Busy busy.
As usual.
My to do list is getting knocked out...just not as fast as it is filling up.
But that is OK.
Actually, I think that is preferred.
Some things that have gotten done?
Those little houses up there...tooth fairy huts...a shop favorite...
with a little pocket on the back...will be hitting the shop soon...
Took Moses to a birthday party at a park with the worlds steepest slide.
Guess whose child face planted in cement without batting an eye, as soon as we got there...then couldn't stay away from death slide?
And his outfit? That kid has more cool that I have ever my whole life.
Just saying.
I finally finished his big birthday's a little fort that fits over a card table.
It's supposed to be simple and no frills.
It was a time I know how to make it better...and easier on myself. :)
You may remember me mentioning this carrier before...then it was a big WANT.
Now I think it may be a need...Aaron refuses to sit in a shopping cart, stroller, etc.
And though he is only seven months...he is not the size of a seven monther...he hangs out in the high nineties for height and eighties for weight.
This makes the Bjorn nearly impossible and the prospect of carrying nearly numbing.
Do you have this carrier? Do you love it?
It's a little spendy...BUT I feel like it would be worth save a back and free up
Go buy a tooth hut....or a pillow...or whatev.
Please. and thanks. :)


And the winner of the "It's a Good Day" Giveaway is....


Please contact Teresa to claim your prize!



Splendid Things said...

That card table fort is fantastic! What a great idea! I think you could really sell those in your shop. And the tooth fairy houses....too cute!

TJ said...

Your little houses are so cute!
I had a back carrier similar to that, but it was also a stroller. That really saved my back a few times as well.

Shelly said...

I love those tooth fairy huts!! I'd totally buy one (or a couple) but I'd feel guilty 'cause I know I could make my own... :-)

My friend has a Kokopax carrier and loves it. They seem really sturdy and comfy for the baby and the parent. Just FYI...

Amber said...

I love the house/fort cover. My grandma made one for me and my cousins and we loved playing inside that thing. Now my grandma has passed it on to my mom and my son loves playing inside it. It's the best little creation! Good for you on figuring out how to make it :)

Amanda said...

YEAH! Thank you so much! The gift tags will be perfect for some handmade Christmas gifts I am making this year!

The tooth hut is just the cutest!

Happy Hodge Podge said...

The fort - too cute. Are you going to offer them in your shop? How cute would they be in funky girl colors. My daughter makes forts all the time!

Alicia said...

Your little tooth houses bring back great mom made something similar when I was a kid! Thanks for jogging my memory!

Mia said...

The fort is so cool! What a great idea!

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