bread man houses.

Earlier this week we got together with one of Moses' favorite little people
to make "bread man houses" as Moses calls them.
I have always hated those little kits you can buy in stores and decided to
make the houses myself for the kids to decorate...and supply our own candy.
First I tried to just make them with graham crackers...technically it worked...but since two and three year olds are not known for their delicate gingerbread work I thought they needed some reinforcement.
So...I made a base out of cardboard...taped that together then icing glued the grahams onto that.
The result was a pretty sturdy little kid house.
Moses is holding two of the bases here...
And here is his sweet friend KE. Note her adorable dress. ;)
When we finally started Moses was literally trembling with excitement. See how we "glued" the crackers on...and then filled in the cracks with icing and candy.
I tried to let him do it all himself...just put the icing on and let him go to town.
The hardest part was getting them to put the candy on the house and NOT in their mouths.
Here they are...posing with their complete houses.
And with their forced 2-3 year old smiles.
And this isn't the greatest photo but...this captures Moses holding her hand...he actually walked across the table, with his fingers as legs, to her hand to hold it. He has a special place in his little heart for her.
Cute kiddies.
His finished house...
And a celebratory hug. :)
And baby Aaron was kind enough to sleep through the whole thing...
waking just in time to say good bye. :)

Good times. :)

p.s. In case you didn't notice...this site is now just!
woo hoo! please update your bookmarks. :)


Big Yellow Dog said...

Cute! What a fun mama you are!

sassypackrat said...

What a great idea to icing glue the grams onto cardboard, so perfect for the little ones! Wish I had thought of that when my kids were small. Big Gold Mommy Star for you!

anna said...

sweetest thing I have seen all day! Love those two! :) Thanks for including us (in the fun time and the blog :)). LOVE the holding hands too!. You are such a fun mom & great friend!!!

Angie Mae said...

Those are adorable!!! What a good idea to use a cardboard base! Thanks for sharing.

ArtGirlBlue said... cute. :)

April said...

SaWeeeeeeeeeeeeeet !!!

April said...

SaWeeeeeeeeeeeeeet !!!

.jimaie.marie. said...

that is SUCH a smart idea to use a cardboard base!!
Can I just say on a side note that i ADORE your house, everything just looks SO adorable!

Darlene said...

Oh those are cute. We decorate a gingerbread house every year as our tradition. The darn thing never comes out cute, but the kids love it....and so do we!! I'm going to have to try your idea next year so they can make individual ones. Thanks and Merry Christmas!!

Brittany said...

We did these at the school I teach at :) We let the kiddos use milk cartons that we asked them to bring from the cafeteria after lunch :) It worked perfectly to ice graham crackers too. I thought about using a half gallon cardboard carton and cutting some of the bottom off to make a larger one :)

Just some other ideas! Yours are too cute though!!!

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