two reasons that i have the best husband.

There are lots of reasons why I think I was blessed enough to get the very best and most awesome husband in the world. Here are two of them.

Last week Doug went and bought me a new (to me) car. We finally traded in the car that I had had since my college days. It was the only car that Doug ever knew me to own. It had a good life but barely made it to the dealership to trade in. Before he took it we cleaned it all out and off he went. Doug got home a few hours later with a nice newer CRV for me. :) I love it.
But anywho...
Doug comes in the house and says "I got you a present".

To which I say "Yeah, thanks for the car...I should be good for presents for a while". :)

He says "No, I rescued something for you from your Mazda".
And hands me the button in the photo. It used to say I (heart) JC (as in Jesus Christ).

"Thanks honey". I say.
I guessed it was kind of nice to have...was hanging out on my dashboard for as long as I could didn't really have any sentimental meaning to me...probably would have ended up in a drawer somewhere lost forever.


Then he says "That button was how I knew that you were the girl I wanted to marry. I saw it on our second date and you loving Jesus was a requirement for me to continue in our relationship. I figured that since you loved Him enough to advertise it that you meant it."

He had never told me that until then. :) I will now keep that button forever.
Isn't it great how being who you are can tell your story without you even knowing it?

Second reason (among many) that he is awesome.

I hate sports. He (beyond) loves sports.
Yankees. Hokies. Giants. Other.
Moses identifies many team logos as "Sports Center" (a show on ESPN).
Sports is Doug and Doug is sports.
It's a package deal that I wouldn't want to change.
But we had to work something out so that we could both be happy.
So. Our super awesome deal?
I will let him watch any and every sports game broadcast that makes his little heart happy.
And I will (try) to do it with a smile on my face and not give him a hard time.

In return...each time he watches a game. I get a foot rub. Lotion and all. :)
Makes us both happy.

I have the BEST husband even if he does put butter on his pop tarts.. :)



Cristi-2 If By Sea said...

Oh my gosh! My husband put butter on his strawberry pop tart the other day. I had never seen anyone do that before!

Have a great week full of many blessings!

Anonymous said...

Love the button story. How fun that after all these yrs you learned something new about why your hubby chose you :)
He sounds like an awesome guy!

Splendid Things said...

sweet post!
btw, we used to have a crv and LOVED it!!!!!

Lisa said...

How sweet! I love when they tell us stuff we never knew and it turns out as sweet as that.
Butter on a pop tart????

Sandra said...

He's definitely a keeper.
What a sweet story. Have a great week.

Lauren said...

Too sweet! But I always put butter on my pop tart. Always. And I never buy poptarts with icing on them. Never. Don't knock it until you try it! Tastes like pie!! =)

I LOVE your new header!

dixie said...

you know, i LOVE butter on my pop tarts too & my husband thinks that's strange... hmmm... i'm not the only strange person applying butter to the top of my frosting on my brown sugar & cinnamon pop tart :) nice to know!!

Sherryl said...

That is soooo sweet!

wholarmor said...

Awww. Definitely have a great, sweet guy there! Congrats on the new car!

SarahRachel said...

I think I just uttered an audible "aawww!" when I read what he said about the button. I love it when husbands surprise us with the little sentimental moments like that. Also, nice negotiating work on the foot rubs!

Michelle said...

My best friend puts butter on her poptarts!
It's one of her quirks I laugh about all the time.

Leah S. said...

My mom taught me to put butter on my poptarts. Its the only way to eat them! HA!

BlueJShop said...

I love this post. Thanks for sharing. :)

Michelle said...

I need a deal with Eric and Sports :)

Shelly said...

Love the button story; we have some similar stories about our relationship!

Pop tarts with butter! Hilarious! I hope he plays those sports that he loves, 'cause all that butter's gonna catch up with him someday!! :-)

happy mama said...

Very Sweet!
Butter on poptarts? I don't like poptarts myself, but I mentioned this to my hubby. His reply Hmmmmm... When he gets home from work today, I'll have to ask him what he had for breakfast this morning!

doughmesstic said...

Hi there! Coming out of lurkdom today. Your Hub is a Hokie fan? Where are you? We have tix to all the games - huge Hokie fans.

The butter on Poptarts though? That's a little weird. :)

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