winter wonder

Know why this boy is beaming?
Cause this is what it looked like outside. :)
And his mama promised him that when daddy got home he could go play in it.
He had a list of what he wanted to do:
build three "no" penguins
build a mama "no" man
build a daddy "no" man
build a baby Aaron "no" man
build a Moses "no" man
make "no" balls
They did some of that...then pulled each other around on the snow shovel...
these photos were taken through the screen window. :)
Then he slid down the hill on his stomach...
Then yesterday had a fever. Hmmm.
No fever today so far but still a bit under the weather.

Come back tomorrow for another great handmade gift idea.



Stephanie said...

How fun! We had a tiny sprinkling of snow this morning but it's already melted.

Shelly said...

looks like fun! We don't have any "no" here yet...

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