the days before Christmas...

So aside from being stranded in our house for days leading up to DID make for a relaxing being housebound made me clean my house, catch up on laundry, get all the Christmas stuff done, are some snapshots leading up to the BIG day...
Moses took all his little family on a trip to visit the baby this photo he was saying "Daddy goes to see baby Jesus...he says 'Hi baby Jesus. I love you.'" It may have been one of the sweeter play moments of Moses' that I have witnessed.
Moses and Aaron pose for photos with baby Jesus.
On Christmas Eve...while Doug was finishing up with work, we made some cute paper crafts that Moses seemed to really enjoy...bonus was that they were free. :)
Somewhere in Norwegian history there is a Christmas gnome...this is Moses' version.
We enjoyed some cookies...and milk of course.
Every year I make gifts for Doug to take to his coworkers. This year I went the nerdy route...I made him bull's eye cookies(fyi-he is an exec at Target) addition to others. I LOVE how they turned out. :)
And Aaron was Aaron. We call him Baby Ho Ho or tiny ho ho.
Poor kid...that is actually his nick name.
He got a new tooth for Christmas...with another on the way.
Last photo before Christmas...two wiggly boys in matching jammies. :)

More Christmas goodness to come...and just WAIT until you see the new things I am working on for shop...hope your day is super happy! :)


Amy Bell said...

i heart those target cookies....they look wonderful...not cheesy..just wildly creative.

and....i love that the boys got a Jesus photo, that is awesome.

merry CHRISTmas sweet friend. i just love this blog.

Shelly said...

My day will be super happy now that I've seen their adorable stripey pjs!

Big Yellow Dog said...

I LOVE the little people nativity! I am going to have to find one for my kiddo for next Christmas.

Karen said...

I love how Moses had his family visit baby Jesus. so sweet!

and thanks for the recommendation for google reader - i just started using it and I love it! saves me all that time i used to spend clicking on blogs to see if there was a new post or not.

sara luke said...

Did you get a new lens? If not, whatever you're doing new with your pictures looks GREAT! Or maybe you're doing nothing new and I'm just going crazy. That could very well be . . .

Simona Walters said...

Now is aaron" hoho" b/c of how small he is like the character on neihou kilan?(<- sp?)
Merry CHRIST mas Crystal! Hope you have a wonderful rest of your holidays!
What wonderful traditions you have, and I am sure very soon you'll need two monkey breads due to the fact that you have growing boys:)
Can't wait to see your new shop items:) (I actually can't wait to put in my first order )

Ashley said...

such a cute idea for your husband co workers, the cookies :)

xoxo ashley

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