i tried it...and i think i liked it.

quilting and binding that is.
This is the mini-quilt from my last quilt making adventure.
My big quilt JUST went out...due to some issues with the original quilter.
I found a NEW QUILTER.
And should have my quilt back in two short weeks.
But for this one...I thought that I should at least TRY to quilt it...and bind it.
And thanks to spray adhesive...I can almost say that it was....easy.
Especially the binding.
I will be binding my big quilt when it comes back.
I did a simple quilting job...using the squares as my guide.
These photos are from post wash...hence the crinkly look.
And...it is already headed to the home of one of my super sweet customers.
I hope it warms your lap for always. :)

And I have started on my next one...a baby quilt for my cousin in laws cute baby...

And my sewing conquest today?

Ruffle bum bloomers.
Stay tuned.



Nancy said...

those fabrics are fabulous. my girls would drool all over it. in a good way, though! i have decided that i am going to go for it and make one. i feel like the little engine that could, "i think i can, i think i can!" thanks for inspiring me!

Jessica said...

looks awesome crystal! can you share how you did the binding? binding confuses me ...

Becky DeVries said...

I love it!! great job! the colors and pattern look amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Lindi said...

this quilt looks great crystal!! can you "review" the new quilters when your big quilt comes back??
can't wait to see the bloomers...isn't it funny how many "girlie" things you find yourself making when all you have in the house is boys!! I'm right there with ya!! have a great productive day!

carey said...


Tiffany said...

What did you put between the front and back of the quilt? In other words - the middle?

Would you mind emailing me to tell me? I'm dying to make my own as well....

garrettandtiffany (at) yahoo (dot) com

Nickie said...

i tried it...and I KNOW I hate it!

Okay you need to tell me your binding secrets....I just did binding on a blanket this week....The binding was so hard to put on...I hate it! I have sworn off binding forever. Let me know your secret please. Thanks

The Mangerchine's said...

I LOVE it... beautiful!!!!


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