coming soon.

Just as soon as we see some sun...
I'll show you all of our super duper Christmas decorations!

But for now here is MY son with the tree he put up in his room
and decorated all by himself.

Can you see how proud he is?

Come back tomorrow for a easy gift idea

Be sure to stop by Janesays for her...

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Molly said...

Oh Moses is too cute! My baby sister has a pink tree in her room with little paper dolls I made for her. I'll take a picture and show it on my blog soon :) I just read about the water 4 christmas and me and my husband are buying each other one for our christmas present to each other. I am also donating half of my sales in my etsy shop to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, because next year 500 missionaries will be sent home due to lack of funds. I have asked people to not buy me gifts but instead donate things in my name, they get mad but oh well. I love al this giving going on in blogland. I hope you have a great Christmas holiday!!!
~Molly P
P.S i just wrote about Lisa Ann Hammond singing at our church last night on my blog, she is Over the Moon!! She is awesome! Her website is and you can hear some of her beautiful music!

Brittany said...

He looks so proud! :) Do y'all get him a new ornament every year to add to his tree? I want to do that tradition when we start our family. :)

Lace said...

Moses is such a big boy! He looks like he's 7 in this pic!

Amanda said...

Precious picture!! I love the little cars lined up in front of the tree...such a "boy thing" to do! Have you ever thought of making mini tree skirts for the little trees? I put one of my little trees up yesterday and thought how much I wish I had a little tree skirt for it and immediately thought of you and your mad sewing skills!! If you ever start making them...let me know...I'll be your first customer!

Whimsical Creations said...

He did a fabulous job. He should be proud. =D

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