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I was knee deep in motherhood before I figured this idea out...
so I thought I would share...just in case you are at all like me.
Grab a bunch of baby/preschooler items that you could need at a moments notice...diapers, wipes, bags, bum cream, spoons, socks, change of clothes, etc.
And put them in a box with a lid...and put them in the trunk of your car! Moses was over 6 months before I thought of this...and since having them, they have saved us many a time...from having to run to the store...or go home...whatever we happened to need was in our little trunk emergency box. :) Made me feel like a smart mom for minute. :)
A fun new banner will be in the shop soon...
a super cute reminder for a playroom or your kids room. :)
And the newest of the new items...monogram posey barrettes. I used some of the scraps from my quilt, felt and some fun stitching to create, what I think, are super cute, personalized barrettes. :) They will be available as pins as well...for the little girls at heart.

Click HERE to see if you are the LUCKY winner of the Starbucks Card!
If that is me to claim your prize!



*jimaie.marie* said...

Your mantel always looks SO cute!!!! I love it!!

Vincent Family said...

A very good reminder of something I need to do (tonight). I only remember that I need this when I need it and then it is too late.

Nancy said...

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!! Thank you for the gift card. I am a total Starbucks fiend. Just hook me up, i.v. style.:) I emailed you too. You are awesome. Thanks for brightening my days as I drink my morning cup o' jo.

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