not available in stores.

So yes, I owe you the final post about the quilt-along.
It just didn't happen today...and tomorrow doesn't look all that great either.
I have, however, been working my fingers to the bone...
I that last post will come very soon. :)

For are a few things that I make for friends I see in the flesh...or for Moses, that I don't carry in the shop but would love to make for you, if you so desire. :)
This is Moses' new "play tar" shirt. Or guitar shirt if you will. :)
My first go at reverse applique and I couldn't love it more.
Very ska, don't you think?
Sweet little "e" one piece. I just love these.
First birthday onesie. :) Available in boy colors as well. :)
And a sweet little nursing cover...this one has adjustable snap positions and is lined with flannel to make it a handy burp rag too!

So if you see something you love...just let me know (send me an email) and let's make it happen!

Be back so soon!



Jennifer said...

Bless you for being a bit late on the quilt-along! I need the time! :o)

julie king said...

all adorable! i particularly the letter e one. delightful!

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