making an effort.

Sometimes the things you are supposed to do are hard.
Sometimes they are easy.
Doing the right thing-sometimes hard.
Sewing I have worked and worked at.
Chased, as a matter of fact.
Photography...has followed and followed me.
I have done it for years...weddings, babies, friends.
Never asked for just happens.
Always been easy.
Lately I have been wondering...
what would happened if I chased it?
I LOVE it.
Almost as much as sewing.
I have what I need to start...
Including the support of my husband.
So why not?
Not giving up my day job(s)...but
if you live in the Charlottesville area...
I could make myself available. :)
We could capture some sweet moments email is over on the right.
Let's set something will be fun...I promise.

A special thanks to Aunt Jen for the super cute outfits...
I think the boys will get lots of wear of them. :)

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Whimsical Creations said...

Beautiful photos! Love the one with the toes. Adorable!

Mao Mao said...

Always follow a dream, keep a string in your foot and you'll be back :)

sara said...

I've been having that same conversation with Kyle (about myself, that is). At this point, though, I'm almost afraid to find out where it could go . . .

Aurora said...

I absolutely LOVE your new header with the sweet baby foot and pumpkin. Precious!! Good luck on your new venture...

Ashley said...

You should do more photography on the side. :)

You have many talents, very impressive!

Amber said...

It's funny that you would mention this because as I saw your new photo header I thought to myself "Crystal should be in the photography business." You have a great way of catching sweet moments like baby toes and pumpkins. I'd hire you for sure if I was in the area :)

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