how to ruffle...with or without a foot.

Here is a quick and simple way to cute up anything...jacket, shirt, skirt, bag...anything.
I did this cute cozy jacket I picked up from Baby Gap for $10.
You can almost use scrap fabric...if your scraps are big enough.
Step 1: Measure the length of where you want to put a ruffle.
You will multiply that length by 2.
Since this is a jacket and I wanted ruffles on each side of the zipper...
I had to cut two of each length. fabric strips were 14in by 2in and 12in by 2in and I had two of each.
(disregard that top piece of fabric in the photo)
Step 2: Make your ruffle.
If you have a ruffling foot...I don't think I need to tell you how.
If you don't have one...I highly recommend getting one.
The photo above shows my ruffle foot fabric strips ready to go.
If you don't have a ruffle foot...set your machine to the longest stitch length...and using a straight all the way down the length of the fabric strip...stay as close to the middle as possible.
When you get to the end of the sure to leave a couple of inches of thread at the end when you trim it off. Ever. SO. Gently pull on either the top or bottom thread and push the fabric that ruffle down the strip and go back to the top...repeat until you get your ruffle down to the size you want it. Your thread may break...this is why a ruffle foot is can pull out the stitches and start again when the thread breaks.
Step 3: Once you have your ruffles them in place where you want them to be.
Step 4: Sew on your ruffles...I stitched down the middle then off to either side about a half inch or so. If you just sew down the middle the ruffles will curl up too much when you wash them.
All done!
You can either give it as is...OR if you are worried that the person you are giving it to will freak out over frayed fabric can wash it first. :)
Be sure to trim the frayed goodness with scissors and never pull it!

Now go ruffle.

I will try to answer questions in comment form on THIS post. :)


Angie Mae said...

I love this idea. But, what is a ruffle foot and can you put it on any sewing machine?
Thanks, Angie

Nancy said...

Thank you Master Ruffler. I needed that info. I tried my ruffle on my paper invitations. Turned out ok. Not great, just ok. Next time, I ruffle, I will be a ok! Thanks for the tips.

Mommafo said...

I have a gathering foot w/my new Singer. Is that the same thing? I'm not quite sure how to use it.

Anonymous said...

It was certainly interesting for me to read this post. Thanks for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to them. I would like to read a bit more soon.

Crystal said...

Angie Mae---You should be able to get a gathering foot or ruffler for your specific machine. Just google "gathering foot + "your machine""

And a gathering foot does do the same kind of job...actually with even less work...I bought a ruffle foot because it was cheaper than a gathering foor. :)

carey said...

thank you for posting this. i'm going to use this as a clever way to hide the stains i can't get out of a couple of my daughter's shirts and jackets... shhh! don't tell, but i'm terrible at laundry!

CalleLillyCafe said...

I LOVE this tiny jacket! Way-- too cute! Thx for sharing!

Shelly said...

Yes, sadly I cannot afford the lovely ruffle foot, but I have made many successful ruffles with the other method you showed...BUT, I like to do two rows of basting stitches (about 1/8in apart) because two threads pulled are less likely to break than one...ruffle away, ladies!! :-)

Mao Mao said...

Feliz Natal Funky Family!

Kim -today's creative blog said...

you and your ruffles!

Unknown said...

I've stayed away from ruffles because I don't have a ruffle foot and it just seemed too involved. This is very easy. I may just have to try it. :) Visiting you from TCB.

TalentedSarah said...

Thank you so much for your tutorial. I thought I had a ruffle foot but it was a buttonhole guide foot. =(
You helped me get one step closer to completing #41 of my 101 things! Check it out here:

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