotten what life was like before him.
Moses has once again surpassed our hopes and expectations for how he has taken to his new little brother...he is helpful and kind and already protective of him...it is SUCH a blessing to me to see him love his little brother the way he already does. :)
And you already know how wonderful I think my husband is. :) Couldn't ask for anyone better to help me raise these wonderful boys...seeing him with Aaron makes me love him all over again. :)
Did I mention that Aaron is nearly edible?
And let me just tell you that having a great mother in law around all week has also been wonderful. I am certain that I have one of the best. :)
My heart is even more full than my arms...I am so blessed and so thankful...God is so good! Only God could have made this transition as effortless as it has been so far. :)
And we got snow to boot! Moses earned his keepby shoveling the sidewalks. :)

Life is good and our only complaint is that Doug's mom is leaving tomorrow. Hope this finds you wading around in blessings as well!!


a real post...

Hello to lovely you! I feel like I can finally sit down and tell you all about our new adventure. :) We are doing SO well and all feel SO SO blessed!! :) Part of this post is just for me to document Aaron's birth so sorry if it's not all that interesting to you... :)

We went in on Tuesday at 4pm to be induced (after much much begging on my behalf)...Moses was able to stay with my sister in law at our house, which was a HUGE relief to us...and he did really well we are told. :) Things progressed slowly through the evening and into the night...not a whole lot changed from the time we got there until about 4am or so when they broke my water...after that Aaron's birth was very similar to Moses' minus the pain factor. I will just say now that I am in love with an epidural!! :) Having one this go round made everything so much more pleasant...there was only one 10-15 minute period that I really felt a lot of pain...it was during this time frame that I remember repeating to myself "I can do all things through Christ"...over and over...stopping occasionally to ask Doug if I could do it? Even pushing was almost pain free...which still amazes me when I compare the births of my two boys. Aaron arrived after only 20 minutes of pushing...it amazed me how focused I could be on the task when there was not a blinding pain distracting me.

A funny thing, then a scary thing...UVA is a teaching hospital...which meant that I had a nice sized audience in the room for the delivery...I would say about 10 people or so...each and every one was wonderful...I kept my eyes closed a lot to forget they were there...But each time I pushed...each and EVERY one of them would say something encouraging to me (good job...you're doing so well...keep it up...excellent) ...which eventually would make me laugh mid push...I am sure they thought I was a basket case.

The scary thing was that Aaron had the cord around his neck when he was born so he didn't take a breath for what seemed like forever...though I am sure the room was humming with noise I could hear nothing but that baby's silence...I about lost it when he finally cried...immediately thankful that once again God took care of my baby (Moses was born with the cord around his neck as well).
Aaron and his daddy...one of the first times Doug got to hold him.
Sweet little face...just moments old.
Love this sweet little bundle. :)
Moses loves his little brother...he is always trying to help out...he will go get diapers or try to burp him...so far he is very gentle and there has been no negatives to speak of... :)
And the answer to the hair question? Brown...though not quite as much as Moses had at birth. :) Such a sweet little bird so far...I love that we are proving wrong all of the folks that told us that since our first was so easy that this one would be a challenge. :)

We are just enjoying our days here...taking it all one day at a time. :) We are truly, truly blessed. :)


a snack for your eyes...

We are all doing well...I think we have turned the corner and every day I find myself saying more and more..."I can do this...I can do this". Last night my wonderful newborn gave me eight and a half hours of sleep. Moses is getting back to himself...Doug is wonderful and I don't know how we would be doing if my mother in law wasn't here...thanks to my father in law for letting us borrow her for a week. :)
I will update you soon with stories and photos but for now you can nibble on another photo of our sweet baby Aaron...whose brother adores him and asks for him first thing in the morning. :)



we are very glad to be here.
i slept no more than 4 1/2 hours since we went to the hospital on tuesday.
it was thanks to all the nurses and doctors that came and went and came (just as i fell asleep).
but they were all fabulous.
it was ALL fabulous.
and now i am being spoiled by husband and mother in law...who will be here for a week, yay!
i will update and share all the fun details as i can.
thanks for all your sweet words.


Moses Says...

Since Mommy is still at the hospital, I thought I would come on here and show everyone what I found. This is a picture of me (the bigger one) and my new little brother Aaron. He's pretty big, but I'm strong and can hold him. Mommy is doing good but needs to rest more though. She says she'll be home tomorrow. Bye

While You Were Sleeping.......

Hi....it's me...April from down the road at JaneSays.

I am honored to be the chosen one to share this good news...and OH BOY !!!! is it good news.

He is here !!!

Aaron Howard Johnsen was born at 5:43 am this morning
and yes you are correct...judging by the size of that belly we have been seeing lately
he is a big boy.... 9lbs 9oz.

Crystal is doing GREAT and loving up on all her men I am sure.

Please feel free to leave your comments and well wishes here for Crystal and Doug and even little Moses as he embarks on his little journey as the big brother.
I will duck in and allow the comments so when Crystal gets home she can simply take a peek at all you have to say.

Pray for her speedy recovery and for the newly emerged poppy seed.

I heart you guys....and congratulations !!!!
and in true JaneSays fashion....
have a happy day

keeping busy...

I have to do something to keep my hands busy...my house is clean...laundry is done...bags packed...I am just this side of crazy town...
So while I sat and watched TV last night I whipped up these beauties...
Not sure if they will be barrettes or pins...or what...but I love the fun with color and fabric combos...the waiting is killing me...trying really hard not to fret or worry...to just be and enjoy the last few moments I have with just one little boy...but also very eager to meet my new little boy...

Moses is doing better...we are at the whiny part of recovery...moms you know what that means right? Doug is officially off of work and Moses is soaking up the love of his daddy...if there is one person in the world who likes to be with Doug more than me it is Moses. :)

waiting and waiting...


one more for good luck...

hoping this will be my last belly shot...
The other day we asked Moses if he wanted a little brother or a puppy...he said puppy. Hopefully two and a half is a good age to learn about disappointment. :)

let's play a game...

...wanna guess day and time this baby will come?

How about some extra points for guessing a weight?

I am sure I can come up with a prize for whoever comes the closest...




still here...still large and in charge...still have a sick little boy...still can't roll over...still can't bend...still have no clothes that fit...still NOT sick...still married to the BEST man in the world...still wondering about blonde or brown hair...still thankful that I am SO SO SO blessed...still knowing that God has it all under control...



no baby yet.
sick little boy.
please pray for his quick recovery and that he is the only one to have it.



Still no baby...sorry to leave you hanging...Doug was off of work last night...plus it was LOST and American Idol night...you know how that goes. :) By the way...I was totally prepared to stop Idol cold turkey if they chose Tatiana over Danny...I'm just saying...that girl is ANNOYING! :)
Things happening in our world right now...
Moses has a cold...poor little man has a cough and runny nose...both of which he is trying really hard to not let bother him. :)
...poor guy just woke up...gotta run but wanted to let you know the non-news.

Also, the last day I will ship before closing for a bit will be this Saturday! :)

P.S. The bibs aren't ALL for my baby A...some are for a friend who is also having a baby A...and they are in the shop too. :)

easier and harder than i thought...

So making this boppy cover was wAAyyyy easier than I thought it would be...even using my trace and make it up technique...I think it turned out great...even Doug approved my work. :) I am thrilled with how it turned out AND I only spent around $6 to make it...plus it is way cuter than the ones in the stores...covered in baby lions and other annoying baby animals. :) Why is it that so many baby products are like that?

And for something that turned out much harder than I imagined...labor...the first time. :)
I found this on our computer...I wrote it shortly after Moses was born...
Date: 10/10/2006

As most of you know we are all at home and doing very well at adjusting to life with a newborn. Up to this point it has been way easier than we have ever thought it would be. He sleeps well (we have to wake him for feedings), he nurses like an old pro and is making the transition to having him in our lives so much easier. He is the joy of our hearts and we are loving every minute that we get to spend just looking at him.

The whole birth experience on the other hand...well that was another story. For starters, it went way faster than I ever imagined....less than 4 hours from water breaking to him being born, I'm told I pushed for about an hour. So...fast labor good...but fast labor with no epidural....not so good. I was able to get some lesser form of pain medicine but I think it might have been expired or something because I felt way more than I ever bargained for. I was apparently delirious with pain because Doug and Michelle have told me about things that I have no recollection of doing. (I apparently fired our doctor twice and told him that it wasn't fair for him to push the baby back in after I was working so hard to push him out.) At one point I apparently gave up. Obviously I didn't though and we now have a beautiful baby to show for all that pain. My incentive for making it through the last part of pushing? The doctor informed me that what pain medication I had was about to wear off, after that my stubborn streak took over and he was out soon after.

The whole hospital stay was very surreal but also very good. The nurses were wonderful to all of us (even the one nursing student that post delivery I threatened with failure if he took my hand off while removing my IV).

All and all it was a beautiful thing. Doug and I were wondering out loud to each other how anyone could not believe in God after witnessing such a miracle? It is beyond my comprehension.

Just wanted to update you on everything up until now. He continues to do well except for a tiny bit of jaundice that we are trying to work out of his system.

Thank you for your continued prayers!!

Where has the time gone!!!!???!?! I seriously am trying to wrap my head around the last 28 months or so and figure out where all this time has slipped away to...my sweet little newborn is now almost 2 1/2. He has gone from helpless to "I can do it myself" and it just baffles me.
We have been blessed by knowing Moses and by being privileged enough to be called his parents. I know of no other way...no teaching tool, no book, no visual aid that can show you the love and heart of Christ more effectively than having children...a child's forgiveness, trust, unconditional love, delight, joy and so much more are truly glimpses, daily ones, into the Father's heart. I know that it is thanks to Moses that I get to see the face of Jesus each and every day. :)

Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him. Psalm 127:3



still waiting...

I am claiming victory over not being able to sleep when Doug is working...my method? I get in bed at a decent hour and tell God the rest is up to Him...all my crazy thoughts I hand over to Him as they come...in between those I tell God how good He is to me and all the things I am thankful for...it has worked wonders and the last two nights I have had HOURS of sleep and not just minutes. :)

Yay for sleep!! :)

And....can I just say HOLY crap!! That number over there on the baby counter is in the single digits!! AHHHHHHH!!!!

:) xoxo

happenings around the house...

Doug had a couple of days off in a row...ALWAYS my favorite...we got a lot done in those few days...now he is back to work and I am back to not being able to sleep at night...basically, I lay down to go to sleep...feel a twinge of pain or funny feeling...think "Oh my...is this it?"...then proceed to freak myself out of being able to sleep at all...fun right? Such is my life at the moment...regardless we had lots of fun and got lots of odds and ends done around the house. One of Moses' favorite things to do is shown above...he could sit for hours and watch tunes on the iTouch.
Moses became less of a baby...much to my saddened mommy heart...he now sits at a booster seat at the table instead of in his highchair...sigh...
We got a sweet homemade gift from a lovely reader/Etsy patron...it just blesses me to see such a lovely gift intended for my sweet little boy...thank you Elma!!
I also installed baby A's car seat...YIKES to having TWO baby seats in the back seat of our cars!
Our bags got packed and ready to go...I also scotch-guarded the couch in the baby's room. :) LOVE me some scotch-guard-it has saved my couch from pen, blueberry, jelly, fruit punch, milk and all sorts of baby messes. :)
The boys were boys...running and rough0using...being silly and hanging out...cute little clones. :)
There was apparently an incident with a sheep. :)
Doug let me sleep in as long as I could each day and I even got a few naps in...the longest being over 2 hours! :) Yay for a good honey, right?
Both of the boys got haircuts...
I made some cute new items for the shop...sweet little burp cloths...there are deer with pom-poms...
Or ones that can be personalized with an initial of your choice...
This week I am making a master grocery list...addressing announcements...making a boppy cover...sitting on the couch...and staying close to home. :)

One question that lingers in my head a lot is...Will this baby be born with a head full of dark hair (shown much lightened in this sweet baby Moses photo) like Moses...or will he be a tow-head like Doug was as a baby? What is your vote? (And oh my goodness...what a CUTE baby, right?)


how we do love...

We aren't big Valentines people here...ever since we started dating Doug and I have agreed that if we wait until assigned days of the year to show each other how much we love one another...then our relationship would probably not be so great. So we work really hard all of the time to speak love to each other in ways the other can feel it...if you haven't read The Five Love Languages...I highly recommend it...it will change your path...in a good way. :)
We try to share the love in every day ways that cater to the person we are trying to show love to...we don't go for when and what Hallmark says our mates, friends or children need to feel loved. :) I would actually be a little sad if Doug showed up with a dozen red roses and a box of chocolates...because that is SO far from who I am...I would much prefer a hot Starbucks and some daisies on a random day of the year. :)
So Valentines, this year, consisted of me making pink rice krispie treats...
...in X's and O's of course. :)
And some love themed pancakes for dinner for my two Valentines. :)
Even if Moses repeatedly refused to be mine... :)
I know I am not the best wife in the world but I try really hard to let Doug know he is loved and appreciated by me in ways that I think speak to him best...

I try daily to live up to being a Proverbs 31 woman for him. :)
Now there is a life goal for any wife to work towards! :)

And yes...that number over there on the baby ticker keeps getting smaller...if I think about it too long, I scream a little on the inside! :)

Hope your day is blessed and that you can feel the love!

love to you...

This is how we know what love is:
Jesus Christ laid down his life for us.
IJohn 3:16a

let's catch up real soon...

so i am wondering...

what you think of this octuplet mom?

Me? I live under the general idea that your ability and "right" to make bad choices ends where another persons rights begins. In this case, that would be her children. My heart breaks for those kids...each born with the "job" of filling some hole in their mother's heart...that she admits. Don't even get me started on the fact that she has no job, no husband and already had six kids to start with (that she wasn't and was unable to support on her own)...She claims to be a Christian but it seems to me that she picks and chooses what she wants to live by...yes children ARE a blessing from God and God blessed man with the ability to do IVF...but what about her accountability in how she uses these blessings? What about the doctor in question?? God created food too but that can be abused as well...Yes, she loves her children...but that will not fill their bellies, clothe them or give them what they need in life. Her bad choices are one thing...but now their are 14 lives that have to live with the consequences of those choices. And THAT is what breaks my heart.

Just for the record, I am not anti IVF in any way...I believe that God gives man talents and abilities to use to help each other out and this is definitely one of them. And I know that there are other families on TV that have large families...but the difference is that they are equipped with a mom and a dad...and an income!

So what do you think? I know I usually avoid controversial topics here but I thought this would make for a lively conversation piece...please be nice so that I can do this again in the future. :)

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