v2. and answered questions.

I made another.
This one is for sale.
AND made from some of the hard to find...
Summer in the City line from Urban Chicks.
It's a size five.
That apron is made from fabric that I have held onto (hoarded) for months.
It seemed perfect for this dress combo.
I think it would still be adorable with a shirt under with some leggings for cold weather...
then all alone in the warmer weather.
A couple of recent questions...I am never sure of the best way to answer them...in the comments? Like this? Hmm...thoughts?

This dress pattern is totally easy. Even if I did change it a bunch...if you didn't change it at all you could totally do it...not a thing complicated about it.
I promise.

How do I bake and stay thin?
Umm...not that thin really but...
Share...a lot. :) Plus I sew a lot...it's hard to stuff my face while I am sewing. :)

Baby Aaron's hat from THIS post is from Baby Gap...but three years ago...it's a hand me down from his brother...I have the most adorable one piece that goes with it...

And someone asked if I use stabilizer for applique...sometimes. If I do it is fusible backing.
Does that help?

AND the winner of the How Fab Giveaway is YOU!

Contact Kara to collect your prize!



Splendid Things said...

The new dress is SO cute...I love it! You did a great job coordinating the fabric~ :)

Splendid Things said...

oh, and thanks for the answer!!!!

Jill said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new dress! Will you be making any in a size 8 (childs)?

Tiffany said...

Ah! I am so super pumped! Thank you so much......LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

Hi- I actually just bought the dress because it matches the theme/scrapbook paper for my daughters birthday party (circus). Would you mind sharing the name of the circus fabric? And what pattern are you using for this dress? Simply can not wait to see it in the mailbox!!! -Jenn

Miss G said...

i love when you answer questions in posts. I think it's fun to see what people want to know and what the answers are. Kelly

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