christmas at the johnsens...goes something like this...

(Moses was good enough to help his brother out.)
(Doug and I were making bets about what year I will have to make TWO of these!)
Moses was awesome...really. At one point he went over to Doug and said "Merry Christmas, Daddy...thank you for buying me a scooter."!!!
Then later on in the day and the next day he kept telling us "I had a great Christmas".
All worth it.
We also celebrated baby Aaron's ten month birthday!
Good grief...these photos are getting hard to take...he is SO busy!

Would you think I was crazy if I told you that I have already put all my Christmas stuff away?



Shelly said...

No I would not think you crazy, I wish I had all mine put away, too. I just can't wait every year for Christmas, but the moment it's over, I want to clean up and get on with life!! I insist that we take ours down the weekend of New Year's every year.

Cherry Tree Lane said...

i love the photo collages! adorable!

Amanda said...

Hi there . . . I've purchased several things from your Etsy shop and that is how I found your blog. I love all the creative stuff you do! I was wondering if you would share what font you used for "stockings" and "monkey bread". I love it! Thanks!

emily said...

Looks like a great Christmas morning! We do monkey bread every Christmas morning as well.

I put all of our stuff away on Sunday. As much as I love it all, it was suffocating this year not to have half of my house available :)

And it also flew by too fast.

mommy2luke2008 said...

I totally don't think you are crazy. I put all our Christmas stuff away on Sunday and I'm so glad I did.

Kristi said...

I would more likey say that I'm jealous you have put all your Christmas stuff away. My hubby likes to keep stuff up for a while. Meanwhile, I am twitching. LOL!

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