...we got more snow!! and for real this time...sort of. :) And Moses was lucky enough to have daddy around today to really play with him in it. :)
He loved it once again...
...but I think he loved it even more because his daddy was around...he calls daddy his "bess buuudy" aka best buddy. :) Man, I love these guys! :)
...pure cute...if I do say so myself. :) project world...I made these for my boys today. :) I love the sound of that by the way..."my boys". :) Moses has had "blue blankey" since birth...we bought A one just like is THE perfect swaddle (aka baby burrito) blanket. :) And once again I prove that I cannot stop putting initials onto things. :) I also made a couple of other things this morning but they are gifts and I know the recipients read this. :)
I also made this bit of heaven that I stole from Julie...OH man...this is good stuff...and SUPER easy...and good for you...except the brown sugar, butter and chocolate chips. :)
Here is how you make it...(I stole Julies directions word for word. Thanks Julie!)
Fill a cookie sheet with saltines.
Melt one stick of butter in pan.
Add one cup of brown sugar.
Stir until slightly caramelized.
Pour over saltines and spread evenly.
Cook at 350 for 5 minutes.
Take out of oven and pour entire bag of chocolate chips on top. (I used the mini ones).
As soon as chocolate chips melt, spread them evenly over entire pan.
Stick in fridge to set. (I allowed it to cool to room temp first).
Break or cut into pieces.
YUM!!! :) A perfect little treat! :)
Here are a couple more questions answered:

*How long have I been sewing? Uh...just since last spring really. :) I used to have a not so great machine that made it really frustrating to learn...then it finally just died on me. Then my honey bought me a Husqvarna Emerald 116 and it has been love ever since. :) Her name is Ethel. :) I don't think you have to spend a fortune to get a good machine but I DO think you should spend a little more to ensure that you get something that is easy to use and good quality. A poor quality machine will just leave you frustrated. I taught myself everything I know...I tend to be a visual learner so I enjoy looking at something to try to figure out how it goes together rather than following a pattern and learning how someone else did it.
Sleep sacks? Go HERE. They are the best...keeps babies and toddlers warm AND one less thing to worry about. :)
Do I keep a running idea list? Sort of but only in my head. :) I try to make paper lists but that never seems to work for me. :)
Where do I get most of my fabric? Etsy of course! :) LOVE me some Etsy.
My camera? Nikon D40x...also a gift from my honey. :) LOVE it!! :)

Ok, enough about me for today...hope your day is great!! :)
Here's to a pants off-dance off kind of day!! :)

...if you are two that is...otherwise it's probably not as appropriate! :)

a winnner!!! and some answers...

First, I have to admit that I cannot stop putting initials onto things...I made these towels for my bathroom the other day. :)
Secondly, all of you...get those sewing machines OUT of the boxes and OUT of the closets!!!! Start with sewing straight lines and go from there. :) You can do it.

And now, I will do my best to answer some of the great questions you guys had... :)
1. All time favorite crafts? Anything easy and uncomplicated...I hate patterns or projects that take weeks or months to make...I like to see results yesterday! That is what keeps me motivated and keeps my craftiness going. :)
2. Do I put my sewing machine away after I am done using it? Umm...let's husband says it's not a family dinner unless she is at the table. So, no, I don't put it away often...usually just when I need a break from sewing or we have people coming to dinner. :) Otherwise she lives right there on the dining room table. :)
3. Am I ready for the baby? As much as one can be I guess...I don't have too many things I am dying to get done before the baby comes but I probably should pack a hospital bag soon...and do some grocery shopping. :) Oh and I still need to get some goodies for Moses to get from his new little brother when he comes to the hospital to see him for the first time. :)
4. What does Doug do? My wonderful honey is an executive at Target. :) He is also a great daddy and really handsome to boot. :)
5. What do I want to try next? Hmmm....there is always something...right now I have some new fabric (above)sitting in the sewing basket to make some yummy covers for my couch throw pillows.
6. Creative inspiration? Jesus...Moses...Doug...wanting to make things for family...being a little cheap and not wanting to pay for something that I think I can make and love more. :)
7. Do we plan to home school? Probably not. I just don't think that I am made that way. :) We would love to find a good Christian private school but it will all depend on where we are in the world when the boys start school...and there is something to be said about teaching your kids to be a light for Jesus in a public school. :)
Ok...think I will stop there for now...I will try to finish up the rest of the questions throughout the week though so stay tuned! :)

The winner of the fabulous loot(via is Tammi!! :) me via Etsy to give me your address and I will get all those goodies out to you!! :) And Tammi...go update that blog girl! :)

And last but not least...

Just because you are all the best blog readers ever...I thought I would let you know that I will be having a sale in the shop...for the rest of the world it will start some time tomorrow...but for the readers of this blog it starts right's called the

"Make Room For Baby Sale!!!" and it is good for 25% off of your entire order!!! :)

Does not include shipping or custom take advantage of the sale you MUST put "blog reader" in the notes to seller and WAIT for a revised invoice before you pay! :)
This will be the last sale that I have before I close up shop for a bit. :)

Happy Shopping! :)

closer to big.

So you see this cute kid here? Up until just a couple of days ago he was my baby (always will be but shhhh). He slept each and every night and nap in his crib...unable to escape...mostly because he still sleeps in a sleep sack (LOVE them). I left him with his daddy during his nap time to go run a couple of errands...and I get a call from Doug. "It's happened", he says. Moses has learned how to get out of his crib and when Doug went to go get him from his "nap" he was happily roaming his room...playing with all of his toys...
This is how Doug found him...wearing his shoes on top of his sleep sack (which is covered in yellow chalk because he was playing on his train table/chalkboard)...just look at that smug look on his face... :) When I got home we went up to his room...Doug picked Moses up, put him in the crib and told Moses to show daddy how he got out of the crib. And without ANY hesitation...he boosted himself up on the crib side and did a front FLIP out of the crib!!! We knew it was time...
And now my baby sleeps in a toddler bed...eventually we will move him to the single bed but my mommy heart could only take so much in a day without crying. It is SO sad to me. And the transition was like a dream...he was SO excited to sleep in the big boy bed that he didn't want us to read to him that night...he wanted to go to bed already...I was also needlessly stressed about naptime the next day and we had zero trouble then, too. This kid is such a blessing...I can't beleive it sometimes. This proves once again to Doug and I that the more we let him do things on his own time...and not ours...the easier life is for everyone involved...more of that in another post...
It's a good thing that Doug and I already have another baby in the works...this cutie arrived from April the other day....a sweet reminder for baby A's room...
...This cute shirt along with...
...this (the banner) from Julie...arrived as well. Love that she matched the papers I used in his initials. :)
And a couple more sweet little goodies from another bloggy/etsy friend Trish. :) Thank you ALL sweet friends!! :) You are some of the best bloggy neighbors a girl could ask for and I LOVE all that you sent. :)
And just because I can...
I loved this sweet little deer so much that he needed to be on a towel...with white pom poms to boot...SO cute!! These are both in the shop.

Hope you are enjoying a fine and fabulous weekend...don't forget to enter the giveaway below. :)

I am off to check off some things on my to do list. :)


a tasty morsel...

just some peeks at my latest projects...I could nibble this cute onesie...this one is for the shop but there will be one for baby A. :)
...these just make me happy...
...just the cutest shirt for a custom order...I can make one for you if you let me know quick...the shirt is from Target and you never know how long they will be available...
...this sweet "C" onesie for another custom order...I just adore custom orders...but I think many of my usual custom order folks are avoiding me in my condition... :) Don't hesitate to ask me...a girl has to keep busy. :)
...and above is a peek at the some of the giveaway planned for tomorrow...until then...I am dying to know what you are trying NOT to buy on Etsy...but really really want to...

Here are one of my many...let's see yours. :)



We sort of got snow...just barely...enough to turn the sidewalks white...but not the grass. Moses has never played in snow...touched snow...been in snow or anything to do with snow. Last year we got one "big" snow and Moses was just getting over a cold and we were just getting ready to take him on his first plane I was a mean mommy and didn't let him play in it then. Apparently mean mommy and snow go together...after I got him all bundled up I wanted to take photo of him and us...he thought that idea sucked...above is the only photo of us together I got...along with the messiest part of my house. :)
And just for we are about this time last year...wearing the same hats...only he is wearing a lot less baby... :(
And because he wouldn't stop crying about me taking a photo...I made him sit in time out...and continued with my mean mommy gig by taking photos of him in time out. :) Is it terrible of me that these photos make me giggle just a little?
As Moses would say "All done cry" and ready to go outside!
See our huge amount of snowfall? Can you believe that ALL of the local schools were closed for this? That's how it goes in the ol' VA...I was telling Doug at dinner last night that I have had school cancel for small bits of snow like this AND because the buildings didn't have AC. :)
Regardless of the was the largest snowfall in Moses history and he loved it. He seemed to really enjoy hearing it crunch under his feet and we learned that snow eating is an instinct because he did it with out being prompted. :) Above is his cheesy smile...
And then his plain ol' cute chubby face. I could squeeze this boy he is SO sweet! On a side note...the other day Moses, Doug and I were doing something...Moses leaned in and kissed me, then threw his arms back and yelled "TADA!". Cute right? He likes to throw in a good "tada" when it feels right.
And he finally got to put his giraffe boots to good use...usually he just wears them when the urge hits him...with shorts or pj's or whatever.

And for those of you who wonder...I do not get up at 6am to blog...I mean I love it and all but my brain does not form sentences that early...I tend to write them the night before and set them to publish before a certain father in law likes to check in in the morning. Moses says "Hi Bop bop!"

Hope you all find somewhere to throw in a good "TADA!" today!

exploiting your child to make cute...

Don't you just love this ridiculously cute Valentine...that also doubles as a keepsake? I found a much more simplistic version in one of my magazines...that I can't find at the moment...but I thought I would dress it up for you a bit. :) And I am giving you LOTS of time to get them done for all the grandmas out there. :)
First, I strapped Moses into his think I would let him run free with RED paint? Ha! I occupied him up there with his own paint with water pages...and promised him mini-marshmallows...He is saying "cheese" in the photo above...not grimacing in pain. :)
Then, I taped a piece of card stock to one of Moses' large board books (so the paper wouldn't move)...then painted the bottom of one foot at a time...brought the book to his foot, stamped a left foot, then another left foot on the other side of the paper...then when I did the right foot...I overlapped the heels and made a "V" with the foot prints...making them heart shaped...sort of. :)
Moses actually enjoyed it...and kept asking to see his "piddies" aka piggies. :) The only problem I ran into is that this is Doug's son...and if you know Doug, you know that you only have to talk about tickling him to actually get him to painting the bottoms of Moses' feet with a brush was a bit tricky a time or two. :)
Then you cut out your footprints in the shape of a heart...
...add layers and embellishments to make it all cutesy like. :) I stitched around the feet and could add buttons, glitter and ribbon...or use different color paints, etc. :) I love how they turned out...this one is going into Moses scrap book...don't forget to date yours! :)

Have fun making these and let me know if you do...I want to see all the cute piddies out there. :)
And thanks so so much for all of the great feedback from yesterday!! It was so good to hear from ALL of you...isn't the blog world great? :) You are fabulous and wonderful...each and every one of you. :)

Be blessed and thankful today!!

I don't receive that...

OK. Something I don't get...but that has been bugging me lately.
Stick with me...this may take a while. :)
Almost since the day we found out we were going to be having our second child the theme of conversation that often times (not always) follows is along the lines of how my life will officially be over when the new baby comes. Goodbye shop. Goodbye blog. See ya emails and facebook. Adios to showers and making dinner. And a DEFINITE so long to making anything remotely crafty ever again. I have received countless inquiries as to when I would be closing down the shop (for good), if I will stop blogging or doing any of the other things that I love to do. I have had offers to BUY my crafting supplies!!! For most people, when I tell them that I don't plan on stopping any of these things on any kind of permanent basis, they reply...Oh, we'll see. Yes, we will.

The saddest part to me about these that, for me at least, they come from other women. I have yet to have a single man ask me when my life will cease to have anything to do with anything but my little boys and husband. What baffles why do women, other mothers, feel the need to pour negative into another mothers life?
Isn't it just as easy to say something positive? Who else knows how hard it is to be a mom...than another mother? Why not just say...good for you...good luck...I'll be praying for you!?
Now before you go and think it...YES, I realize that life will be different, time will shift, priorities with change a bit and we will have to find a new normal once we bring our newest family member home. I realize all of this. But I also know that as Doug and I were praying about when we should start trying to have our second...and felt like it was the right time...that God did not give me an ultimatum. God did not say to me..."OK, can have this second baby...but that means that you have to give up on the other desires and dreams that I have placed in your heart." This I know. And this is NOT about me thinking I can have it all and do it is about me having ALL that God wants for me...and doing ALL that He wants me to do.

So lately, as the negative comments continue...I have learned to smile and nod and say to myself..."Lord, I don't receive that". And move on. God has also been showing me lately all of these wonderful examples of women...who I know...who are loving, caring fabulous mothers to multiple children but still successfully pursue the dreams that God has given them.

And then I also think of Mary, mother of Jesus. Yes, she was the mother to the Savior...but do you think that was her only job? Do you think God told Mary..."Now I am giving you this baby, my one and only Son and you are to do nothing but take care of him and dote on him and give him all of your time"? I don't think He did...Mary had a husband...and children...and a home to care for...and I am sure she had things she enjoyed doing too...knitting, gardening...racket ball...who knows...but I am sure that there were other desires and dreams that God had given her as well. :)

I don't think that God's dreams for us have to be one dimensional...I think that pursuing more than one dream at a time is healthy and normal...IF they are dreams that God has given you. It's not like you have this ONE pie to share and the more you give to one dream (your kids, husband, etc) the less you have to give to another (hobby, business, etc)...this is like endless wonderful pie here. :)

And I refuse to believe that life ends at baby number two. :)

And that is my rant for the day. :)

Refuse to receive the negative...regardless of where it comes from. The more you DO receive it...the more you WILL believe's harder to believe something that you refuse to receive. :)

I hope you are well...that your Monday is blessed and that you receive something positive today! :) As always I would LOVE to hear your input.

This week there will be a giveaway...a kiddy craft...a sale and lots more. :)


Catch up...and the winner!! :)

Firstly, I owe a big fat thank you to all of my MOPS and internet friends. :) They managed to coordinate a surprise baby shower for me on Thursday! :) Not only is it cool that my MOPS friends surprised me...but many of my blog neighbors sent gifts to one of my MOPS friends without me knowing...adding to the surprise. :) It is awesome to think that this time last year...I literally had NO friends in Charlottesville...It is also awesome that God has blessed me with having such awesome neighbors in the blog/etsy world...I can honestly say that I never thought I would be someone with "friends from the internet"...I used to make fun of those people. :)
But really...though...God has totally used my Etsy shop and blog and MOPS to connect me to REAL people from all over and keep me connected to old friends at the same time. :) Moving to Charlottesville has been a struggle for us...but more about that another time...for now, take a look at some of the cute things baby got...
You know who this is from right? :)
I love the bottom almost as much as the rest of it...
LOTS of fun blessings for bath goodies, onesies, sleepers, books, booties, blankets, toys...even a sweet charity donation made in our name. :) I don't dare try to list everyone that I have to thank here for fear that I would leave someone out...but you all know who you are...and hopefully know that I am thankful for YOU and the blessing you are in my life. :)
In other news...on the morning of Doug's first day off this week we thought it would be a nice treat for Moses, who hadn't left the house for DAYS due to my back issue, to take him to Chic-fil-a and let him play in the play place...something he has never done. He liked it for the first minute or shown above...then completely freaked panicky because he couldn't figure out how to get out...and once he got out there was no getting him back in there. We took him to the mall to run circles around the mall walkers instead (it was like 9am). :)
AND he is still OBSESSED with tissue paper. :) Loves it. Demolishes it. Wraps things in it. Unwraps and wraps again. He couldn't have been more pleased with the fact that we brought a whole bag full home from the shower for him. Still totally worth cleaning up after at the end of the day for the vast stretches of calm and quiet it brings to the house. :)

And the winner of the potholder from Kitchen Stitchen is elmaelsiena. :) Let me know you saw this friend and then contact Kristi to collect your fabulous prize. :)

I'm working on another fun giveaway for later on this lots of other fun/interesting (hopefully) posts that have been brewing in my head for some time promises to be a good week! :)

when muffin tops go bad...

So this is nice right...cute and white makes it "artsy", right?

Then....BAM!!!! about them apples?

I should have warned you right? Too much? Train wreck effect going on?


How about this to soften the blow:

Psalm 139: 13-14a: For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made...

Can you tell that I am feeling MUCH better?

Great day to you! :)
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