sherry and co.

This last shoot was worth every moment for this photo.
I just LOVE it.
My new friend Sherry allowed me the joy of taking photos of her sweet family this afternoon...
...a perfect 75 degree day here in Virginia.
As I was sitting to edit these...I kept thinking...Did I really take these?
Does that sound conceited?
Super fun and easy family to photograph...
I love this one too.
And this one...grass stains and all.
Seriously cute kids...with dark brown know they are my favorite.
This sweet girl was the most challenging...but we got some good ones.
I mean would it even be possible to take a bad photo of them?
My cute tank is full.

Sherry I hope you love them so much!
Thanks again!
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Sherry said...

Thank YOU, Crystal! We had so much fun and the pictures are awesome! Can't wait to see the rest of them. You are the best!

Jaimie said...

These are great photos. I especially love the one of the little girl with the grass stains. Perfect!

Teresa Tysinger said...

Oooooh! I just LOVE these. You sure have so many talents, chickie! Good stuff. -- Teresa

Leah31 said...

My favorite is the little girl hanging upside down in her dad's arms - precious. And the baby on her mom's shoulder? OMG. I have no words!!!

Brittany said...

These are too cute! The backgrounds are gorgeous! What a great day in Virginia to do these! :)

Elma said...

Oh those pictures are the best!!I love the baby on her mothers shoulder Oh be still my heart!!You did a great job!! Well done:)

SarahRachel said...

Those are GORGEOUS!!! It couldn't have been a nicer day, huh? I wish so badly we could make it up to C-ville so we could have you take our family pics. I'm going to try to plan ahead and coordinate next year with you because all of your photos are just beautiful! =) I keep trying to pick a favorite, but I love them all. The family pic turned out amazing! It's kind of a miracle to get such a good one with kids that age! Great job. =)

Miss G said...

beautiful photos! I like the one of the little girlie upside down! kelly

Dawn said...

Those pictures are awesome! I made your baked potato soup for dinner tonight - my kiddos loved it! It was so good and so easy to make! :)

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