happy hodge podge.

I don't do craft shows.
It's true.
I generally find them stressful and you have to sell a butt-load of stuff to make up for the usually high cost of a table at a craft show.
But if it is a FREE craft show...at a place that I am going to be anyway...why not?
MOPS is having our annual business night...
I have been crafting away...making lots of items...many of them NEW!
They will get to see them first...
lots of cute Christmas things.

Just a heads up...the shop will be closing later on today and may stay closed for a bit....if there is something in there that you don't want someone else to get...you might want to snatch it up...it might not be there when I re-open.

We also haven't left the house since Sunday...because of this kid. He has had a fever since Sunday night...but I am pretty sure it is because of those two top teeth trying to peek through...
But I kind of love it(the not leaving part) and I have gotten SO much done...I love this time of my life...all too soon we will have to follow a school schedule...and sports and who knows what else...but for now we can stay home for days at a time.

Here is why having a 3 year old is just plain fun: Moses' new reward of choice are those temporary tattoos. He earns one for doing one thing or another. The other day after earning one, we went to the kitchen to get it...I ask him "where do you want it?"...he proceeds to pull down his pants, THEN his tighty-style underwear,then points to two inches above his knee and says "right here."

Kids are fun. :)
Here's a peek at a new holiday item...
And if you haven't made this yet...you really should.
Or shouldn't.
I made some for my MOPS table...and you, LEAH! :)

I stole the recipe from Julie and I won't tell you how many times I have made it since. :)
(you can click on the recipe to enlarge it and print it off).

Happy day to you!



Nancy said...

You are so right... school takes away those easy and free schedules. I really miss those days. a. lot. Hope little one is feeling better. good luck on your craft show!

Leah31 said...


I sure hope there isn't another Leah who reads this blog! HAHA!! You are so awesome Crystal!!

Whimsical Creations said...

Kids are so fun!

I don't do craft shows either...I have done a couple and they were not worth it.

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