lyndsi and co. I am kind of giddy at the moment.
First...I am LOVING all the new commenters!! You are making my heart so happy and I am going to do my best to get around to each and every blog to say hi!
Keep it coming...I LOVE hearing from you!
Secondly...I did a photo shoot last night with my dear friend Lyndsi.
You might remember that I did her photos last year when her sweet baby girl was born.
This year was even more fun...but a bit more challenging.
Chase is three. That is all you need to know right?
He kept me on my toes.
But even still I think we got some really precious shots.
I have a million things I should be doing...
but I couldn't help myself from sitting down to edit.
I keep getting more excited with every edit.
I LOVE them.
They wanted some shots of just the two of them...easy. as. pie. after chasing Chase and Ella.
Plus they are beautiful and sweet...perfect subjects.
I got hundreds...but these are just some of my favorites...for Lyndsi to see.
And this shot...may be the closest I got to getting a smile from this sweet girl.
I did everything I could think of...sing, yell, be silly, shake toys over my head...nothing was getting her to crack.
I just love a thumb there anything sweeter?
And she had her lovely...ugh...I can hardly stand the cute.
Thank you Lyndsi and Rick for letting me document some of your history.
It is such a joy and privilege. :)
I hope you love them.


p.s. If you are in or near Charlottesville and need some photos...I am friendly and cheap. :)
My email is over on the right. :)


Nancy said...

So sweet. Well done. I love the one of the lovey. Thanks for commenting on Doggy by the way. Love it. :) Great photography... a great fit for you. Nancy

sassypackrat said...

Awesome pictures! So nice to have those memories for the future. And yes that "lovey" is cutesness squared!

ccp said...

LOVE these pictures! You are so talented I only WISH could live near you for a personal photo shoot :)

Come to California! We have sunshine and beaches!

Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

The pic of her and the lovey made me nearly cry!!! In twenty years her parents will look at that so very fondly. Nicely shot!

Leah31 said...

Those are INCREDIBLE Crystal!! You are SO talented! If we were even in VIRGINIA I'd haul the entire crew up to C'ville for pics. I'd even bring the dog. :) You rock.

~Mama Skates~ said...

haven't commented in a while, but i'm still a devoted reader...just popping in 2 say hi & that ur photos r awesome!

Sherryl said...

I would hire you as our photographer in a heartbeat if you are ever in CT! Your photos are amazing!

Anna Marie said...

Any chance you want to come to northwest Missouri??? Didn't think so. Ha! Great photos. Love your blog. I don't comment often enough...but I do stop by often...almost every day. Keep the great posts coming ;)

SarahRachel said...

Those are gorgeous, Crystal. You are so talented I want to throw up. =) Is there anything you aren't good at??

Dana D said...

Thumb suckers are my favorite, too! Both my boys were thumb suckers!

Tammy said...

Love them.

anna said...

great job! Love them.

Miss G said...

I REALLY like that swinging around one! So great! Also, her little baby hand clutching that rabbit's ears! Great job, Crystal!! They are a really cute couple. Kelly

p.s. I want a little ruffle blanket like the one in her newborn photos for my sweet babe-on-the-way! Kelly

Texas Gal said...

Holding the lovey is my FAVE! These are so sweet ~

Lyndsi Herring said...

Love them ...of course. Thank you for capturing these moments. They are priceless. We will treasure them always. It is such a special gift. Love, Lyndsi

Whimsical Creations said...

Just adorable!

Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

Oh, they are wonderful! Good job!

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