a slight change of plans. :)

So I have promised my husband to make my new found quilting obsession a profitable hobby.
Fair enough.
At first I thought that making quilt after quilt and stocking the store with them would be the way to go...now I have reconsidered.
Making one quilt takes lots of time...and I am too craft A.D.D. for that.
So I thought of something else...to satisfy both me and my husband.
1) Whenever I make a BIG quilt, I will use the extra blocks to make a little one for the shop.
2) I will practice my quilt block making skills by making pairs of pillows for the shop.
I have LOADS of quilt square patterns that I want to try...way more than I will have time to make quilts from.
This way...I can try out all the fun patterns, use my favorites to make quilts from
and still make new things for the shop. :)
And we are all happy.

This first pair is already in the shop.

Hopefully the first of many.



Anonymous said...

ooh one of those funky christmas skirts/stockings should be turned in to a quilt pillow - i'd buy CJC

Amy Bell said...

great idea, sister!!! love them.

Elma said...

Love them!!!!

Jessica said...

of course they're great!! will we be seeing a tutorial on that new pattern??? :o)

Badgerfamily said...

These are beautiful pillows!

Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

love them!!!! add brings such brilliance!

Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

love them!!!! add brings such brilliance!

Kristi said...

How fun! I saw that www.quiltdad.com is doing a quilt-along with wonky squares. Looks fun. Don't know if you were aware of him, but thought you might like his styles. Can you believe a quilting dad? Pretty cool! Good luck with the pillows, I'm sure they'll do well.

Nadia@FunWithMama said...

those pillows look gorgeous!!

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