defining a good day.

Like most moms and wives I am sure,
I lie awake at the end of every day evaluating
how I think I did in both of those categories and more...
Did I do good?
How could I have done better?

If I had good design skills I would list all of my "requirements of a good day" in some pretty way...and frame them to hang somewhere in my house...where I could think about them before I went to bed.

They are kind of like my "how to" to be a good mom (and wife)...things like:

Did I hug them?
Did I kiss them?

Did I tell them that I love them?
Did we talk about Jesus?

Did we pray together?
Did we PLAY together?

Did I give them undivided attention?
Did I do something special for them?

Did I feed them?
Did we laugh together?

Did I console them?
Did we share a secret?

Did I encourage good habits?
Did I help them feel valued?

Did I show them something new?
Did we talk about the day?

Did I take care of some need?
Did I take CARE of them?

Did I make them feel precious?
Did I make them feel loved?

Did we make a good memory?
Did we read together?

Among so many I am sure...

I'd love to know...
what is on YOUR "how-to" list?


Michelle said...

Love the picture

Amy said...

I love this list! I may steal it as a reminder to myself. So many days I feel like I failure as a wife and mom. Reading over your list makes me feel better. I did do those things. I need to focus on those instead of all the things I did wrong. Thanks for the reminder.

Amy said...

This is a great list! I think I may have to borrow it. I could use some help in focusing on the Important things.

Crafting by Candlelight

anna said...

Love this friend! Look, I'm responding! :)

Did I stop doing housework to give kisses?
Did I look them in the eye and say I love you?
Did we do something fun?
Did we explore something new?
Did I pray for them?
Did I make them laugh?
Did they make me laugh?
Did we dance?
Did I discipline in love?
Did I write down the funny things she said so I don't forget?
Were they my first priority?
Did we pray together?

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