helpful holiday hints...

So...I thought it would be fun to start a post where everyone could share a holiday hint or two that they live by...

Here is one from me:
Once my boys are old enough to be sneaky...I will assign them each a roll of wrapping paper and wrap all of their gifts in that ONE paper...then NOT put labels on .
I will be the only one who knows whose gifts are whose...making it harder to be sneaky peeks. :)

How about you? Leave a hint in the comments.


I am REALLY loving this Christmas. Really. SO simple. SO good. I was blog hopping earlier today and came across this quote from a blog friend B

"Jesus is so much more important than Santa.
Jesus loves us and blesses us with gifts regardless of our behavior."

LOVE it.

Is there anything more true? I am desperate for my kids to get Joy from Christmas for all the right reasons...and NOT for a pile of stuff under the tree.
This Christmas we may have cut back...but we are not missing a thing.



Elise said...

I love this post!! It really is wonderful to scale back and know that nothing is really being missed. That said...I have had to take back a gift that may not have been as wanted and buy one that is very wanted. And of course, now the list has changed again!!
I have no hints...I hid the a few gifts in my closet and my oldest found one. Thankfully it was just a little puzzle!! I'm afraid the wrap the gifts and put them under the tree too early this year, for fear my almost two year old would unwrap them. Yikes!!
Oh, I linked to your sweet village today, as I shared my own version!!

Amanda said...

Madison is only 3 and I already do the designated wrapping paper! Santa uses one paper for her, mom and dad use another. Then hubby and I each pick out a paper to wrap for each other! Then tags are one less thing to worry about!

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

I have used different wrapping paper in the past, I also give my kids a "nickname" like Rudolph, Snowman, Gingerbread Boy, etc... and use the same wrapping paper... It's fun... They have never guessed who was who... ;)

Vintage Creations said...

For my girls.. when they are older and sneaky.. my mom(grandma for them) has a little locked room downstairs i am taking the gifts to.. so even as sneaky as they want.. they won't ever get.. everything comes out on Christmas eve! :)

Also...If my girlies knor the true meaning of Christmas. i hope they realize it's what they give, not get! :)

Happy holidays!

Beth said...

my friend teaches her children from the get go that santa is fun, but fictitious. it's ALL about Christ in their home. They still receive things under the tree, but because it's Jesus's birthday, NOT because santa left them there. although, i think this is a bit extreme, i value her thoughts, and respect why she chooses this way for her family. i would have to agree that our culture is about 90%santa and 10% Christ, at BEST.

for our family, i try to emphasize what christmas is for and why we really celebrate it. but, i can't take the mystery of santa away. i just can't. :(

on a lighter note, i wrap santa gifts in one paper, and gifts for others in another paper(s). on the bottom of santa gifts i put their first initial in a sharpie very small. no tag. they now know that's how santa 'does it'. and, they don't question why the other presents are wrapped like the santa presents. only santa has the santa paper.

BC said...

Thanks for the linky love! :)

I have never heard of the whole separate wrapping paper thing but that is BRILLIANT! I am making a mental note on that one for the future.

I wanted to tell you that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog this month (as I do all months!) but this month in particular because of all the wonderful and simple joys that you have pointed out and all the special things you and your family have done together to celebrate this season. May God bless your beautiful family this Christmas and throughout 2010!!!

Been meaning to tell you how much I love your blog header by the way...super duper cute & creative!

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