you're doing it! quilt week four.

Ok...this week we are going to cut up all of our lovely ironed, strips and make some pretty and neat squares. :)
The first thing we'll do is get a true, straight end to work with...
Do this by starting with your "even/selvage end"...line up the side on the bottom line of your cutting mat...using your cutting guide, cut a nice ninety degree corner...
Now flip that end to the other side of your cutting mat and line it up...
To determine the size of your have to measure how WIDE your section of strips is...this one is 13 all of my squares will be 13in by 13in.
The squares for Moses' quilt were 11.25 in by 11.25 in because I had a different hem.
Yours could be 12 by 12 or something else entirely. The important thing is to get nice, neat squares.
You may have to trim up the other sides a bit's ok...just try to be uniform and get the nicest squares you can. :)

You will do this will all of your week comes the fun part!
Any questions...leave them in the comment section.

And yes, last week I was ironing on the floor. What does it say about me that, not for one second did I think that was odd until you guys pointed it out? hmmmm.
And...yes, I have started yet another quilt. :)
This one is different...not just the prove to my husband that I am not a crazy, quilt making, quilt hoarding woman...this one will!


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Jamie said...

Your quilt is looking great! The colors are amazing together!
I always iron on the floor, so it's not weird to me!

Linda said...

I love your style! Makes me think I could actually do this. :) I'm not playing along this time, but am having fun watching.
I **LOVE** your new quilt too. Is that a super hard pattern? It looks difficult. Do share.
:) Have a great day~

Lindi said...

i am loving (LOVING) the new quilt pattern....might have a be a project at this house too!! keep up the fantastic work!! :)

Chance said...

OMG, a quilt in your shop?! How am I ever going to resist that?! I better start saving now...

Jessica said...

alright, i OFFICIALLY request a tutorial on the new one you are doing ... after we finish the current one!!! :o)

Kristi said...

I am so impressed by all who are trying this. Keep it up! And great job on the new pattern! A little more work I'm guessing, but fun and rewarding. I miss sewing. I'm taking time out to get our lives more organized.

Leah31 said...

Oh, my, gosh, Crystal...I thought the pink and blue quilt was gorgeous...and then I saw the pink blue and green one...WOW!! That is amazingly beautiful!!

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