now you can know. :) MOPS

We had our first MOPS meeting was a crazy whirlwind of fun...the first day is semi chaotic...jut because there is a lot of info to go over...people to catch up with, chit chat, getting kids where they need to go, etc. For those who don't know...MOPS stands for Mothers Of Preschoolers. It's the best kind of support group a mom can ask for...there is something awesome about being in a room where you can relate to EVERYONE. Where you don't have to apologize for smelling like spit up and drool...or you know that you just might not win the contest for least amount of sleep last night.
I love it...and it is really on my heart this year to do what I can to make it awesome for the ladies involved in our MOPS.
Somehow, over the last couple of weeks, I morphed from being just a table leader to being a table leader/craft help/craft guru on the steering committee. :)
No complaints though...I got to pick out some awesome fabric and do my best to make the room a special pretty place for the ladies to enjoy each morning that we get together.

That photo at the top? Table "runners" of sort...each table was assigned their own pretty pretty fabric. From the fabric I made each table a runner...flags, centerpiece and each lady at the table a messy flower. :)
Sixty. Messy. Flowers.
The theme this year is "Planet Mom". Mmmm. We weren't exactly thrilled with we tweaked it to make it more fun...our new theme is "Messy and Beautiful. Planet Mom". Hence the messy flowers, table runner, centerpieces, etc. All very messy. All very beautiful.
Here's another look at the runner/table cloth. I LOVE them and debate about carrying them in the shop...if I made them thicker they could be perfect.
I left the edges nice and messy...still very pretty I think.
Here you can kind of see it all together...
Another table...
Our wonderful Coordinator Lauren, sporting her messy flower.
Hi Lauren! Don't kill me for posting this photo! :)
One of the best parts of MOPS...the breakfast!!
There's my dear sassy friend Joy! Hi can't kill me either! :)
It made me so happy to see it all come together.
Even if little Aaron stayed in the childcare for all of forty minutes.
Moses cried when we left sweet...but didn't bat an eye when I left him in his classroom.

Go HERE to see if there is a MOPS near you. You need it. Believe me.

This weekend...I hope to get the quilty post up, finish up the robot shirts that some of you are waiting for, get ready for Moses' party and some other things too. :)

Hope your Friday is awesome!!



Morgan said...

You are so talented. I'm not a mother, but I've nannied preschoolers. Can I join your group? I'm more than willing to hold babies and read to preschoolers in exchange for pretty flower pins.

Amy M. said...

Wow! I wish I could be in YOUR MOPS group! We're not quite old enough yet for our local MOPS group but I hope ours is as great as yours!

Crafting by Candlelight

Amanda said...

Thank you for this post! It was a nice reminder for me to get my bum in gear and find a local MOPS group!

Happy Hodge Podge said...

You rock!! Are the messy flowers going in your shop, too?

Abby said...

We went to MOPS for the first time on Tuesday, it was great but our decorations were nowhere near as cute as yours!

Shelly said...

I love that green fabric; I made my daughter a dress out of it and it's adorable!
Your flower pins are fabulous, I can take a pretty educated guess as to how you made them, but would you like to post a tutorial?? :-)
You rock!

Lauren said...

Consider yourself warned... =)

I think we definitely won for the cutest MOPS room ever!

Looking forward to a great year. (And tell Doug he needs to postpone any job move for at least five years)!

Jeanette said...

Great job! I miss being in MOPS so bad!!!!
How many yards of fabric did each runner take? They look great and look very big in the pictures.

NicNacManiac said...

How fortunate is this MOPS group to have you as a member!! Your decorations are fantastic and the messy flower really brings it all together!! Have a fun year!!

traci said...

Just fabulous!!! EVERY church JUST LOVES a crafty, talented, Godly women like you...I know because my mom was that women and she was PRICELESS to our church!!!!!!

Holly said...

awww......this post warms my heart......Love you, dear Crystal. xoxoxoxo

BlueJShop said...

Very cool. Yes, you should carry them in your shop...or make them a custom request item. :)

Jess said...

Hi fellow MOPS mommy...
I'm the craft coordinator of my MOPS groups here in CA. We had a difficult time with the theme Planet Mom too...our group decided to use paper lanterns as our centerpieces. I love what you did for the decor. I bet the mommies LOVED it! We'll have to exchange tips!

Heather | Cookie Mondays said...

I heart MOPS! I heart JoysHope! Great combo :) How awesome is Julie for putting up with all of us messy flower copycats?! She is soooo inspiring ;)

Nancy said...

How bright and cheery.... MOPS is such a blessing. Something I used to look forward to every week. Good food. Good fellowhip. Good times. Good childcare! :) I adore the table runner. Rockin'!

Jamie said...

I googled "MOPS table decorations" and your site came up. I'm in charge of this for our group and was glad to see that you guys weren't in love with the theme either!

You impressed me SOO much with your idea's. Too bad I'm not as good with fabric like you are! Thanks for the idea though! Have a great MOPS year!

Simona Walters said...

I was looking for MOPS ideas today and this popped up in my pinterest feed. I still love this oh so much. How adorable!
okay back to searching for more things to pin.... yes many many hours wasted I am sure, but it will pay off in a few weeks.

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