let's chat.

I'm writing this post to beg you.
I don't beg usually.
But I am begging on behalf of those you will never talk to in person.
But whose life you can touch.

Before you buy another THING for Christmas...
Buy water.
$10 will provide one person in Africa clean water for 10 years.

If you know me or my family personally...
Please consider buying us water for Christmas.
I am begging you to encourage your family to do the same.
My kids have food, clothes, toys, a home, a stay at home mom, a dad with a great job.
Clean water.

In all honesty we want for nothing but more time together.
We need not a thing.
Not. A. Thing.

I am not telling you all of this to brag.

I am telling you this to beg you.
If you are thinking of buying us something.
Please buy water instead.
Send us a card to share the great news.
You can go HERE to find out how.
Can I convince you to do the same?
If someone asks you what you want for Christmas...will you send them HERE?
They even have a great selection of gifts...if that is the route you want to go.
You really can make a difference.
How much better will it feel to say
"I got clean water for children"
"I got more stuff to take care of".
I am begging you to look at the photo above.
Be still and quite for a moment.
Now imagine YOUR child going to this water hole.
Dipping into the water.
Filling up his sippy cup.
And drinking.
Just typing that brings tears to my eyes.

I don't want that for my kids.
And they are Jesus' precious kids.
ALL kids are Jesus precious' kids.
So I don't want that for any kids.

Make sense?
So I am begging you to stop shopping now.
Buy water instead.

$10 will provide one person in Africa clean water for 10 years.
Real LIVE people.
Just like you and me.
Give hope.
Give joy.
Give clean water!

p.s. please share the good news if and when you BUY WATER!!



Heather at All A Flutter said...

I'm so glad you posted about this. I bought water earlier in the month and plan to buy more for friends and family. It feels so good!!

venus said...

I just donated.

Thank you for sharing. It's the very LEAST we can do.

Take care!

Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

thanks so much for posting this!!!
i have been chatting with my girls about this a lot lately. mostly because Lulu busted me crying and asked why. I told her honestly and as clearly as I could to a 3 yr. old and now she asks all the time if people in africa have this or that. her little heart is breaking too. each time she has juice she is more thankful...

you're rad!

Team Martins said...

We bought water when I first saw it at Joy's Hope for both sides of our family!

The image of the sippy cup, as God I'm sure inspired you to put it, really really hit home.

Not my babies.

Should not be ANYONE'S babies!

May we all give generously from the abundance with which we've been given!

Bless you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting!! I bought some water!!!!Elma

jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

Great post! Fits right in with what we're teaching our kids! My daughter said "EEeeeewwww" when she saw the muddy water!

Anonymous said...

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